REVIEW: LanaiBLO… My New FAVOURITE Hairdryer!


So a few weeks back now, I was contacted by the beautiful Katie-Jane about Lanaiblo – the new hairdryer that she was launching. The minute she mentioned personalised and it dried your hair twice as fast, I WAS SOLD.

So what is Lanaiblo?

It is a Professional Grade Hairdryer suitable for you and I. We no longer need to head to the salon for the perfect blow. We can literally DO IT AT HOME now. Katie-Jane Goldin knows a thing or two about hair, so decided that us Irish women needed something that can make us feel even better. LanaiBLO is named after the villa in which Katie-Jane tied the knot with her husband, Barry. The hairdryer has been named the ‘beauty industry gamechanger’.

The LanaiBLO hairdryer has the longest cord I have ever seen. No longer do we need to worry about the cord not being long enough. It also has to be the quickest hairdryer I have ever used. Wearing Gold Fever extensions, I need a hairdryer that could dry them quick and this is exactly what the LanaiBlo hairdryer has been doing. I used to spend at least 40mins drying my hair, now it’s done and dusted in as little as 15 minutes.

The dryer also has a cold shot feature. With this, you can lock in the look you have spent your time creating with heat by quickly cooling the temperature of the air being generated by your dryer, cooling your hair and setting it in place. Another  industry insider secret 😉  The LanaiBLO Tourmaline crystal components help to seal in moisture to counteract frizz.

Lastly, the hairdryer is lightweight so your arm won’t be falling off after drying your hair and it comes with two different narrow nozzles so you can get the perfect look at home.



And seriously if Katie-Jane wasn’t fabulous enough she has brought it out in not ONE but THREE colours and you can even get the hairdryer personalised. This is the perfect gift for someone special and I was absolutely ecstatic to receive one last week. I have to say after using it now for 3 days I have really fallen in love. Blow drying my hair no longer seems like a chore. Watch out for my selfie this week 🙂


You can buy the hairdryer HERE.

Happy blow drying guys 😀

Love Aoibhe xxx

NOTE*** This post is not sponsored. These are my own views and I was not paid or asked to write this.

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