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Amazon. I am actually finding SO much on it for the house, it’s crazy. If you’ve never been on then you need to get on it. There are things for half the price sometimes even less, plus they have lots of unique things you wouldn’t find in stores too.

Here’s the pieces I’ve found.

The shelf, tulips and chevron rug are all for the babies room. I thought the shelf was so cute and I love the mat, it looks so cosy.

The gold and silver tie backs are for the bedroom & sitting rooms. I thought these were really quirky.







Old Street in Malahide.

We had wanted to go for ages and finally went on our date night last week. It was so worth the wait. From the decor outside to the service as we arrived, it was just a really great date. Philip was the gentleman the greeted us on the door and we later found out he was the manager. When I mean to say I wanted to tip the man 50euro he was THAT GOOD! Like you could see he just loved where he worked, was proud and just wanted everyone to love their experience at Old Street. The food was absolutely divine. For start I got Cauliflower soup and Sean got Ox tongue. Then came mains and I got Mushroom Risotto and Sean got Lamb. We both loved what we got but were so full we couldn’t fit in dessert. Next time dessert is a MUST! They do an early bird menu, check it out HERE which is 2 courses €24/ 3 courses €29. See link for times/days etc.



Penney’s Instant Tan Gel.

The SMELL!!!!! It’s so good. I normally love Sun Shimmer Matte tan. It just works for my skin and is a great handy wash off tan BUT from now on I’ve found this which will cost me less than half the price of the Sun Shimmer one. It’s only 3euro! I tried out the Medium to Dark one which was perfect and quite dark too but I liked that. It’s easy to apply and washes off straight away.


Excited for…..
Our holiday to Malta.

I cannot wait to go back to Malta. We looked up lots of different places at this time of the year. We initially were going to Dubai but my doctor advised me against doing such a long flight being pregnant so we had to look up other places. Portugal and Spain weren’t great weather wise so we looked at Greece & Malta. I’ve been to Malta a few times before and absolutely loved it. Sean has never been before so I can’t wait to show him. We’ll get to Greece next summer.

I’m also SUPER excited as we are booking a big holiday for the end of the year 🙂 I don’t want to say too much yet as it’s not 100% confirmed but it’s an amazing trip and one we both literally CANNOT WAIT to finally confirm. We are going to bring the baby with us too.


Looking forward to…..
Having long hair again.

Like I am literally dying to get my extensions back in. There is just something about having long hair, it’s like a comfort blanket for me. I have had extensions in and out since I was 16. I keep my hair in good condition with masques and treatments. I love having long hair as it’s so easy to style and curl. There is also just something nice about having long hair in Summer too.


Thrilled with…..

How my Instagram engagement is going 🙂 Literally I have just seen a MASSIVE surge in engagement and followers since I announced my pregnancy. I love that I am now appealing to a wider audience. I have so many fabulous young mums following now which is lovely. My impressions are at over 1.6 MILLION weekly now which is insane for someone with only 31K followers.

I love hearing from you guys and obviously giving you advice on all things travel, beauty and fashion. I am so grateful for you all and so happy you enjoy following me too. I really mean that, it means a lot.



Thinking about…..

My best friend having her baby on TUESDAY!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! We will finally be able to meet her little girl. She’s having a planned C-section. I’m excited for her, she’s had a tough pregnancy so it’s nice that it’s near for her now. I will actually be away in Malta next week but she will be my first stop the minute I am home next weekend. Another little lady to the crew.


My LADIES DAY OUT event. as it is only 7 WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!! 🙂 It’s going to be such a fun amazing girlie day out. I can’t wait to meet you all. Tickets are going quick and I’m not having a HUGE event just as I will be heavily pregnant and thought it would be nicer to have a intimate event. If you haven’t got your tickets, you can get them HERE.

Check out my blog post HERE all about the event details.


Dreaming of……
Having a yearly subscription with Seriously who wouldn’t want fresh flowers delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR???? Check out their website HERE.

Here’s their story and what they do…..

After noticing that Ireland did not yet have any fresh flower subscription service, married couple Niall and Amy co-founded Bouquet Box in 2017. Subscription floristry streamlines the flower ordering process, which means they can get flowers into your home within 4 days of being picked. This means they stay fresher longer, this means they smell better longer, this means you get to enjoy them longer. Our flowers aren’t waiting around at an auction, lingering on the back of a truck waiting to be delivered or wilting in the front window of a florist. They are picked, then go straight to your home. Simple.

Subscription flowers is a whole new way of buying flowers in Ireland. We are the first company to try this here. Big cities like London, New York, Amsterdam and Beijing have pioneered this process and brought it to the masses. Now it’s Ireland’s turn.

This was one of the deliveries I got during my subscription.


I love it 🙂 I ran an exciting competition on my Instagram last week to win a 3 week subscription so now the lucky winner will get fresh flowers in their home for the next three weeks.


To already be in our house. We were supposed to be in a while ago so I am just dying to get in now. We have been sorting so much in the background over the past few months so I am really excited to show you all. We finalised our kitchen colour scheme cause we were unsure as it’s such an important part of the house. This is the colours we are set on now and this is our wooden floor we have picked too. We want to change to tiles but for now the wooden floor will work.



Love Aoibhe xxx


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