This Month I’m…..


Clicking on….. Seriously anybody who has never used this website, NEEDS TO GET ON IT! It’s amazing. Depending on the location of the product, you can get pieces for very cheap. I bought both of these pieces below for very cheap on it. I am planning on using both in our bedroom. We are going for a mink, cream, white and gold look. They have really cool things on it from home pieces to baby stuff, kids  to stationary. The have EVERYTHING!

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Nuxe products. I had tried their body oil before but I got a travel size one of the hand cream and the lip balm as a gift recently and I can’t stop using them. They are both amazing. Yesterday I actually ordered a gift set with the full size body oil, lip balm and 30ml hand cream.

Nuxe Travel Set – BUY ME


Nuxe Must Have Set – BUY ME















Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream 75ml – BUY ME










Homeland. WHAT A SHOW! I’m sure a lot of you have already watched it. It’s brilliant. For those of you that haven’t watched it yet, it’s on Netflix. It’s about a US Marine who is rescued after 8 years of being captured in the Middle East. Watch it, highly recommend.



Depop. I still have lots of bits up there for you guys to buy. All have been worn maybe once, some not at all and only for a few hours too. I think it’s so handy. I sold one of my gorgeous dresses to a lovely girl for her daughters chistening last week. She loved it. She got it for 42euro so less than half price than what I bought it for. Follow me HERE.


Excited for…..

Going to Paris with himself. We haven’t been together yet so I am really looking forward to it even though I haven’t been a MASSIVE fan of it before. I’ve already been maybe 3-4 times and I don’t know what it is about it. We aren’t doing Disney as I can’t go on most of the rides so it would be completely pointless. I can’t wait to go to the Eiffel Tower, I think we are going to have lunch at the top. Sean loves Paris so it will be so nice to be there with him and hopefully we’ll have a ball. Plus it’s super romantic too.


Looking forward to…..

Our 20 week scan. It’s not long now only a few weeks to go and I know it’s the big one so I can relax a bit more then. I am also looking forward to finally moving into our home. It was supposed to be March then April but I am thinking May at this stage now but we’ll see. We both can’t wait and as you can see if you follow me on social media, we have started to buy everything already.


Showing you…..

A lot more cabin crew related things on here and on my social media. If you follow me on Instagram you will already have noticed a bit more. You can watch some of it under the highlight on my Instagram under CABIN CREW. I showed you what I use to create the vintage roll in my hair for work. It’s called a Gibson Tuck. Here it is below. You can buy them on Amazon HERE.

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Thinking about…..

All of your response to my pregnancy announcement. Seriously I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your kind & loving words. You are all so lovely. We had to announcement ideas in mind but went with this one in the end. I really love the photo and definitely want to get it framed in our house in black & white. Thank you all so much again.



I had initially planned to get a gorgeous Gucci baby bag however a fabulous follower recommended this ToteSavvy® is an organiser like no other. The book-like design holds 7 inner pockets (including one insulated pocket), an outer flat pocket, 3 additional multi-size outer pockets, a key clasp, and washable changing mat. You can get this for $72 and insert it into a normal large handbag.

28511876_10155960122055638_242258658_n 28535923_10155960122085638_270559062_n 28535876_10155960122050638_463120745_n

Look at how handy it is? You can also get them in a range of colours too. I have the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM  so this fits perfectly into it. Check out the ToteSavvy HERE.


Dreaming of…..

Being back in the sunshine. We were in Orlando last week and it was 30 degrees which was heaven. It was just gorgeous. We went to NASA and went shopping so it was a great trip. I went to Orlando when I was younger so it was amazing to go back again with my dad.



To get my last designer bag before the baby comes. I know this may be my last for a good while given the house and baby but I have fallen head over heels in love with this Prada beauty. I just LOVE it and think it’s very different in pink too.


Love Aoibhe xxx

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