Whats Your One Goal???


We all want to be confident in our own skin don’t we? I feel like it’s a life long goal we are constantly chasing, to look younger, have clearer skin, a flatter stomach, more confidence…..the list could go on forever.

There are so many lotions, potions, new exercise classes its so hard to know which is going to be best for you. A friend of mine introduced me to Juice Plus+ a Whole Food Nutritional company she had incredible results from. After doing my research into the company, I was pleasantly surprised to find they were not the latest fad or quick fix but actually a legitimate 45 year old nutritional company well known for there published clinical trials, doctor recommended and gold standard awards. I didn’t want to join the company however I wanted to know more about their products.

As I am starting a six week transformation next week with Phoenix Fitness Gym in Balbriggan and I want to give it my all, I felt that incorporating Juice Plus into my programme will confidently help me along my journey. If you are new to my blog, you won’t know but I have always been quite conscious of my weight. In 2011, I lost 4 stone through exercising and living a more healthy balanced diet however in 2014 I went to Australia where I gained two stone of that again. I kept it off for three years but travelling got the better of me and I felt like I was back where I started. I have never managed to loose that two stone again so this year I have set out to do just that.



With Juice Plus, their products are 100% natural made from fruit, vegetables, berries and plant based protein. All the products are gluten and dairy free which is so cool because more and more people are developing intolerances to these things & they will be 100% vegan by 2018. They grow their own produce close to their factories so they can be harvested & processed within a couple of hours after they come out of the field. The produce is then frozen to preserve all the nutrients and freshness, they also extract a lot of the sugar so you are getting all the good stuff but less of the sugar love that. You can watch a video HERE which shows how their fruits and vegetables are preserved between farm and capsule.

I have been speaking to a Juice Plus+ ambassador Amy Solan (see her links below) to get me started on my Juice Plus+ journey. Amy has had incredible results with her acne from using the products, She has been explaining all the different packages and plans they offer as everything is tailored to each persons goals, lifestyle and finances which I think is brilliant they really want you to get the best results possible. Once you sign up to become a customer of Amy’s, she will also supply you with your detox so you can get started asap on your plan you don’t even have to wait till the product arrives to your home. She will also add you into her private customer group on Facebook which is packed with yummy recipes to keep you on track and so you don’t get bored, some helpful work out tips and videos as well.

Empty asphalt road towards cloud and signs symbolizing success a

Whatever your one goal is they have a plan for you weight loss, weight gain, toning, clearer skin, younger skin, longer hair, boosting energy even pregnancy & children’s nutrition. Give Amy a shout on her Facebook or Instagram to discuss your plan.

Cant wait for my products to arrive next week 😀

I will keep you updated on my journey and let you all know how I am getting on.

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. I was not paid to promote Juice Plus or Phoenix Fitness Gyms.

Love Aoibhe xxx

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