I still can’t believe the response we have got from the announcement, it has been just crazy. I cannot thank you all enough for every single one of your messages, snaps and comments. I have finally got through all of them and I literally lost count there was so many. Sean couldn’t believe it either, we were really overwhelmed so thank you.

Since I announced it, I have heard from so many gorgeous mums. I won’t lie I am terrified but I am told this is completely normal for your first pregnancy. I know that in just 22 weeks I will have another human relying on me which is very scary. I am so excited don’t get me wrong but it’s a BIG DEAL. I’m 18 weeks tomorrow so I went to the doctor today for my whopping cough injection. I also got my ground placement in my job yesterday so I am feeling much more relaxed now and looking forward to it. It was a bitter sweet feeling on Sunday as I came off what I knew would be my last flight. I was sad that I wasn’t going to be flying for a year but then at the same time I was so happy as I will soon have a beautiful little baby. I just absolutely love my job and it never feels like a job to me but I know I will be back so it’s fine.

As promised I plan to keep you all updated and talk honestly about this new CRAY CRAY experience because I assure you that’s exactly what it is. I won’t be sugarcoating anything just so you know. Some of you might not like the things I say about being pregnant or the whole experience but remember everyone has a right to their own opinion. If you disagree with me that is fine but I just want to make that clear from the start. I have said I’ll be honest with you all so no point in lying just to please everyone else if that’s not how I feel. So that out of the way now it’s onto the post…….


So WHEN and HOW did we find out?

Well it was a surprise for sure 🙂 I had missed my period but that was kind of normal for me as I’m a bit all over the place anyway even after 19 years. I was late by one week and thought nothing but then I was about three weeks late & started to panic. I went in mortified to buy a pregnancy test, afraid that EVERYONE was looking at me even though it was all in my head. What is it about buying a pregnancy test? I got completely freaked out as if I had done something ‘BOLD’ 😉 Anyway I got a two pack just incase and done a test on the Monday & it was negative. I messaged my friend to say ALL CLEAR. I had stopped sweating and even had a drink to celebrate. That week I got three mouth ulcers which I hadn’t had since I was about 11. I also broke out in spots on the Thursday which I actually thought was down to expecting my period. On the Friday my friend Vanessa said to do the other test just to check. I was convinced it would be negative and I done it, only to see TWO LINES!!!!!!! I didn’t tell Sean initially as I needed to double check before telling him. I went and bought another test and again TWO LINES. Holy god is all I will say……..They were quite faint so I put it straight in my bag. About two minutes later I saw two vivid lines on the test and I was just completely in shock. I sent a photo straight away to Vanessa and she just wrote back AOIBHE YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!

How did I FEEL about it?

Well my heart nearly stopped…..Obviously we all know what happens if you don’t wear a raincoat 😉 I initially was nervous. I was scared about what Sean would think and would he be happy & ok about it. I was really really nervous at first and just a mixed bag of emotions. It still hadn’t sank in and even when I told Sean, it didn’t sink in. I got Sean a teddy from Build a Bear and put a voice note inside for him saying congratulations. I gave it to him and he was absolutely over joyed about it. I was so delighted when he knew and felt like a weight was lifted. He couldn’t have been happier and we were both so happy. I cried for a while because I literally realised that I had never in my life been this happy. Sean being so happy about it made me even happier. When he said this was the best thing to ever happen to him, well that said it all.


What happened NEXT?

Well after the utter shock of it all, I called the Rotunda to book in for my three month scan. I started taking Folic Acid tablets immediately which help reduce the risk that the baby will be born with a birth defect involving incomplete development of the brain and spinal cord. Taking this can reduce it by up to 70%. I also went to get an early scan in The Ultrasound Suite on Grafton St. I went for this at about 8 weeks as I was freaked that it could be twins. It’s called an Early Pregnancy Scan, you can read about it HERE. They run in my family so I needed to mentally know there was only one in there and not two. Thankfully the scan went great. It was absolutely surreal to hear the heartbeat and then to find out there was only one little one. I’ll never forget leaving there thinking WOW!!!! I actually didn’t have words afterwards as I was still in shock. Obviously the image on the screen wasn’t 100% clear at all as it was only 8 weeks so it definitely didn’t look like a baby. This is when I told my parents and we told Sean’s parents too. They were all so happy and that made us even more thrilled.

At 11 weeks, we had another scan as I had a scare and had to go into the Rotunda late at night. It was very scary but all ended fine & everything was ok. This was terrifying and I felt so sick. One girl actually messaged me to say she saw me in there that night but never said anything. She had her baby that night.

It was on the 13 week scan that I was actually in awe. The baby was fully formed and you could see legs, hands and the whole shape of the body. The baby was moving so much and tumbling around. It was so funny. This is where we got these ultrasounds below.


