29 Today….I QUIT Getting Older


So each year I write a blog post on my birthday reflecting on the previous year. Today I turn 29!!!!!!! Eeeeeeekkkk!!! So the big question is am I scared or am excited? I’m probably way more excited than scared if I am honest. But I do remember turning 21 like it was yesterday. My mindset was partying, partying and ehh more partying. I went out Thurs-Sun and I didn’t get hangovers like I do now. So many people say your 30’s are the new 20’s but PLEASE…..in your 30’s you have WAY more responsibilities than you do at let’s say 24. I’m not saying my 30’s won’t be amazing, I am merely saying being 24 and not having a care in the world was pretty sweet. I didn’t have a house commitment or rent to pay so I remember one day in December 2014, I woke up and said THAT IS IT! I booked a one way flight to Australia and decided that was it. I wanted to see more of the world. You most definitely couldn’t just up and leave in your 30’s. It has to be a planned well thought out decision and you need to figure out much more than you do at 24. I literally just had to sell my car and GO!


My point is turning 29, you’re still technically considered still to be in your “twenties”. You also have a realisation that you are alive for nearly three decades. I find myself walking by 14 year olds thinking ‘HOW CAN I DO MY MAKEUP LIKE THAT?’. Literally only a few weeks ago I was in a shopping centre and I couldn’t believe how incredible some of these girls are at makeup. At Christmas I went to visit my cousins who are 17, 19 and 21 and their makeup!!!!!! The 17 year old was on another level. At 17, I could barely put on lashes without sticking my eyelashes half closed. I am not at that ‘kids these days phase’ as I always still feel like a kid at heart but the girlos with the fabulous makeup are making me VERY jealous I can’t lie. Maybe one day when I’ve enough time to watch endless streams of Youtube I will be that good too.

I remember writing my blog post last year for my 28th birthday and really feeling unsure of my path. I was feeling a little down after coming back from living in France and just living the life out there. I didn’t have any cares in the world in France, my only thoughts were ‘How is the weather for snowboarding today?’.  I didn’t know 100% what I wanted and I missed Australia so much. I was a bit all over the place although I was secure in my job, other parts of my life remained uncertain. Here’s two parts of the post below.

screen-shot-2018-01-09-at-13-14-05 screen-shot-2018-01-09-at-13-14-57

The words –

“Throughout my life I have always gone with my gut, sometimes it works out & I won’t lie sometimes it doesn’t. It actually goes terribly wrong, but I always learn from it.”

It seems to me that the years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically on any person. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of being young, and it is time to become an adult. Last year I listened to that gut and made a decision that would change my life forever. You can read my blog post called Things Don’t Work Out & THAT’S OK…


It basically sums up listening to your inner gut and doing what feels right for you no matter what people say or think. I couldn’t tell you the amount of girls that have mailed me over the past 8 months looking for advice on the same thing, it’s crazy. Anyway if you want more of an insight into the big decision and life changing choice then read the post.


I found this online (above) which I thought was funny about 23-29 year olds and it does sum some of us up pretty well. 29 year olds today are living two extremely varied lives. There is 50% of people buying houses and settling down & then there is the other 50% that just are just eating brunch every third day, partying like it’s going out of fashion and just living each day as it comes. It’s 2018 and what I love most is our generation are doing as they please. They aren’t listening to what they ‘should do’ and more living a life that they ‘want to’. I know girls who are 29 partying in Australia and let’s say ‘haven’t a pot to piss in’ but yet they are the happiest girls you’ll ever meet and on the other side I know girls who are 29 married two/three years but completely content and happy. It depends on timing and everyone has their own path.


One thing this year has thought me is work/life balance has never been more important to me. I work to live not live to work now unlike my days in retail. I enjoy my time off even more than before. Leaving retail was the best decision I ever made for myself personally and doing what I do now has never made me happier. It’s going through 10 years of retail before becoming cabin crew that thought me all this. Never have I enjoyed a job more, knowing that on my days off I can simply jump on a plane to anywhere in Europe just for the weekend or just for the day. I spoke about this in my goals blog post for this year but making the most of every day for me is so important now.

Each year I get a fabulous cake as it just makes me happy and smile, PLUS who doesn’t just LOVE cake right? This years cake was made by Cupcakes and Counting. Find her HERE.


This was me (above) last night wearing a little black number. I never wear LBD’s really but felt for the weekend that was in it. You can BUY IT HERE (link is affiliated). Love an all black look. I am feeling A LOT different this year turning 29. I feel much more content in myself and my personal life. I feel like although my life done a complete 360 degree turn, it was most definitely a decision I have stood by ever since. I have never been happier and there is no sugar-coating it for the blog, I haven’t. Ok I am not entirely happy with my figure or how I look at the moment but thats my own insecurities and my own dealings that I can work on myself. In terms of being happy in life, I cannot remember the last time I was this happy. I mentioned in my first post of 2018 that Sean and I are moving in together so this is a really exciting time for us both.


I am not scared of being 29, I am really REALLY looking forward to it for so many reasons. So if turning 29 is scaring you, don’t let it. Think of the things you can change to make you a happier person. Don’t be afraid to make choices that effect other people, think of YOU! And your happiness. The key to being happy is knowing only YOU have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go. And on that note I will leave you with this quote guys 🙂


Love Aoibhe xxx


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