MOVING HOME: Two Years On…From Australia to Ireland


Two years on……well nearly two years I am back on Irish soil. I actually don’t even know where those two years have gone 🙁 Seriously I don’t know about you, but I feel from 2013-2016 was a total blur, it all went far too quick. Anyway my post today is quite self explanatory from the title, it’s about the realistation that I am now two years on from leaving Australia. You will most likely have read my first post which I put up as I was leaving Australia in 2015, if you didn’t get a chance or are new to my blog, you can read it HERE. It talks about the joys of going home, how amazing Ireland is and how happy I was with my solid decision to move back to our little country. When I put an Instagram post up (below) the other day, I spoke about missing the sunshine and living in the sun. At the time, I won’t lie I did somewhat take it for granted living there and having the sun beaming down everyday. I actually won’t lie, I didn’t think I would miss it like I have. So get on with it you are probably saying…..Tell us Aoibhe. Do you regret it? Are you happy now with your decision? They are the questions I know you all want answered.


So yes I do most certainly look back and regret my decision to move home. I ADORE our country, I really do and it will always have a special place in my heart. I know people say ‘never have regrets’ blah blah blah……well let’s be realistic here. We all have one or two regrets maybe more in our lives and one of mine just happens to be a big one. At the time, if you read the post in 2015 it was 100% the right choice for me and I was so content with that decision. Two years on I won’t lie I am wishing for my life in Perth back and little did I know back then that I would feel this way just two years later. I miss living in the sunshine, strolling on the beach in the evening watching the sunset, drinks in Leederville with the gang, geocaching all the time just because it was so nice outside, driving along the coast with the sun beaming on your face, snorkelling every weekend & just being outdoors so much. We made incredible friends in Australia that both Andrew and I miss deeply. They genuinely made our trip and we cannot wait to go back & see them.



A photo from my our road trip up North to visit Nature’s Window in Kalbarri National Park.
Australia is so far but yet so near. Irish people roamed the streets and friends of friends lived near. Australia is such an incredible place for families and children. It’s a brilliant place to bring up children as you are always spending time outside rather than being stuck indoors at home in Ireland. Don’t get me wrong I do have a lot of negative memories from living abroad too and I’ll never forget that feeling of wanting to go home so so bad. I got a lot of messages from you when I put that Instagram post up. Some of you living abroad currently and undecided about your next move, some dreaming of the green fields of home and some terrified to move back for fear it’s a mistake they will always regret. One thing I will say is…..Everyone’s decision is there own. I can’t make that decision for any of you, but one things for sure that right now although I love my life here, I do wish I had of given it more time. I feel I only started to experience the Aussie life in my final 3-4 months there and then before we knew it we were leaving.

I keep thinking about how I could get back? How would I be able to get back in? It’s such a difficult country to get into anyway, let alone returning with no working visa. Would I risk it all again to start all over? Or would I be too afraid? I get asked all the time, if I had the chance tomorrow would I go back and I don’t have a hint of doubt in my answer. I would return in a heartbeat. I was given the option by my job to go home for 6 weeks and return which I chose not to do. I’ll never forget telling my dad I was coming home, he was so disappointed. He just knew that life out there couldn’t have been that bad but I had my decision made.

Australia and Ireland

So for those of you living abroad, scared of the return and feeling homesick…..Fight through it. Go home for a few weeks if you can. Enjoy the feeling of being at home, but you will soon realise that everything is the same, people are still doing the same things & nothing has really changed. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything Ireland has to offer, sure the craic is only mighty. It’s a place that over 5 million people live but so many more call it home. When I was living in Australia & thinking about coming home, I asked myself what did I miss so much? It was EVERYTHING. Beer gardens on a sunny day, the ‘bye bye bye bye’ when you hang up the phone, walking through Dublin, the people, going to Penneys every week just cause, the buskers playing traditional Irish music in Temple Bar, driving along the coast, Avoca but especially the views & endless shades of green.

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There’s no better feeling than flying over Dublin bay knowing you are nearly HOME. It took me to leave on a one way flight to truly appreciate our beautiful little island. But guess what? Ireland isn’t going anywhere. Ireland will wait for you to come back so embrace your life abroad and make memories that will last forever. The best quote is ‘I’d rather have a passport full of stamps, than a house full of stuff’ and you know what? I couldn’t agree more. My heart will always be here in Ireland but my mind is always wandering. Anyone who knows me a long time will know, I’m so ambitious. I’m always thinking about WHAT NEXT……..I feel like I can never sit still. Sometimes it’s a good thing but sometimes not so good. Two years on, I’ve itchy feet again. I adore my job at the moment and I’ve never felt that way about any job before in my life so that would be a huge factor in me staying here in Ireland. Andrew is happy here now and I don’t know if he would start all over again. So some one the questions you guys asked 🙂

Will I return to live one day?
Never say never.

If I knew what I know now, would I do is all over again?
Yes I would do it again but I wouldn’t have come home. I would have just went back to Ireland for those six weeks when my job told me I could go. I would have taken that time and returned to Australia with an open mind. I would have went on to get my permanent residency & eventually stay and start a family in Oz.

Two years on…..Am I happy at home?
I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy. I am surrounded by friends and family, I’m healthy and in a job I love. I am definitely happy but I just dream of going back all the time. I made friends for life out there and I really miss them. I miss the easy going, not a care in the world life that they had over there.

When will I return?
We are planning to spend Christmas there this year. I want to do lots of things I never got to do in my time there and tick off more from that all important bucket list. I want to visit my friends in Perth, visit Andrews sister in Melbourne, my cousins in Sydney and then go to the Whitsundays to finish off our trip. This was my dream when I was there but unfortunately we never got there. This time it’s top of my list and I literally cannot wait.

So to anyone living abroad, I hope this post has somewhat enlightened you. I hope that you listen to how I’m feeling two years on living back in Ireland. Myself and lots of others are currently living back in Ireland only dreaming of moving back to the place we once called our home away from home so STAY PUT…..I promise you, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET STAYING A FEW MORE YEARS 😉


I would love to hear from anyone who’s feeling like I am now or anyone who is currently abroad thinking of coming home. Message me on FB, Instagram or email

Love Aoibhe xxx

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