How was my FIRST trimester?

I can’t lie and say it was a horrendous start because it actually wasn’t at all. I never actually got sick once but I assure you I felt as sick as a dog nearly every night for three months. The ulcers passed very quickly but my skin was really bad for about a month. My skin has been so up & down. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I completely broke out & my skin got extremely bad. If you remember I wasn’t on my blog at all for over 3 weeks in Dec/Jan, that’s when. I was so self conscious & really upset over the whole thing. My body was very run down. I’d never suffered with my skin so it took me by shock. Thankfully it’s got better (photo below) and I’ve actually started to not wear as much makeup on my face now. I actually feel confident just wearing a bb cream now whereas before I wouldn’t have. I know so many people leave the house with no makeup but I just couldn’t before, I’m just being honest. I want to try find a nice face tan that I could wear that instead of so much makeup. I swear I have also NEVER went to the toilet as much in my life. It’s crazy!!! You can literally take a sip of water and BOOM on the toilet. Then back again 5 minutes later 🙂 At the start I won’t lie to you, it was very annoying, I was actually like ‘this is a joke’ but now I have completely grown to enjoy spending half my day on the toilet 😀 This was something I didn’t really know about.

I was also constantly feeling bloated and huge. I was feeling a strong niggling pain in my back. I couldn’t get a massage until after week 13 so the minute I got my scan I went to Mudpie Beauty in Dundrum and treated myself. It was actual heaven and I couldn’t recommend it enough to expecting mothers. It’s the nicest feeling in the world. I also get reflexology done every two months which is amazing and highly recommend. Both treatments have to be done by someone who is trained in massaging pregnant women so just check before making that booking 😉


How has my SECOND trimester been so far?

I’m only a few weeks into my second trimester but the feeling I had was…..

And RELAX…..that’s what I felt. I got used to being bloated and accepted that it wasn’t going to go away. The peeing hasn’t stopped though, I am still going every second of the day and I’m told it gets worse which is absolutely fabulous 😀 I only started to get a bump last week in week 17 but up until then there was nothing really there. I cannot say anything bad now about the whole experience as other than the sickness feeling and peeing, it’s been great. My skin is also back to normal and this is the best I’ve felt during the whole pregnancy. I have my big scan mid March and I’m nervous for that. I know how important it is and just want to clarify everything is ok. When I get that over with I’ll be thrilled. I found this photo which I think is really interesting. I am over 4 months so it’s crazy to see how big the baby is already here.


Do we have our NAMES picked?

YES 🙂 We do. They are 100% set in stone and we couldn’t be happier with them. We have both the boys name and girls name picked. The baby will also take Sean’s second name, not mine. Some people will have mixed opinions on this but it’s our choice. I know people say that if you are not married to put your name and his but both names go better with his second name anyway. I won’t be calling my child Apple or Chicago don’t worry, they are both quite normal names & we love them. So that’s all that matters really.


Will we find out THE SEX?

We are still completely torn about what to do. Some people said keep it a secret, some people said it’s amazing to plan ahead. I feel like it’s all been very unplanned so why break it 😉 We will see though, that could change in the next few weeks.


Have I had any CRAVINGS?

I have gone off a lot of sweet stuff. I am normally a big dessert person but just haven’t really wanted anything like that HALF as much. I am addicted to Tayto crisps. I literally cannot get enough of them 😀 Sean went to the shop a few weeks back and came back with 5 multi packs of them. DREAM!!!!! I’ve gone through a few phases so far. I still however love pink lady apples and Nutella, not together separately 🙂 I have drank a lot of ginger ale which I found very good for my stomach. I have been drinking SO MUCH water, it’s crazy. Literally litres of the stuff every single day which isn’t helping my peeing situation. Another love has been apple juice and orange juice. They have been delicious and I wouldn’t have loved them as much before being pregnant.


So there you have it. My first in detail blog post about this new chapter in my life which as you can see from our above photo we are super happy about. Like I mentioned on my Instagram story and Snapchat earlier this week, I will not turn my blog into all things baby. My blog will still remain fashion, travel and beauty related just with an added human involved. I definitely will share my pregnancy journey with you all as my blog IS ME and it’s a part of my life that I want to share. Those of you that are not interested in this part, that is fine. I will still have lots of content for you to read that is not related to babies or pregnancy.


So I start my ground role on Monday and I am actually looking forward to it. Here I am with my Fergus the Bear after my last flight on Sunday. I have bought a good few pieces so far but nothing huge as of yet. I will leave all that for my next post and fill you in next time. By the time I write my next post, I will have had my 20 week scan, got more information on maternity clothes & can share bump photos with you too.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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