Preparing for a Ski Season


I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. No I have genuinely wanted to do this for years. I remember my first ski holiday thinking what I would do to stay there longer. The more I looked into it, the more I know I had to do it. Being a seasonaire had to happen…..Andrew and I said to each other that we had to do it before we bought a house so this year we both said it’s NOW OR NEVER!!! Literally! We applied back in June last year, had two interviews before being successful and getting the job. Preparing for a ski season isn’t like preparing for going to Australia. There is a lot more involved from ski gear to ski insurance, warmer clothing to doctors visits. There is so much involved. We had to visit our doctor before coming out to be screened to ensure we were fit to ski. Out here you need normal travel insurance but you also need insurance for being on the mountain too. I went with Blue Insurance which gave me a good deal for the season. It’s hard to get a travel insurance that will cover you for more than 30 days. There is insurance called Carte Neige which your company can sort for you and it is pretty much mountain rescue in a helicopter or stretcher if needed. This happens quite a lot on the mountain. We actually had one of our chefs recently injured and she was helicoptered off the mountain. 


When it comes to what to wear, we had to pack a very different wardrobe. From thermals to base layers, thermal socks to snow boots, it’s a lot of heavy clothes so takes up a lot of space. The list really is endless. You are in freezing cold weather everyday so you need to be prepared for the severe cold. You also need fleece lined hats and thick warm insulated gloves. So as you can see, it’s not the normal scarf and hat you’re needing for a season. Next is the gathering of ski gear. It’s all well and good if your an annual ski bunny, having all the ski gear but if not then it’s a big expense to go out and purchase all the pieces you need. A good ski jacket and pants to start followed by goggles. Goggles for me are a must and much easier than wearing sunglasses. There are two different types of googles, one for the sun and ones for the darker days. You can get really good ones like Oakley Prism’s which cost around €200 and work in all weather. Ski gear is definitely and investment if you plan on going EVERY year. A helmet is also necessary and after the Micheal Schumacher accident nearly EVERYONE wears one now. I have noticed some people who are ‘too cool’ to wear them but in my eyes if I’m going 50KM and more down a mountain I’d like a helmet to protect me if I do happen to fall. It’s crazy to think how we as humans work, it takes someone to get severely injured before we do something. It’s a personal preference of course but I think it’s a must have. Ski boots or snowboarding boots can be rented out there for the season easily along with a snowboard/skis. 



Next is about treating your body before a season is important too I think. You are going to be skiing or snowboarding nearly everyday so you want to make sure you look after yourself. I was going to be up the mountain for a few months & I knew I was not going to be getting any nice treatments done to my body or feet. So before I left I decided to go to Mudpie Beauty in Dundrum for a Champagne Rose Pedicure.


It was actually divine. Rebecca sat me down and brought me a candy-floss lemonade. This is normally served with champagne but as it was 9am, I said I would pass. I firstly prepared my feet, then scrubbed them followed by a foot mask with my feet being put into heated booties. After she done a small foot and leg massage before doing  my polish. It was a real treat for my feet and they felt amazing after. It’s something I’ll know I’ll need after too considering I will be in snowboard boots every single day for months on end. 

The next treatment I had was a YonKa Body Scrub at the Haven Holisitic & Beauty Centre in Drogheda. This was a fabulous treat for my body and something I don’t do often enough. The treatment was a fully body scrub done in sections of the body followed by a shower and then a mini massage of the entire body using all YonKa products. I felt like I was walking on clouds leaving. I know that sounds so cliche but its true. Laura was so amazing and I was asking her LOADS of questions. The scrub was really good for circulation and my skin felt super smooth afterwards.


When it comes to products and what to bring, I recently done a blog post all on my snow travel beauty essentials. You can read it HERE.


Next up is about the job. Most companies give you a package and pay you less money. For example – my package includes my ski pass, accommodation, breakfast/evening meal, ski boots & ski rental paid for, for the season but my wages are a lot lower because of this. The job roles can vary from a chef to a chalet host, resort manager to driver. I would recommend making sure to have a minimum of €500 saved before coming over to ensure you have that spare in case of an emergency. You also get tips weekly from your guests based on the role you do. Depending on what job you have, it generally is early morning starts and late evenings so be prepared for that. Doing a ski season is fun but it’s hard work & isn’t easy. Remember that it is hospitality after all so make sure to think about all these factors. 

Here are some of the ski companies you can work with in the Alps.


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Lastly about contacting the outside world when your up at altitude. I currently have my Irish phone and have roaming switched off. I use it for photos and social media. I have been using Facebook Messenger to make calls back home, so it’s really handy. Our company sorted us all out with these phones that look like they should be back in 1990. They are actually hilarious!! But look they do what we want….make phone calls & send text messages. I would recommend getting a small French brick as some seasonaires can loose more than one of these throughout the season especially on nights out. 

So many of you have been asking all about my job, what I’m doing & am I liking it so I’ve decided to do a blog post called Catch up with Aoibhe in the Alps which you can read HERE. 


Hope this post and maybe the other blog post helped you prepare for your season in the snow. 

Love Aoibhe xxx


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