IGNORE the weather, 15 reasons why I love IRELAND!


We are a great bunch of lads…….no seriously everyone wants to be FECKIN’ Irish. The whole world loves Irish people (well most) and they join in like St.Patrick’s Day is their own national day. The whole world goes green. I don’t think I appreciated Ireland as much as I do now. Having lived abroad you come back with a different perspective on the Emerald Isle. So many people complain of the weather here but seriously who wants to be dying in 40degree heat in Australia anyway??

Ok so the weather in Ireland is annoying, it can be all four seasons in one day but after all it’s Ireland what do you expect? We complain when it’s too hot here, we complain when it’s cold. We Irish just kind of always love to complain about something.

So why do I just love Ireland so much?

Here it goes…

Irish mammies. They are just the best! They listen to your problems, they have an unlimited amount of TAE and well they are just the best mammies in the world really.

Our ever changing amount of accents. For a place so small, we have so many different types of accents. Like the Cork accent compared to the Louth accent. It’s just gas!!


Our endless shades of green as you fly into Dublin airport on a sunny day. Standing on the top of the Sugarloaf mountain a few years ago, I sat there and just thought WOW! Our country is just so beautiful. The view looking out was out of this world. I loved it. Our green fields and scenery really are like no other.


You can drive from one side of the country to the other in over 4 hours. Like the whole width of the country. It’s deadly 🙂

The Irish pubs. You won’t get a nicer welcome anywhere in the world. Walking into an Irish pub in Temple Bar or Galway you are automatically in the family. Irish people are so friendly not just at home but abroad too.

Our sayings like sucking diesel, arseways, the guards, the fear, naggins/shoulders, whats the craic and so many more.


Telling everyone that you’re just from ‘outside Dublin’ when you live abroad, as realistically majority of them won’t know anyway.

That we think that the best cure for sickness is flat 7up.

We have things like Rock Shandy and Mc Donnell’s curry sauce that I missed so much in Oz.

Irish people can use any of these sayings for saying they were drunk – hammered, fluthered, rat-arsed, buckled, trolleyed, twisted, wasted, locked, legless, langers, mouldy, scuttered, sloshed, steamin’, plastered, paralytic, ossified, gargled and gee-eyed. Nobody else will ever understand.


These are just some of the incredible photos I have taken on my travels around Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare


Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin


Glendalough, Co. Wicklow


Sunset on the beach in Skerries, Co. Dublin


View from the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse, St. James Gate – Dublin


Ardgillan Castle, North County Dublin


So that’s why I love our beautiful green country.

To all you beautiful people that read my blog from all corner’s of the world, THANK YOU. I want to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Before I leave you…. If you haven’t watched this IRELAND INSPIRES video, then you need to watch it. It will most certainly make you proud to be Irish this St. Patrick’s Day.


Love Aoibhe xxx


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