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This is a post that I love doing every month on TSO. As a beauty blogger I get sent so many fabulous beauty products to try every week. I wanted to compile this into one post for you guys so that you could read what I really thought of each product. I know so many beauty bloggers that just say how great everything is but let’s face it…..….not everything can be great.

Let’s see what got a thumbs up and a thumbs down this month?


Note Mineral Foundation – 401 

This foundation is actually SO GOOD! The coverage is brilliant and it doesn’t feel caked at all. It’s really affordable too. You can buy this is Cara Pharmacy’s or online. The foundation really is great at concealing but still gives you a healthy natural glow. It’s suitable for all skin types and contains vitamin B1, B3, C and E. If you are looking for a good coverage foundation and a reasonable price, this is your answer right here. 


Note Mineral Powder

Hmmm I wasn’t a massive fan of this powder. The packaging is beautiful but I just didn’t LOVE the texture of it. It does like the foundation have vitamin B1, B3, C and E in it but it just didn’t cut it for me. It’s very matte for me and I rather a bit more of a glow on the skin. It is however paraben free and suitable for all skin types.


Cocoa Brown Extra Dark 

Ohh you all know I am a massive fan of CB and have been for MANY years now. Another hit from the lady herself, Marissa hit the nail on the head with this really giving that deep deep tan that we all love ahead of Summer. I predict this tan will be such a hit this Summer with everyone going away on holidays and with the great weather we are having. I applied it a few weeks ago for a family event and was so happy with the colour. I am SUPER pale so when I mean I went from white to super tanned thats exactly what happened. Highly recommend for that super glow look.


Avène Cleansing Foam 

I normally use my Image Vital C Hydrating Cleanser but said I would give this one a try and see how my skin reacted. I have mentioned so much that my skin is very sensitive and I know it’s good to change your skincare every 5-6 months. It removes makeup from face and from eyes. The cleanser is extremely gentle on the face and doesn’t make the face feel super tight afterwards which I liked. I felt fresh and really clean after using it. I apply the foam to my wet hands and rub over my face, then get a hot face cloth to remove my makeup. I did love this cleanser however I think I prefer my original cleanser to this one just because it’s a cream rather than a foam.


Human + Kind Body Oil 

Such a soft oil. This literally smells and feels divine on the skin. It glides on and absorbs super quick into the skin so you can put on your clothes on straight away. It can be used on the face, body and hair too so a 3-in-1 product really. Use it on the tips of your hair to keep them looking perfect. It’s the smell that had me sold. 


Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream 

The day this arrived in my door, I came home from work with a small burn on my arm. I opened it immediately and put some on. It was a very convenient package I must say especially as it’s suitable to burns. The little tube works on eczema, psoriasis and acne prone skin. It also is great for dry and sensitive skin, itching and razor burn, cold and bed sores, athlete’s foot, insect bites & stings, brittle nails and sunburn too. An all round product that’s perfect to keep in the house especially with little ones around. 


Essence Mascara


For just €3.99 it’s the best money you’ll spend on a beauty product. My friend recommended it to me and it’s amazing. It gives you instant length and curl in your lashes. It’s black but it’s VERY black so if you don’t like a dramatic look then stand clear. It’s mainly for those who want long lashes and curl. You can buy it on Essence counters in Penneys. 


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer

A little miracle in a tube that conceals everything. Now I know this is only supposed to be used under the eyes but I used it for any spots too and wow does it work. It’s so good giving you a radiant and refreshed look in seconds. The texture is creamy and it blends into the skin really well. It comes in two shades Light and Nude. It is infused with goji berry and Haloxyl. 


Blank Canvas Solid Brush & Sponge Cleansing Soap 

This little beauty is BRILLIANT for cleaning your makeup brushes. I used to use soap but I think this actually makes your brushes even softer. I think a lot of people neglect their brushes and don’t clean them enough. It’s so important to keep them clean and free from bacteria. If you don’t wash them enough, the hairs can fall out which means your money is wasted. How I use this soap is I wet the soap first then dip the brush in it until it lathers and rinse. It takes two seconds and it leaves them so nice and soft on your face. 




Yon-Ka Invirgorating Mist 

What a MUST HAVE product!! Yon-Ka is fast becoming one of my favourite brands and something I cannot live without. As cabin crew, my skin can get extremely dehydrated & I’ve been using this for nearly two weeks now and my skin is feeling so good. It’s more than just a toner, it is a healing mist that smells incredible & leaves your skin feeling so hydrated & and refreshed. For all my cabin crew pals, you NEED this in your life. It comes in a 200ml size and a travel size too.


AFA Skin Peel + LED Mask 

Last week I got both a LED Mask treatment and an AFA peel done at the Eden Beauty Group in Wicklow. An AFA peel will increase moisture levels in the skin by three and exfoliate very deeply thus reducing fine lines and reducing pigmentation. Susan the owner recommended that I use of the Afa mild home care gel at night to increase benefits of anti ageing and exfoliation. Following that I got an LED mask treatment. I had got one of these done before and found them highly beneficial. LED was developed by NASSA space agency and is clinically proven to stimulate cell production and increase the skin’s healing ability. There are 3 lights red which is anti ageing, blue which kills bacteria and is healing and pink which is a combination of the two. It is ideal for reducing acne and for promoting healing after treatments like micro needling and microdermabrasion. LED is very popular with celebrities with everyone from the Kardashians to Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. So if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. Nearly two weeks on, my skin is in great condition & I’m really happy with my results. 

Check them out HERE to find out more. 

Love Aoibhe xxx

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