The UNFOLLOW Button Is A Great Thing…..

Hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂 I’ve only a four day week this week coming as I took Friday off. Sean and I are going to Belfast for the day to go to the Titanic experience (I’m fascinated) and see Michael Mc Intyre that evening. Sean’s working early on Saturday and couldn’t get it changed so unfortunately we can’t stay over anymore but that’s fine, next time. I’m quite conscious that I don’t want to make my blog all about my pregnancy so to mix things up I’m adding in a mix of regular posts too.
I’ve been working on some posts this weekend so over the next two weeks I’ve got the following:
  • The UNFOLLOW Button is A Great Thing (this post)
  • This Month I’m (June)
  • My 7 Month Pregnancy Update
  • Primark Maternity Style
  • One Year On…Sean & I
  • Tried & Tested…..My HONEST Review
  • Holiday Style: Just Got Paid…..Let’s Shop!
  • TOP 5 Irish Getaway Breaks
So back to this post which is the UNFOLLOW button is Great Thing! This was my second most wanted post when I done a poll on Instagram a few weeks back.
Let me first say that I do not follow or add anyone on Facebook that I wouldn’t say hello to in the street. If you wouldn’t say hello to that person then why friend them or follow them? In terms of Instagram, I like following people I enjoy watching or enjoy their photos. I might enjoy their content, their personality or follow them because I love their style. If someone pissed me off that much that I felt I wanted to comment negatively I would look at myself and ask myself why? As easy as you added them initially, you can just unfollow. I read somewhere recently that 97 per cent of Irish people said they consider themselves to be happy which is the highest in Europe, where the average is just 83pc. I was SHOCKED at this result and I’ll tell you why. When I read some of the comments under certain FB blog pages I sit shaking my head thinking how are 97 per cent of our country happy when I constantly see so much negativity surrounding bloggers in Ireland. I get that people are frustrated with certain individuals but I feel it’s got to a point where we are ripping people apart from the most silly things. If Rosie Connolly wants to spend €15K on a hotel that is fine, if Just Jordan wants to get a Jaguar and Joanne Larby a Merc, fair play to both of them I say. I would never in a million years begrudge someone for getting or doing something for themselves that makes them happy and they worked for.
I totally get that bloggers (me included) have platforms and share ‘their lives’ whether it be real or given a little bit of glitter for the gram but I just think enough is enough now. There are bloggers in the U.K. with waaaay more followers and glitzy lifestyles than the majority of the Irish bloggers but for some reason Irish bloggers get so much hate. I will be the first person to say if someone needs to be called out for their bullshit, lying, competition fixing & photoshopping ABSOLUTELY but not for silly petty little things. I personally also think that the Bloggers Unveiled Instagram page although I didn’t agree with a lot of the people commenting such nasty things, it was great to see certain things be made public. Some people were gaining thousands of followers and behind the scenes, well we all know what was happening.
I thankfully don’t get a huge amount of hate or horrible stuff but when I do it’s really difficult especially now being pregnant. I’m a completely normal girl who ‘shares her shit’ but that is all it is. I work full time and doing my blog is just something I enjoy doing on the side. I don’t have any notions about myself nor will I ever. Anyone who meets me will say ‘she’s just the same in real life’. I recently got a horrible DM from a girl and the only thing that went through my mind reading it was WOW that girl must be so unhappy in herself. My parents raised me better than that as I would never in a million years send something to someone like that. I later found out after a friend DM’d the girl, that the person sending the horrible message in fact knew me personally. So this is where I’m going with this post? This girl knew me personally, yet felt the urge to mail me something so disgusting. I just do not get it!
You will NOT get on with everyone in life whether that’s in work, with your family or even a friends circle. You’ll click with some people quicker than others and that’s just how life goes. The thing is when you go onto Instagram or Facebook is…….you have a CHOICE just like you did on Friday. A choice between yes and no, you have a CHOICE between who you want to follow and who you don’t. That is why you can easily unfollow someone as quick as you added them. If someone annoys you that much and you find yourself not liking their posts, rather than keeping watching them just UNFOLLOW them. You may just feel as good as the squirrel below 😉
I am a very positive person, always have been and always will. Yes I take the bad with the good but a lot of the time I am in a good mood. I am aware that this might annoy people but look what can I do? I don’t worry about this sort of thing because I’ve grown a thick skin since I started on this crazy journey of blogging. I adore following the majority of the Irish girls as some of them I know a long time and have followed them from the beginning. I personally do not like watching at least three of the bigger bloggers because it’s constant AD after AD and guess what?? I DON’T FOLLOW THEM! Why would I? I don’t care about what they are doing or where they are going. I’m not being two faced, I’m just being real. So what I’m getting at gals, is if someone just isn’t your cup of tea, unfollow them and if that is even me, that is totally grand. I am just me and always have been I am very very honest with all aspects of my life and that shows through how I write my posts for you guys. I’ve had a lot of mails in a past few months about how I write and I just write as if we are having a chat. I think having a blog isn’t just sharing over edited images on Instagram, it’s actually about content and writing which is something I will continue to do and something I adore.
My next pregnancy update will be LIVE on Tuesday night guys talking all things buggies, 3D/4D scans and babymoons. 😉
Love Aoibhe xxx



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