6 MONTH Pregnancy Update: How I Feel, Names & Nursery


So here we are guys 🙂 God it’s crazy to think that I was 26 weeks yesterday. Last week before my trip I had another scan and check up to make sure all is ok and well. Sean was raging he couldn’t come with me today. He couldn’t get off work but there will be loads he can come to again. My friend Laura came with me instead. We still haven’t found out what we are having although we both have our own feelings you know? I personally thought it was a girl but Sean is adamant it’s a boy.

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This past month I have really started to show so it’s becoming even more real for sure. My brother laughs and says I have been in denial that my life won’t change but GOD I know it will change so much. I’ve watched a lot of my friends have babies and it’s no easy ride. I think what he more means about me being in denial is that I won’t be able to go on holidays as much. I’m under no illusion that travelling with an infant is an easy task but we will do it. We are planning a holiday for December, if all goes through and the baby will be coming with us. I went on my first holiday when I was under one too. After all I am cabin crew and Sean is a pilot so the little one will be travelling loads with us anyway.

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We are just in Malta at the moment on our baby moon and we are just loving the heat. It’s so gorgeous here and I just love Malta. If you have never been, then put it on your list. I’ll finish off the blog post on the trip tomorrow and get it up asap for you all to read. Soooo many of you have messaged me regarding going to Malta, I’m so happy. It’s a beautiful little island and not many people go. It’s like an untouched little island and that’s what I love about it so much.


I am feeling good now thank god, it’s just my back that is really paining me. I have suffered with my back since last year anyway before I became pregnant. Also my growing boobs are REALLY not helping the situation either. I went through a few weeks there when I had bronchitis and a UTI but I marched on and got over both of them. Thankfully I am all ok and well, baby is fine. I did however do a blog post on the symptoms of pregnancy from Week 1 – Week 23, you can check it out HERE. The baby is now the size of an ear of corn. I have been using an app called BabyCentre which has been good to read about it’s progress weekly. If you haven’t got it yet, you should or if you just found out then I highly recommend it, it’s FREE too. I genuinely cannot complain about anything at the moment, in the evenings I am feeling like a swallowed a football but sure that is normal apparently. I explained to the midwife on Wednesday that I am getting WAY more nervous now just with mentally knowing that there is more of this pregnancy gone than I have to go so it’s WOW!! I’m told this is normal too and most women who are having their first baby feel like this. I don’t want to even lie to you all and say I am fine, cause I’m not. I am beyond scared and the bigger I get, the more scared I get.

I’ve just done another blog post which is a letter to my FUTURE MUM SELF. This will go live next week. I finally finished it and have to say I really loved writing it 🙂


So as you all know we don’t know what we are having but we need to be prepared with names. We talked about names back and forth at the beginning but hadn’t really SET on them. It’s actually such a big thing and it’s only when you are in the position and having a baby, you are like WOW! It’s a massive deal. So what are our names? What are we thinking? What ones do we like? Sean was picking crazy names and he loved lots of American names like Chase but personally I wasn’t having any of it. Then I liked Harry and George but Sean didn’t love them enough to agree. Some girls names I loved were Riley, Lexie, Millie and Brooke. Then boys names I also loved were Morgan and Theo but he wasn’t having any of it. Sean didn’t love any of them as much which I was devastated about. So as you can imagine, we have been back and forth with it. A lot of people have been asking me if we would consider an Irish name seeing that both of our names are Irish. We have definitely decided it won’t be an Irish name anyway, not for any particular reason but we just haven’t fallen in love with any of them. Sean friend’s had a gorgeous baby girl a couple of weeks ago and called her Fiadh which I thought was really lovely and unusual.

Over the past two month’s we have been finalising everything for the nursery. Although we haven’t moved in yet, we are are ordering lots online. It’s going to be a really neutral room. I wouldn’t have done blue or pink anyway if we did find out. We are going with a cream, white, grey and beige colour scheme. We just sorted our the cot this week and we are going for a beautiful white one now. We initially loved a Stokke one which was really dark but having seen it in person, it wasn’t the same. We bought the most beautiful prints from Etsy of jungle animals which fit in really well along with a beautiful rug from Littlewoods and baskets from TKMaxx. My mind is kind of wandering with the room, maybe that’s the child in me coming out. I’m designing a room I would have loved as a child. He or she will love the outdoors if it’s anything like Sean and I.





So my next scan will be my 4D scan mid May and then with the midwife on the 30th of May. I start the remainder of my antenatal classes on the 5th June. They run every week for the full month of June. Some people have mixed opinions on them but I need them so much as I haven’t a breeze what I am at. Just being honest 😉 I will be back to you next month chatting about hospital bags, buggy’s and our 4D scan. I really can’t wait for this as I heard it’s really an incredible experience.

If any of you have been and done a 4D scan and have any recommendations, please DM me on Instagram @aoibhedevlin

Love Aoibhe xxx


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