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Firstly before I start this blog post I want to say that these views below are mine and not that of my employer.

One of the MOST REQUESTED blog posts on my blog has definitely been to talk about being a nervous flyer. Obviously as cabin crew, I’m not scared of flying at all but I totally understand that it’s a huge deal for a lot of people out there. Travelling by plane can be a scary experience for people of all ages and backgrounds, particularly if they’ve not flown before. We as crew are very aware that it could be someone’s first ever flight and they may have never experienced it before also. Everyone has a fear so it’s totally understandable. I’m hoping that this post will help some of you prepare for your holidays & you won’t be as scared about it all

First thing I want to point out is that air travel is actually the SAFEST form of transportation. You are more likely to be involved in an accident on your way to the airport than you are whilst in the air. Being afraid of flying is called aviophobia. Here are my personal tips for helping you. Bare in mind I’m not an expert nor am I claiming to be, I’m merely sharing my own personal tips with getting over aviophobia.
1. Tell the cabin CREW
Let us know that you are scared of flying. Whether that’s as you come on board or after take off, make us aware of it. Don’t feel like you are on your own sitting there. We are there to help you. We are trained to deal with nervous flyers. We can tell you about the flight time etc and check up on you throughout the flight.
2. Have time to RELAX at the airport
If you are scared of flying, make sure you get to the airport extra early. Leave yourself an extra hour and half just incase to have a sit down in the airport and calm yourself. There’s no point in rushing and being more on edge about the flight than you need to be. If you arrive with little time to check-in or boarding, you will already be more nervous when you board your flight.
3. Pilots are very well trained individuals. TRUST THEM
It’s not easy to become a pilot nor can everyone do it. You need to undergo a lot of intense training before even getting a commercial plane off the ground. These guys have spent THOUSANDS to train and wouldn’t be given the job by airlines if they weren’t up to it. The pilots also go through re-testing regularly to make sure they are still at the same standard all year round. It’s knowing and believing that you are in SAFE hands with them.
4. Download an app called HEADSPACE
This app is specifically designed for nervous flyers. The app is for breathing exercises and will help you to relax/unwind. Make sure to download it before you go to the airport.
5. Keep yourself OCCUPIED during the flight
This might seem difficult but if you have magazines to read, a book to read or a podcast to listen to during the flight, this will help. For a long haul flight, if the plane has in flight entertainment, make use of it. Watch a movie or listen to music. This will calm you and stop you from thinking about being on the plane.
6. Get a HERBAL remedy for your nerves
This is quite common and a lot of people do it. You can get them in most herbal shops so just tell them what it’s for. They can recommend other products for you too. They can give you a calming serum also that’s used on your wrists and neck.
So there you have it. As I said I’m not trained but these would be some of the things I would recommend to do and hopefully they might help a few of you. My heart goes out to anyone who has a fear of flying as it’s such an amazing experience.
Love Aoibhe xxx

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