5 MONTH Pregnancy Update: Bumps, Maternity Clothes & Baby Shopping

HALF WAY! Here we are Week 20 and I’m on my second last trip before I can no longer fly I’m off to Washington DC and it’s St Patricks Day. It was a very last minute decision but here I am. Flying while a bit more pregnant doesn’t feel any different, I thought it might but no changes. This time though, I’m a passenger so as recommended by my doctor I’ve my flight socks & ensuring I move my legs around constantly to keep good circulation. Anyway I’m actually twenty weeks and two days and the doctor tells me the days are very important too 🙂
I unfortunately had bronchitis all last week & was out of action for 5 days. I felt so guilty, as if I was doing something harmful to the baby by having antibiotics but I was told by my doctor if you are unwell enough then it’s absolutely fine. We have our big scan next Friday and it can’t come quick enough. This is called an anomaly scan. This scan is probably the most important scan that takes place in a pregnancy. The fetus is the correct size to have all the organs assessed so that the midwife can see whether your baby has an obvious defect such as spina bifida or a cleft palate. I’ll actually be putting this post live the day after the scan so I’ll add in at the end, my thoughts on that.
I have noticed big changes since my last update, mainly with my bump. I’m feeling very ‘pregnant’ now and there is no hiding it anymore. I always wear clothes loosely anyway, I never wear tight clothing so maybe some people might not know because of this. Take for instance today in the hairdressers, one girl didn’t know at all and was shocked. My bump has most certainly popped as they say. I have a bump now and it grows by the day. I’m quite small in the morning but by the evening I’m feeling like the size of a house. I also invested in a pregnancy pillow from Mothercare. You can buy one HERE for €34.99. The pillow doubles up as a feeding pillow too so it’s very handy. As my bump grows, the pillow slides in underneath my bump to give you comfort for sleeping at night. I’ve used it this week and it’s been really good so I highly recommend one in the second trimester.
I haven’t changed my dress sense in the slightest, just my size. I’ve been ordering everything in a size up or even two sizes up depending. I find this has been working great ladies so don’t be afraid to just go up. We women have this crazy mindset sometimes about going up a clothes size for fear we would remain that size forever. I promise that’s not the case. Most clothes actually look better slightly bigger. I got this dress for Washington and it was just a size up but fit perfectly over the bump.
Back at the beginning of February I bought this dress below in Penney’s in a size 16 (normally a 12) as I wanted it to sit a certain way with a belt and turned out really nice. I was 14 weeks pregnant in this photo below. I started to order some pieces for my holiday to Malta in April so I got
29341111_10156026518810638_772740771_n 29344898_10156026517915638_336141323_n 29138358_10156026518030638_445121703_n
The only small changes are in my trousers thats all. I have been using the hair bobbin trick for the past 3 weeks with my own jeans. This is basically using your bobbin around your button hole of your jeans & knotting it back on itself. See photo below. It’s so quick and easy. I’ve tried on lots of maternity jeans since my last post too but haven’t yet invested. I’ll do a blog post on maternity jeans when I’ve got a few pairs.
Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t actually bought anything big for the baby. I’d got a few bits & pieces of clothing but that was all. Last week I went into Mothercare and done my first big shop. I had a €130 voucher so I wanted to use that. I’m getting lots of other stuff but ordering them from Amazon as it can work out a lot cheaper. Make sure to look up stuff on there before buying them in the shops. The girl in the shop gave me this below. It’s the list needed for the hospital for you and the baby. I hadn’t a CLUE want to bring so this was really helpful.
So this shop I got:
  • All clothing needed for the baby in the hospital
  • Some extra baby hats & scratch mitts
  • Bibs
  • Car mirror (goes on the back of the car seat so you can see the baby)
  • Baby bath
  • Electric Steriliser
  • Two sized bottles with Feeding on the Go dispensers
The girl in the shop was so helpful. I definitely agree about ordering online too for getting a great price but it was actually so nice to just go in and chat to someone who knows their stuff. I was like a lost puppy in there on my own but she was amazing. I also picked our cot too with my mum. We decided to go with the Bayswater as it’s a cot bed so will last a little longer.
My mum has knit me two beautiful blankets already one really big white one for the cot and one smaller one for our pram. I can’t get over the quality of them, they are amazing. She is thinking of making them on the side now and selling them. They are obviously all handmade and with Irish wool too. Here they are and I can’t wait to use them.
29137948_10156026518610638_1255254753_n 29340908_10156026518605638_462081554_n
As mentioned, I started this blog post in the air on the way to Washington and had planned to finish it after our big scan. Yesterday we had our big scan and it went great. Everything looked brilliant and the baby is doing really well. The midwife was happy with everything too so that made us so at ease. This scan was really the big one for us and it was on my mind for quite a while. I knew once I got this one over with, I would probably relax a little more. Seeing the baby in such detail was just incredible. I personally think the photo actually looks a bit like Sean a little but we’ll see. What an experience. Only 19 more weeks to go now 🙂
 29138228_10156026518260638_138568391_n 29547448_10156026518405638_580778327_n
Lastly can you cope with how insane Khloe Kardashian looks pregnant? She is just fabulous and I loved her even before she was pregnant. But seriously girl………WOWSERS!!!!!
Love Aoibhe xxx

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