Clicking on….. is my best friend 🙂 I by far think it’s the best website for finding great deals/packages with hotels. I’m not a Genius member as I’ve booked that many trips on the website. If you are looking to book a holiday this year and haven’t used before, DEFINITELY give it a try.

We just booked to go to Dubai and got a brilliant deal with our hotel. We are going end of April and I can’t wait as it will be a really nice temperature. It’s not too warm yet in Dubai but still late 20’s/early 30’s.

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Thinking about…..

My birthday cake. You only celebrate it once a year so I always make sure I have a delicious cake. Last year I got an amazing one from Cupcakes and Counting. It was so fabulous, I loved it. This year I’ve decided to ask the lovely Cat at the Cake Cuppery to do it. Here’s some of my inspo for the cake. She is AMAZING.

Check her out HERE.





My gorgeous new chains that Sean bought me as part of my Christmas present. I think they look so pretty together. The top choker is from Stella and Dot and the bottom one is from My Name

BUY Choker

BUY Name Necklace


Looking forward to….

I just booked a two night getaway with my best friend and her two little girls. She wanted to take them away for a couple of nights so I was delighted to go too. We are staying in the Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey. Vanessa has taken the girls before and apparently it’s a very child friendly hotel. I want to treat them all to Afternoon Tea at the Seafield Hotel so I am hoping they get back to me and say it’s ok to bring the girls along 🙂



Bay restaurant in Clontarf. I have been MANY times over the past few years and it doesn’t get the credit it should. Personally I am a huge fan of their brunches/breakfast. They do brunch from 11-4pm on Saturdays/Sundays and breakfast is 9am-12pm Mon-Fri. Highly recommend and prices are very reasonable too.

Here is their menus




Addicted to…..

Power. I asked you guys on Snapchat the other day to recommend some series for me to watch and I was inundated with different things to watch. In the end Power was the winner. I am only 4 episodes in and I love it. Thank you all so much for all the recommendations, I feel like I’ll be watching Netflix a LOT more now.



Laughing at…..


Instagram VS Reality. You have to be able to make fun of yourself. Life is FAR TOO short to sweat the small stuff. Things have got very heated on social media recently and there has been lots of negativity going around. Don’t take things too seriously & when people make fun of you, laugh at it. Do I care if you screenshot this & put it in your what’s app group? Not at all……….why cause I’m totally comfortable in my own skin & able to make fun of myself. No filters used on this just the Sunkiss Tan Selfie Ring Light

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Dreaming of…..

A pug 🙂 I met this little cutie called Dickie the other day in Malahide and I literally FELL IN LOVE!!! Just look at him. I know it wouldn’t be practical for me to get a dog as I am away quite a lot and I would feel bad leaving him with family/friends all the time. Maybe in a few years but not right now. For now I will just dream about Dickie.


Obsessed with…..

My new Raybans. They were another Christmas gift and I just love them. I wore a few different round pairs last year on holidays and really started to love this style. I knew I wanted to get a proper pair of round ones and decided on these little beauties.


Love Aoibhe xxx

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