How I FINALLY got my Body Confidence back?



Personally I think when you feel good about yourself, it shows. So many of you may already know this but I put on a lot of weight in Australia last year. I remember feeling so low at the end of last year about my body that I was so embarrassed even to go shopping for clothes. You may think ‘Aoibhe you were not even big’ and that’s your opinion but I wasn’t myself or more importantly I didn’t feel like me anymore. I wore a lot of oversize clothes and hid my body under them. I remember messaging my best friend and telling her how upset I was about it and how terrible I felt in myself. As a fashion blogger, I share outfit posts with you all but I knew that I was lacking in these last year and slowly I was starting to fall into a really bad rut. This year I told myself that I was not ending 2016 feeling as bad as I did ending 2015. I needed to get my confidence back. Two of my goals for this year were to get back to the weight I was before Australia and to run Samsung Night Run 10KM in November. So far I’ve lost just under two stone since February and I definitely feel like I’m getting there. I have a bit to go but I also really need to start toning now. It’s already May and although I’ve done a bit of running, I need to up my game if I want to run that 10KM.


I knew I was going on holidays to Malta, so I went to Mudpie Beauty in Dundrum last month to try out their MiniMi Wrap and tighten my skin. I have to say I was really impressed. They lather the whole body up in the lotion and wrap you up in ‘body cling film’ and leave you lying down for 45mins. I lost nearly 12inches over my whole body from doing the wrap. I am going to continue getting these wraps to tighten my skin as I feel they not only tighten but leave the body extremely smooth too. I have before photos taken from when I started and when I finish the course of wraps I will take another photo to show you the difference.
The week before my holidays I was working loads so I didn’t get a chance to get out to Mudpie again. I was sent the IT Works wraps by the lovely Lynn to try out and in my mind every little thing helps. You can contact her HERE in relation to them. I was days away from getting into that swimsuit and needed all the help I could get. The IT Works wrap is different to the other one I had tried. This wrap is a cloth with the lotion on it which you place in a certain area of the body. You then wrap yourself in cling film and like the other one, you leave it on for 45mins. The wrap stretches across your whole stomach and hips so it’s quite big. I used two before I left and Andrew used one too. He was laughing at me trying it out at first but he was actually quite impressed. His skin was tighter and super soft. The two wraps are totally different. I think obviously if your looking to tighten your entire body then the MiniMe wrap in Mudpie Beauty is better as it works on every area of the body whereas the IT Works wraps work on your desired area. The IT Works wraps can be used at home so they are perfect for someone on the go all the time. The one in Mudpie is really relaxing so you spend an hour in a tranquil room listening to music under a heated blanket so this is very relaxing. Both have their benefits but I definitely highly recommend them as they certainly worked for me.


Even though I had lost weight I was still really conscious on holidays. I definitely felt more confident than before which was the main thing. If you have asked me to get into a swimsuit two months ago, there wouldn’t have been a chance I would have said yes. I took this photo (below) in the bathroom last Friday morning before we headed to the pool. My tan was golden (Cocoa Brown of course) the swimsuit popped off my tan and I felt confident so I decided to put the photo up on Instagram. I put down my phone and was chatting away to Andrew, next thing my phone starts blowing up. Marissa Carter, the CEO of Cocoa Brown reposted my photo. I was thrilled not because she reposted it but because she had complimented me. I was wearing her Cocoa Brown 1HR Dark & Instant Bronzing Gel Matte in the photo. Putting a photo up in a swimsuit for me was a really scary thing to do to. I had posted a photo in a swimsuit the day previous and erased it just because I was that conscious of myself. I only have 16K followers and Marissa reposted it to 67K people!!!! That was a lot of eyeballs on me but this one I promise I won’t erase 😉


With your body, it’s all about how you feel. If you are not happy with your body change it, nobody is going to change it for you. am just a normal girl like you probably reading this and one thing I’ll say is loosing weight is definitely tough. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing the past few months, I have had my bad weeks too but you just have to get back on the bandwagon. You need to change your lifestyle not just your diet. I watched my friend Stephanie from change her body completely and she lost a whopping 5stone. She didn’t just change her body but she changed her mindset. She is obsessed with food now but thinks about it more carefully. She is now my inspiration for loosing weight. I will get my body back. I will get back to where I was before Australia and I will do that 10KM run in November because all I have is determination. There is no going back now.


Love Aoibhe xxx

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