My GOALS for 2017!


I can’t believe January is already over! Seriously where did that month go? Living the first month of the year in the French Alps kind of made me even forget that it was even the new year. I have made a resolution to myself that from now on I will post 3 new blog posts a week on my blog. I think consistency is key and I know I really enjoy reading other people’s posts. This quote below is one that reminds me of my mum. It’s something she always said to me as a child. She always said ‘Think positive Aoibhe’ and I think the quote is very true. If you think positive then positive things will come to you.


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Every year I write down a list of things that I plan to do in that year and want to achieve. Some are quite small, others quite big. I believe in setting goals to strive towards and to have a focus on each year. You can go through life from one year to the next and I suppose for some people that’s fine if that is what you want. For me it’s different, I think we are given one life & one life only and we should LIVE IT! A friend’s mum once said to me how much she loved my ambition to make the most of everything in life and that I am always on the go. It’s TRUE! I am always planning my next adventure or trying out something new. I don’t think there is anything wrong with striving for more, ALWAYS. I don’t want an ordinary life nor do I plan to live one. I want to live my life to the fullest and make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

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So what are my goals for this year?

Hit 40K Facebook & 30K Instagram (Nearly done it – Currently 32K on Facebook & 27K on Instagram)



Do a ski season ✅


Learn to ski (I had only ever been snowboarding) ✅

Pair of cross skis in snow

Do Quest 19KM – Cycle, Run, Kayak & Run (Didn’t get to do this either as I was too late registering. 100% will do it next year)

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 12.58.12

Visit the Guinness Lakes in Co. Wicklow ✅


Have Afternoon Tea @ Sketch in London & The Plaza in NYC ✅

(Didn’t get to go to Sketch in London but it’s booked for February 2018)


Visit the Walk of Fame in LA ✅

Neben dem allgemein betörenden Flair der Stadt gibt es eine Vielzahl an Attraktionen aufzusuchen. Am Walk of Fame entlang des Hollywood-Boulevards sind über 2.000 Filmstars von der Stummfilm-Zeit bis heute verewigt. Hebt man den Kopf von den zahlreichen Sternen, blickt man mit Sicherheit direkt in ein Souvenir-Geschäft, das jeden erdenkbaren Kitsch zum Thema Film verkauft. Sogar originale Autogramme und Drehbuchmanuskripte können erstanden werden. Im Hollywood Entertainment Museum kann man die Kommandobrücke von „Star Trek" betreten oder in der Bar von „Cheers Platz" nehmen. Darüber hinaus sind eine Menge an Requisiten und Kostümen aus Filmen aller Generationen ausgestellt und man erfährt einiges über die Entstehung eines echten Hollywood-Films. Ähnliches an Kostümen, Requisiten und Make-up, aber viel nostalgischer, erlebt man im Hollywood History Museum, das sich auf die gute alte Zeit des glamourösen Hollywood spezialisiert hat, als Buster Keaton und Charlie Chaplin Filmgeschichte schrieben. Das Hollywood Heritage Musuem widmet sich ganz der Entstehung des ersten Spielfilms, der 1913 von Cecile B. DeMille gedreht wurde und zeigt Bilder von dem damals noch kleinen Farmerdorf.

Hike to the Hollywood Sign ✅


Fly a plane ✅



Go in a Helicopter ✅


Visit Harry Potter World ✅


Cycle from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Beach ✅santa-monica-pier-the-strand


Visit the Giant’s Causeway ✅


Buy a Polaroid camera ✅


There you have it. As my job is working as an air hostess, that is why I am able to visit quite a lot of places. At least 5 of my goals this year will be on work trips hopefully so fingers crossed I get them all completed. It’s not always about setting huge goals, they can be as small or as big as you like. There is nothing better than ticking things off your bucket list and knowing that you are one step closer to completing it. Did you read my bucket list blog post? If not, you can READ IT HERE.

Here are some of my favourite positive quotes to make you focused on achieving your own personal goals for 2017.

Enjoy the rest of your week guys 🙂

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Love Aoibhe xxx

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