My TOP 10 Holiday Beauty MUST HAVES!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.13.16Holiday season is upon us and I know lots of you will be venturing off to the sun over the coming months so a blog post on my TOP 10 holiday beauty must haves will definitely come in handy. There is always something we forget when packing for our trip especially when it comes to beauty products. Even me being a beauty blogger, I still forgot a cleanser on my recent trip to Malta. So what do I always ensure is in my case when I set off to the sun….see below 😉

*** This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid to promote any of the products in the list below ***





Nivea Hydro Care SPF15

I badly burnt my lips last year in Australia. It was the strangest feeling ever but really painful so I never go on a ski or sun holiday without one of these now. It’s so cheap and takes two seconds to apply 🙂 I assure you that it will only be when you burn your lips yourself that you will say ‘I should have listened to Aoibhe’ Get yourself into Boots and buy one of these for your next sun or ski holiday.


Glam Glow

When you are in an airplane, your skin becomes dehydrated from the air conditioning. I find that putting this on after a flight is amazing for the skin. I will use it once during the week & then once after my return flight home. It is supposed to be left on the skin and then rubbed off but sometimes I leave it on all night to soak into the skin. The only way to describe this mask is that it is like putting buckets of water on the skin. A hydrating mask that I cannot live without.



Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

HEAVEN in a bottle. The smell. The texture. The feeling after. This product is just divine. I love it. I buy one of these before every holiday now as not only does the coconut smell remind me of the sunshine but it’s a heat aftersun too. If you have never tried it before, please go buy some and let me know what you think. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.





This goes without saying….you NEED a factor on holidays so it has to be a must have. I choose to use P20 as I’m allergic to some suncreams & I just know this one works. The reason I like this so much is because it’s an oil and absorbs into the skin really quickly. I actually used this on my ski holiday in Janaury as the rays on the slopes can be quite harsh on the face. I remember about 7 years ago not putting factor on my face and really regretting it so ever since it has been something I never go without. Personally P20 works for me and I love it.





With a gorgeous tan comes a need to have a beautiful bronzer. This huge bronzer is big enough the last you 3 summers. It is for the face & body too which is even handier. The colour is subtle and doesn’t look like mud. Some bronzers that I have tried in the past can leave the skin mucky so don’t worry this one won’t do that. I only recommend products I absolutely love and this is definitely one of them.

Double-Radiance-Primer-Highlighter-510x765 blog

Flormar Double Radiance Primer

Not only does this help your makeup stay on but it also adds a beautiful finish to your skin too. When I use this, my makeup glides on so easy and leaves my face super smooth. I used this on Snapchat the other day for you all to see the glow it leaves and it is amazing. I would highly recommend this little beauty for your next holiday. See above what it looks like on the skin.

Cocoa_Brown_1_Hour_Tan_Mousse___Dark_150ml_1400073202 bronzing_gel_matte2

Cocoa Brown 1HR DARK & Instant Tanning Gel Matte

I wasn’t blessed with skin that tans and unfortunately I go a lovely shade of Coca Cola red & back to white so fake tan is a must for me. I am never without my tan anyway but especially on holidays as you have way more on show too 🙂 I use the 1HR dark and then I’ll use the Gel also to give it that beautiful finish. I love how the gel looks but obviously I can’t just use that as it would wash off in the pool and sea. This combo together gives your skin the nicest glow, I love it. Another big favourite of mine 😉



Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil

This goes without saying. GLOW GLOW GLOW!!!!! The oil can be used on the face or body. I use it as a highlighter and on my legs and arms. It leaves the most stunning glow. A little goes a long way so just remember that 😉



MakeUp Forever HD Stick

Some people think this foundation is quite oily but it is a personal choice really. I think it gives you the nicest glowing skin. On holidays, that is the look you want to create so it’s a perfect. It is so small and hand so definitely one of my must haves for your travel bag.



Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

This little beauty maybe last on my list but it actually one of my favourites. The spray is perfect for giving you the perfect beachy hair. I spray it into my hair and scrunch it up. It comes out more wavy that way and I love the end result. You can now get it in Boots or online HERE.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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