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I am doing a Snapchat Takeover this Thursday for them. You can follow them @iclothing to see it. I’ve picked some of my favourite looks from their site at the minute which I love. I still can’t get over how affordable and fabulous some of the pieces are PLUS they have next day delivery in Dublin too. I picked the entire looks myself and looks which are 100% ME. I didn’t want to go to much away from my style also.

Make sure you tune in on Thursday evening on Snapchat to watch it 😀



Working out again. I have started doing a six week transformation and I am being SUPER strict at the moment. I HAVE TO BE! I know this will lead me on the path to being more healthy too so I just want to give it my all. I am doing the transformation with the amazing John Cullen in Phoenix Fitness Gyms in Balbriggan. He has worked with so many clients and gets results. He puts in the effort and so do them with the results really speaking for themselves. Just look at some of the transformations he has done already.

Check out his Facebook Page HERE.


Excited for…..

To get my new set of Gold Fever Hair extensions in next week. I am off to Zero One salon in Greystones where I get my hair done to get my colour done and old extensions removed. I love nothing more than a fresh colour in my hair. I actually done a blog post all about it recently, you can read it HERE. It talks through all the tools I use and how I get my boho beach wave.



Dying to…..

Get this! Now don’t laugh but this is the nice smell that reminds me of my holidays as a child. My mum sprayed it on us in Spain and it just takes me back there. A lady in work sprayed it on herself a few weeks back and I have been meaning to get it ever since. It’s a really fresh scent and people use it in Spain as a perfume/aftershave. I mean it….It’s that nice. You can buy it in Mc Cabes Pharmacy so off there I go.


Delighted with…..


I can finally see again. Plus see the bottom of the cabin now on the airplane 😀

Last week many of you might know that I got Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase in Dublin. You can read HERE why I chose Optilase. I genuinely think it has been the best thing to EVER EVER happen to me. I might sound crazy but it is a life changing treatment for me and many & to be able to see properly again is just a dream come true. I cannot believe my sight now and what a difference it has done. I will be doing a blog post on it along with a full video in the coming weeks. I will make sure to share it with you all. I couldn’t recommend Optilase enough. They were so amazing. Optilase have clinics all around the country and you can check out their website HERE.


Thinking about…..

How WOW these sunsets have been the past few nights!! I just can’t get over how fabulous they have been. I love Irish sunsets just like any other country. This was one I took the other day in Skerries, Co. Dublin. Seriously can’t believe it’s Ireland.


Addicted to…..

Perisecco 🙂 If you haven’t tried it, then you need to try it. My favourite is Hibiscus flavour. It’s delicious and the perfect summer drink. I promise you if you love prosecco, you will love this. You can only buy it in Dunnes Stores in Ireland and some of them don’t stock it so shop around 😉


Looking forward to…..

Visiting our first wedding venue this week. Eeeeeeekkkk!!! I can’t even believe I am saying that. I can’t wait as Andrew’s mum and my mum are coming along too. It’s not too far from where we live but we kind of want to keep it all to ourselves first and then tell everyone when we have the final one picked. I know I have already mentioned to you we are looking at three locations, so this one in Ireland, one in Venice and one in Portugal in two weeks time. Ps. This isn’t the location below (just inspo)



Ohhh it’s something I can’t even mention. I genuinely cannot even believe it’s happening if I am honest. I am STILL in shock. I promise you I am not pregnant. As it involves someone else, I can’t mention anything yet but I will in time. It could be in about a month but right now it’s all under wraps. I have wanted to do this probably since I was 20 and I just can’t even believe it’s FINALLY happening. I haven’t even told my dad yet as he’s on holidays at the moment in Spain. Let’s just say it’s a BIG CHANGE.


Wanting to…..

Get a print from Betsy Sue Letters. She is an incredibly talented lady from Oklahoma but living in Drogheda, Co. Louth. She is running her own business whilst raising twins at the same time. VERY impressive if you ask me. I started following her a while back and she is amazing. Her work is so unique and special. I will definitely be purchasing a piece of her work very soon. Check her out on Facebook HERE.


Love Aoibhe xxx

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