I’ve had lots of you ask about Washington over the past week so I decided I would definitely do a blog post on it. I was only there for two nights, three days so not long but I can let you in on what we done and things to see for sure. Washington was never really massively high on my bucket list although I did want to see the White House. As I become more pregnant, I am restricted when it comes to flying especially long haul flights. Sean and I really wanted to pop to the States one last time before the baby was due so we could get lots of baby stuff we needed (it’s WAY cheaper over there). It was a very last minute decision to go but we got there.


We arrived late in the afternoon and rented the car at the airport. The drive into Washington was about 40minutes and so easy. As we didn’t get there until about 7, it was just dinner and then do the shopping we needed. We were wrecked as we didn’t get back to the hotel to check in until 11.30pm but at least we had our shopping done. We stayed in the Dupont Circle which is very central and in a really great location. It’s a beautiful hotel too. The only downside is if you do rent a car they don’t actual have a car park to go in & out. It’s a valet service only so expect to pay $47 per night for this. It’s just something to factor in. You can park on the street but it’s risky.


The first day was all about seeing Washington so we woke up early to make the most of it. We had breakfast in the gorgeous Cafe Dupont which is attached the hotel. It’s got a really great menu and very reasonable for what you get. First stop was The White House. Ahhhhhh!!!!! A tick on the bucket list for sure. It was a Sunday so parking was fine and we parked literally just around the corner from it. Seeing it in real life was so cool. It looks smaller in real life in comparison to how big it looks in movies/Designated Survivor etc. Sean was just delighted to see it. He actually likes Trump so obviously he was more in awe than I was. I was more in awe of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building which houses the majority of offices for the White House staff. It was just incredible and the detail on the building was on another level. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing to see The White House in real life but it became more apparent as I walked through the city that there were far more beautiful buildings in Washington. We took a walk around the park near The White House and there were some stunning little houses just right in front of it. All of them are now offices and nobody actually lives there but they are gorgeous.

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After that we jumped into the car and headed to see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and The Washington Monument. The monument to America’s first president still holds the title of world’s tallest stone structure. Maintained by the National Park Service, the Washington Monument is located on the center of the National Mall between the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial. It was such a stunning day in Washington and the sun was shining. Our next stop on our adventure was Arlington National Cemetery which is a military cemetery where lots of men & women who have fought in the war have been buried. It’s also home to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. It is free to go to the cemetery and walk around. You do however have to go through strict security in order to get in. It’s very peaceful and something Sean really wanted to see. Sean was in the army before becoming a pilot so he really wanted to go see the change of the guards at the cemetery.

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Next up was late lunch in Georgetown. This is hands down the most stunning little town I have ever visited. It is literally like going back in time visiting Georgetown. It’s full of little houses, cobblestone streets and fashion and design shops. There are lots of restaurants to eat, many bars and great live music there too. One thing I noticed that it had a lot of very fashionable people too. You can cycle along the promenade and through the gardens thee too as there is a bike path. We just walked around for a while and grabbed lunch in a small diner.


After lunch we had a look in the shops and headed back for the hotel. We had booked dinner for sunset at the W Hotel which overlooks the entire city including The White House. I have been to a few W Hotels around the world and actually stayed in the W Hotel in Singapore when I was there. The W Hotels are out of this world and are a must see even for a drink or two. Quick change and out again straight to the hotel. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the views. Ronald Regan National Airport is very near the city so we were able to see all the planes take off into the sky from the bar. Obviously Sean loved this as they had to quickly bank the plane to avoid the restricted air space around The White House. There is a certain no fly area around The White House which I didn’t realise. As the sun set, we had some drinks and dinner in the Pov Rooftop bar at the top of the hotel. Make sure to note there is a minimum spend of $150-$200 in parts of the lounge so have a look at the website before going. We figured it was our last trip to the States for a while so why not? Now I’ve since had a few people ask was it worth it and my answer is – No it’s not….If I am correct you can go, stand & have a drink in the bar (don’t quote me) but I think you can and if we went again that’s what we would do. Obviously I was pregnant so I didn’t want to stand for ages and also we were getting food anyway too. We stayed there until about 12.30am and then headed back to the hotel.

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The next day we woke up really early and headed straight for the Lincoln Memorial. We parked the car a bit away and rented some bikes so that we could cycle around the park near the memorial. I absolutely love nothing more than cycling around a new city. The bikes you can rent from a machine on the sidewalks which are on every second corner. The Lincoln Memorial was huge and I was so taken back by it. It was just an incredible structure and it was crazy to think it was all built so may years ago. The massive statue of Abraham Lincoln is. must see. After we popped into Victoria Secret’s for me before heading to check out of our hotel. We had a tour booked at the U.S Capitol Building which was something I was REALLY looking forward to seeing. The U.S Capitol building is iconic and obviously it gets blown up in Designated Survivor so seeing it in real life was surreal. It’s a beautiful building and so so big. The tour is free and is really interesting too. That’s one of the brilliant things about Washington is that a lot of tours etc are all free. We spent very little money on this trip apart from food/drinks of course. The U.S Capitol building tour is a must and the decor inside is just wow!

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And from there it was straight to the airport. As I said a quick and short trip but one we wanted to get in this year. I already cannot WAIT to go back and visit Washington. I will most definitely put it up there as one of my favourite US cities now. Sean has already said he wants to bid for it when he goes on the A330 next year. There is just so much to see and do there. We didn’t even touch on half of it so we will most definitely be back Mr. Trump.

Until next time Washington…..


Love Aoibhe xxx


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