Cocoa Brown putting BOYFRIENDS out of a job!


It was only time before the beauty genius Marissa Carter brought out an accessory for tanning your back. We all know that this is the job of boyfriends and husbands around the world but with this latest accessory it will leave them jobless.

The NEW Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Self Tan Back Applicator is the beauty tool designed to apply tan to the hardest area to reach…your back! Marissa’s new launch has been developed purely due to demand:


 “Women are always telling me about getting their boyfriends, husbands and best friends to tan their back or in worst cases, leaving it sans-tan! With the new Self Tan Back Applicator you can ensure you are head to toe in Cocoa Brown Tan every time!”

Marissa Carter, Cocoa Brown creator.


The NEW extendable beauty applicator is fitted with padding to apply your 1 HOUR TAN which allows even distribution of the tanning mousse across your back and shoulders for a streak free application. The Cocoa Brown Self Tan Back Applicator will ensure your hands stain free too. Good news for you and your other half too!

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Self Tan Back Applicator will be €7.99 and is available in pharmacies nationwide now. I have been using it now for the past week and it really is such a lifesaver. I no longer need Andrew’s assistance something that we are both thrilled about. I spotted it in Mc Cabes Pharmacy in Swords so get them while you can ladies.

Love Aoibhe xxx

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