Why I Choose Gold Fever Hair Extensions?


The number one thing I get asked daily on my social media is about MY HAIR. Since getting Gold Fever Hair extensions in my hair 16 months ago, I have never looked back. I have this bond with them and I know that sounds absolutely crazy but I do. I had them out for about 7 weeks last September to let my hair settle and I missed them so much.

I didn’t just get Gold Fever Hair because I was getting them for free. I got Gold Fever Hair because I genuinely have never loved any other extensions more. I have tried them all and just never been as satisfied. People who don’t know me think it’s real and isn’t that what we all want? The point of getting them is that people think your hair is naturally long so with Gold Fever that is exactly what they do. The bonds are so tiny, they go unnoticed. As an air hostess, I do have my hair up quite a bit so the bonds being tiny really do matter. The bonds cannot be on show at any stage and with Gold Fever they do just that.

Katie-Jane Goldin is the hair queen and she knows her stuff regarding quality hair. My hair is now thick and full and the curl lasts up to three days. Other extensions I had to wash far more regularly and I was conscious of the bonds. With Gold Fever, I don’t worry in the slightest. The hair is thick and some people get a shock at the start when they get them applied but I assure you that you will ADORE them like I do.


I get my extensions done twice a year in my ABSOLUTE favourite salon, Zero One in Greystones. They do my balayage, extension application and cut. You can check out their salon HERE. My balayage was the best thing I ever done as my natural hair is even more healthier from using less dye in my hair now. I got my hair done back in February and then topped up again in November so looking at twice a year application to both extensions and colour using balayage. I find balayage really manageable too and because I am moving away for a few months it’s perfect. The upkeep of having balayage is minimal. That said I do miss my blonde and being blonde so maybe when I come back next year I may go back to being a blondie, we will see. For now I am absolutely loving my dark roots and it’s perfect for winter.





Gold Fever Hair Extensions are in my eyes the best quality hair extensions on the market. I am not paid to say that but I genuinely couldn’t recommend them enough. When I style them they stay perfect and I don’t have to think about it. I have started to blow-dry them now with another amazing product called the Lanai BLO hairdryer. It is also from the woman herself Katie-Jane. I have been raving on about this hairdryer now for the last month. It’s so funny seeing everyone being so excited about it because they are exactly like me. Who doesn’t want a hairdryer that literally dries your hair extensions in minutes????? NO BRAINER!! You can check out my blog post all about the hairdryer HERE.

If you want to know more about my hair and what I use to wand it then check out my All About My Hair post HERE. This will tell you exactly the wand I use to get the perfect wave. I hope that it answers your questions and you can see why I choose to go with Gold Fever. There is no better feeling than having nice hair and for me that’s Gold Fever. I currently have my extensions in for two months now and living in -10 degrees in the Alps has not done any damage to them at all. They are still in absolute perfect condition.



Love Aoibhe xxx

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