WOW!!!! Where has the time gone? I am 31 weeks on Saturday. I literally cannot believe we are nearly June, it’s flown. I hope you have all been enjoying this heat. Irish people love to complain even when it’s hot, it’s hilarious. We took this photo in Skerries the other night and we both loved it when we looked at it after. So apart from my back guys, I’ve been just fabulous not a problem. I mean I can barely sleep at night but sure look it’s fine ūüėČ And my back is in bits but sure that all comes with the crazy journey. I’m getting so excited now as I know I’m down to single week figures now. The end is in sight and for anyone that has been pregnant before, you’ll understand what I mean.¬†I’m actually just in the middle of trying to sort out my baby shower. I initially wanted to have it at home in our new house but it’s looking highly unlikely. We are not getting the keys until next week now due to another delay so I don’t want to be rushing just for the shower on the 1st of July. I’ve contacted a few venues so will finalise it over the next week.

So I am most definitely getting bigger in terms of bump. I know a lot of you have commenting saying I don’t look pregnant but I assure you from the side view. I definitely do. I have just been going up two or three sizes now depending on the item of clothing. I genuinely do not care about the size on the tag, if I feel nice in it, IT IS MINE!!!¬†I’ve so many things coming up in June, I’m just thinking ahead in terms of clothes. A good few of you have asked about maternity dressing and what to wear whilst being pregnant. I have a blog post on maternity wear coming mid June talking about how to dress while being pregnant etc so it’s on the way for those asking. I’ll also do another post mid July with a round up of all my outfits during my pregnancy for people looking for some inspiration with outfits etc.



So last week we had our 3D/4D scan at Ultrascan.ie and the two of us were just super excited. As I am a public patient, I only get two scans unless of complications. The last time I saw the baby was Week 22 so I was conscious and dying to make sure all was ok. All went amazing and baby is measuring/weighting to the due date. As I hadn’t seen the baby I don’t know why but I even said it to my friends, I didn’t feel as connected to the baby or something. I was still so so excited but I just wasn’t probably AS EXCITED as I would have liked to be but now that I’ve seen the 3D scan, I literally cannot wait to see him or her. I personally think it looks so like Sean but people have been saying it’s a mix of the two of us.




In the scan, we were able to hear the heartbeat, get the baby measured and obviously see the baby in 3D and moving in 4D also. It was absolutely incredible to see the baby yawn, smile and stretch. We both couldn’t believe what we were seeing. This type of scan is recommended from 24 weeks to 31 weeks as from week 32 the¬†the baby will begin to shift in preparation for birth and it can become more difficult to obtain clear photos.¬†We got all our images and videos sent to our Whatsapp or you can can choose to get them mailed to your email. In the package, you also get 5 Glossy B&W small photos along with 4 professionally printed 6X4 images. The¬†package costs¬†‚ā¨145 which is actually very reasonable for a scan like this. I remember a few years ago my friend paying¬†‚ā¨250 for the same thing. You can read more about the 3D/4D scan HERE. Some people DM’d me on Instagram saying they were scared about going for this incase the midwife reveals the gender. I assure you they are highly trained professionals and do this for a living. We still do not know the sex of our baby so do not panic at all.


Another big tick on our list was sorting the buggy and travel system. I went with Irish company Tony Kealy’s. Tony Kealy’s is the oldest and largest¬†Pram And Nursery Retailer In Ireland. It’s a family run business which I love. Back in January, Sean and I walked into their store in Coolock and chatted to a girl for about an hour. We had absolutely no intention to buy as it was so early but she was just so knowledgeable and helpful. I remember leaving the store and saying to Sean, we have to go back there just because of that girl. Fast forward 4 months and in we walked back to Tony Kealy’s only to be greeted by Tyler again. Genuinely when it came to car seats and buggies I had no breeze at all. I obviously wanted one that I could put up and down easy with no hassle. I explained what I wanted from the buggy and Tyler went through all their different brands with us.





In the end, we decided to go with the¬†Babystyle Egg Stroller in Espresso. I was undecided with the colour but in the end I just loved the black and tan as it was just classic. Some of them I was picking out, Sean was laughing saying ‘Aoibhe I won’t push that’ so we collectively decided on this. I love it. It’s so light and easy to use aswell. It’s not a huge buggy either. I plan on doing a good bit of walking with it so I definitely wanted a light buggy. You can see all the different colours it comes in¬†HERE.¬†We got a good few bits from Tony Kealy’s too but I’ll share them when I get them in July.¬†

So as most of you know after 28 weeks you can no longer fly pregnant without a doctors cert and after 32 weeks you cannot fly at all. I personally didn’t want to travel past 28 weeks but that was my choice. I could have between 28-32 weeks but I chose not too. I am approaching 31 weeks now and of course naturally Sean and I are wanting to spend time away together before the madness begins. We have two little babymoons planned in June and we can’t wait. First up is our little trip next week to Galway. I love Galway so much. We went to Galway last Summer and the weather was gorgeous. We are staying in the G Hotel which is the night of our anniversary. I adore the G Hotel and Sean’s never been so we are excited. The next night we are staying in The Galmont. We have both never stayed there before so we are looking forward to it. I also heard their spa is absolutely fabulous. We have booked for Afternoon Tea and massages so we plan not leave the hotel all day and just enjoy it and relax.

G Hotel



The Galmont


Galgorm Resort & Spa


Our next little babymoon is at the end of June and we are off to the Galgorm Resort & Spa near Belfast. They have a gorgeous outdoor thermal village with¬†riverside hot tubs,¬†indoor¬†and¬†outdoor heated pools, steam rooms and¬†saunas. It’s all set in the countryside surrounded by lots of parkland. I had googled best babymoons in Ireland and all three hotels came up. I’ll most definitely report back on my thoughts on them and let you all know how they were.

Today is my Friday guys so I’m super excited to be skipping out of work today. I’ll have another post up tomorrow evening.

Hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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