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So many of you have got in touch and really appreciate my honesty so far when it comes to my pregnancy. As much as we want to think it will all be glitter & unicorns, unfortunately the reality is far from that. I want to remind anyone that’s new to my blog or anyone that hasn’t read my post from when I announced my pregnancy, that I haven’t had the worlds worst pregnancy at all. I’ve actually been relatively ok but I still did have sickness just not like other women do. I was the total opposite for me I had evening sickness, not morning sickness. 
Rewind back to the first signs of pregnancy for me. These were initially mouth ulcers, severe cramping & of course a missed period (obviously). I hadn’t had mouth ulcers since I was much younger so this was very unusual. My cramping wasn’t like normal period pains, it was FAR worse and WOW!!! being tired. I’ve never in my life felt tiredness like it. I was a walking zombie and napped any time I possibly could. They say the first three months are not only the most difficult but it’s the toughest on your body. It’s using so much to create your little human that you end up just being super tired all the time. I don’t think I ever slept as much as I did back then.



These can be one of the signs of pregnancy


I thankfully didn’t suffer with morning sickness. For me, I felt really unwell in the evenings for the most part of the first trimester. 


Your boobs become EXTREMELY sore and tender. I will never forget the pains I had during the first 12 weeks. They were even sore to put on a bra 🙁 


You also start to be turned off some foods you normally would love. You can also start to like things you may never have liked before. I started loving Tayto in the first 12 weeks. Before becoming pregnant I drank orange juice but didn’t love it. Now I just love the stuff. I also started to love Pink Lady apples even more than I did before. I also didn’t eat three meals per day at the start, it was more little and often really.


Obviously you need to drink far more water when you are pregnant, but I have become addicted to bottled water. This isn’t good on your bladder which brings me to another thing which is becoming permanently attached to your toilet. I have a relatively weak bladder anyway so this was really hard for me. I literally spent more time on the toilet during the first 12 weeks than anything else. 


The last thing I found was slight change in my mood. I actually wasn’t too bad during the first 12 weeks but I got cranky at the smallest things. This can be hard because you know you are irritable but can’t help it. I wasn’t as bad as I thought but it can be hard on your partner too depending. 


This brings me onto the second trimester. Well this is where the REAL change started for me. 


I definitely started to become way more irritable and cranky. It’s the change in your hormones and something you just can’t help. 


At around Week 17/18, I started to show a bump ever so slightly but not too big. This is called the ‘awkward stage’ as you basically look like you’ve just gained weight. My boobs had started to become MASSIVE and just so uncomfortable. 


This is where it is highly recommended to start using an oil on your body to prevent stretch marks on your stomach and boobs.  Not every pregnant woman gets stretch marks, but they are very common. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent them completely. Try to manage your weight and not gain more than what your doctor recommends. There are some lotions and oils that claim to prevent stretch marks. The effects of these products are not proven. However, keeping your skin well moisturised can help cut down on itchiness also.


I also started to get niggling pains in my lower back. I’d never really suffered with back pain. It’s like a shock I get in my right side every now and again. I haven’t had any swelling yet which I am told will come. Swelling tends to happen most in Trimester 3. This is swelling of both your legs, ankles and hands. 

Another thing to be aware of it deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I have not got this personally but DVT is a blood clot that forms in a vein, and causes pain and swelling in one leg. If you feel you have this then it is recommended to contact your doctor right away if you have these symptoms.


I’m now Week 22 going into Week 23 and I haven’t gained a HUGE amount of weight. I’m certainly feeling way more plump in my face and don’t even get me started on my stomach. I’m finding it quite tight and it’s like my belly button has stretched too. It’s weird!!! I’m finding that the baby is growing so fast that I don’t have as much space for food (good and bad thing). I’ve definitely had to adapt my clothes, getting a size or two up depending on the item. 


You gums become more sensitive so don’t be frightened if you start bleeding from your gums more. This is a result of increased blood flow to the mucous membranes in your nose and mouth. 


Heartburn may begin or worsen in the second trimester. For me it only started. I actually never had this in my life well that was until NOW. Your growing uterus presses on your stomach, which can force food and acid up into your esophagus, causing the burn which is quite painful. You can use Rennie or Gaviscon for this. 


Urinary tract infections (UTIs as they are known) are literally the most painful thing ever!!! I have had maybe two in my life but when you are pregnant it’s a whole different ball game. You may develop an infection in the second trimester which I did 🙁 Hormonal changes slow the flow of urine and your bladder doesn’t empty completely because your enlarged uterus pushes on it causing a UTI. I literally told my doctor immeditaely and was out of work for three days with the pain. Antiobitics can be taken to treat this, signed off by a doctor of course. Also another thing to note when pregnant, normally antibiotcs start working after 24hrs however when pregnant it can take up to 72hrs which is so hard. Symptoms include needing to urinate more often or a burning sensation when you go to the toilet.

I’m really making pregancy sound fabulous right??? But really ladies a lot of these things I never ever knew before I became pregnant. Hopefully knowing these might help 🙂


Will be added near the end of my pregnancy
Here how the bump generally grows throughout pregnancy however all women and different and each pregnancy is unique 🙂
Another question I am getting asked a lot is…..
When can you feel your baby kick?
Near the middle of your second trimester, you may begin to feel the baby. In the beginning, this feels like fluttering movements deep in your belly. Your baby moved before this, but it was too deep for you to fill it. If you have been pregnant before, you might notice the movements earlier because you’re familiar with how they feel. It was the craziest feeling when I first felt it and something I’ll never forget. You will know when you know but one thing is DO NOT PANIC. It will happen.
So there you have it guys. I just wanted to run through the symptoms of pregnancy so far. As I am only 23 weeks and have not experienced what happens in the third trimester, I will add these in more towards then end so it’s a round up of WEEK 1 to WEEK 40 for you all. 
Love Aoibhe xxx

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