Why I Want Laser Eye Surgery?


Hi guys,

Why do I want laser eye surgery? For so many reasons……

Living in France for nearly three months was a turning point for me and my eyesight. I was snowboarding everyday down the mountain unable to wear my glasses and pretty much snowboarding BLIND. I couldn’t find any goggles that allowed me to wear my glasses underneath so I was stuck squinting the whole time. I remember this one particular day when there was a total white out, of course in true seasonaire style we all decided we would still go up the mountain but little did I know what was about to happen when we got to the top. We got off the chair lifts and I couldn’t even see 5 metres in front of me, IT WAS WHITE and worse than I thought. We went down a small bit to see if it got any better and it didn’t. At that stage, I had to keep going and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I swore to myself that I would never ever let that happen again. I snowboard down that mountain that day crying the whole way fearing for my life that I was going to go off the edge of the mountain. It was an experience I never ever want to repeat. At that moment, I told myself the first thing I will do when I get home was GET LASER EYE SURGERY.


It was a treatment that I had been thinking about getting it done for a few years anyway so this incident confirmed that I needed to get it done.

Another reason that I want to get laser eye surgery is because I have a passion for flying and would love to get my Private Pilot’s License. I recently went up in a Cessna 172 with my friend who is a pilot and that made me want to do it even more however there was only one problem, I wasn’t able to see without my glasses. It would be an incredible feeling actually being able to see up there without needing my glasses. There is of course nothing wrong with glasses. I think they are actually super stylish and I would continue to wear non-prescriptive glasses even when I get my laser done.

Being able to see without my glasses would actually be a dream come true. Now to someone reading this who can see perfectly, you won’t understand but to someone reading this who wears glasses, you will most definitely understand. Another reason I want to get it done is because my eyesight has got worse in the past two years and I am needing to wear my glasses more & more. Simple things are becoming blurry for me now and it can be quite scary. In the job I do I am required to pass a medical every few years, on my current medical I am required to wear my glasses at all times. I also need my glasses for driving and when I watch television/go to the cinema. So to not have to wear my glasses would benefit me so much in my every day life. Knowing that this treatment will change my life and I will be able to see clearly without glasses actually nearly makes me cry.


So what did I do when I came home?

I booked a free consultation with Optilase in Dublin to see if I was suitable to get the treatment done as not everybody is a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery; depending on what your vision problem is. I went for my consultation were the Laser Optometrist checked my eyes, eyesight and glasses. It took about 40 minutes and she went into detail about the surgery/treatment. She then collates all the information and meets with the surgeon to discuss your surgery.


For those of you that don’t know exactly what Laser is, it’s a way of correcting your vision permanently to allow you to be free of glasses and contact lenses. Over 30 million people worldwide have chosen to undergo this life-changing procedure. The procedure uses a special type of laser to gently reshape the surface of the eye to correct certain vision problems and the surgery is quick, simple & painless. There are two types of treatments LASIK and LASEK.


LASIK (Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) or IK, for short, is the most frequently performed laser procedure in the world. Your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon prepares your eye for laser treatment by creating a small flap on the surface of the cornea (front surface of the eye) by using blade-free IntraLase technology. The laser is then applied to the underlying surface to reshape your cornea and correct for your prescription. Your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon then places the flap back down and your eye begins to heal. The key benefits of the LASIK procedure are a rapid recovery time, usually within 48 hours and little or no post operative discomfort.


PRK/LASEK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) or Surface Treatment (PRK/EK) is a vision correction procedure in which the vision correction treatment is applied to the surface of the cornea. PRK is the procedure of choice for patients whose corneas are too thin to have LASIK. PRK/LASEK corrects your vision the same way LASIK does, by reshaping the cornea with an Excimer laser so light focuses directly on the retina. The difference is that with LASIK, a flap is created on the outer part of the cornea, and vision correction is applied to the inner tissue of the cornea. With PRK/LASEK, a portion of the eye surface called the epithelium is softened using an Ethanol solution and gently moved aside. The laser is then applied to the underlying surface to reshape your cornea and correct your prescription. A special contact lens is put in place over your cornea for a period of five days to provide comfort and protection to the surface as it heals.

The decision as to which procedure is best for you will be made in consultation with your Laser Optometrist and Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon.


There are so many questions that I asked about the surgery itself and what happens but thankfully Optilase have a FAQ section on their website all about the treatment.

So why have I picked Optilase to get my treatment done? 

After researching lots of clinics in Ireland, Optilase seem to be the best surgery in Ireland for the treatment. It’s an Irish owned clinic with the best surgeons and safest technology. They also offer a lifetime quaranttee which I thought was AMAZING and the consultation is free. Some clinics charge for a consultation so that is a bonus with Optilase. They are also open 7 days a week so really helpful for me and my crazy unpredictable rosters. I read a lot of their testimonials and they really helped with my decision too.

Optilase have ten locations all around Ireland. They have extremely flexible opening hours including weekends and late evenings, allowing them to work around your busy schedule.



Not everybody is a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery; it depends on what your vision problem is. This is why Optilase offer a free consultation with one of their optometrists for all potential patients in order to determine if laser eye surgery is right solution to their individual vision difficulties. To see if Laser Eye Surgery may be right for you, contact them on 1890 301 302 or BOOK HERE.

DISCLAIMER:  I was not paid to do this post however I will be receiving the treatment complimentary in return for giving my honest opinion on the procedure from start to finish. I was planning on getting this done anyway and had booked my consultation before knowing I could even collaborate with them.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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