Well here it goes……

Back in November I don’t know if you remember me telling you all about a secret that I had but couldn’t share. I have to say it was quite possibly the hardest secret I’ve ever EVER had to keep. After telling all my nearest & dearest, I can FINALLY confirm with you all….


I’m nearly 18 weeks pregnant too. Ahhhhhh I said it!! Some of you guessed it a while back but as you can imagine I had to deny. I’d never ever lie to you guys but in this situation it was just a small white lie 😉 I cannot tell you how hard it’s been to keep it from everyone. Obviously I’ve been off work & so many have people asking me to go for drinks every weekend, it’s been hard to say no so often. I’ve had a few ‘I’m on antibiotics’ situations which I felt terrible about but a girls got to do what a girls got to do. This photo sums up my life for the past 17 weeks, peeing becomes your favourite pass time and that’s something I realised VERY quickly too.


As I approach my big 20 week scan, I’m super excited but I know this will be the big one. Sean and I have absolutely loved seeing the baby grow from nothing to what it is now. I had an app called Baby Center which we look at each week. This week it is the size of a pear. I know the 20 week scan is a really important one so once I get that done I can relax a little more. We have had three scans so far so we have been really lucky. The baby is fine and well thank god & growing as it should be.


I’m due early August so we are nearly half way there. I know so many people will think we are mad. Moving into a new house is a big enough deal, let alone having a baby 5 months later. Obviously it wasn’t planned but both of us could not be happier. Sean is nearly more excited than I am. I’m just nervous only because it’s such a big deal & I will now have another human relying on me. I’ve watched so many of my friends become mums & I know how incredible the whole experience is.

I cannot wait to share the journey with you all too. My friends and family are beyond excited for us. My mum has already started knitting some beautiful pieces for us. She’s so good at knitting & we grew up with some gorgeous knits thanks to her. I only have one Nana left so she was thrilled when I told her she would become a great granny. My brother and his girlfriend love children so I know they will absolutely love this too.

So many people will ask:

How will you still travel?

Will you not be an air hostess anymore?

What will you do?

We will be absolutely fine and make it work just like any other couple. We will still travel and take the baby too. I’m under no illusion it’s easy. Yes I know it’s difficult. I watch mothers & fathers come on board every single day with their babies and toddlers, I know it’s not a walk in the park or a smooth ride. I know there are ups and downs but I feel I’m ready. I’ve just turned 29 and couldn’t think of a more perfect time. I won’t be able to fly as cabin crew until after my maternity leave unfortunately so I will work on the ground in the mean time. I don’t loose my job, I just merely have other duties while I’m pregnant. I adore my job so I’ll look forward to going back flying next year.

We feel so lucky to have been able to have a baby. We know there are so many couples out there who cannot have children so we feel blessed to have been able to have one. I know a couple who have been trying for years and unfortunately it just hasn’t happened. I am actually really enjoying this crazy new experience of growing a baby. As of yet, I haven’t felt the baby kick but apparently I will in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you updated monthly on how I’m doing and I will have a blog post live this week about finding out, my thoughts etc. We have already thought about how we are going to do the nursery which is exciting. We also went pram shopping recently to have a look & picked one out so I’m like a child myself now. We are still deciding if we will find out the sex or not but we’ll see what happens over the coming weeks. Being the super organised pair we are, we have both a girls name & a boys name already picked out. We are going to keep them both a secret until the birth.

Ahhhhh the sigh of relief…….It feels so amazing to have said it out loud now. I can finally relax and start to really enjoy it all.

Baby shoes for a boy and a girl

Holy god…..I’m going to be a MUM!

Love Aoibhe xxx


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