My Dental Journey PART TWO – Getting Braces On


Eeeeekk!!!! So I’m starting this post the night before I’m going to get my braces on. I have a mixed feeling. I’m excited to get my teeth sorted but nervous at having braces again at 27. I first got ‘train tracks’ back when I was 13 so it’s definitely taking me back in time. I very rarely smile showing my full teeth as my bite is slightly off and looks funny. To anyone else you would think it’s fine but it has always been something I’ve been conscious of and wanted to get sorted. I have been with My Dental Clinic now for the past few months and they have been looking after me with my teeth.


I had a mix feeling waking up this morning just because I’m nervous with dentists anyway. I have to say though EVERYTIME I’ve been to My Dental the dentists have been so good and so kind to me. They can see how scared I am. For those of you that don’t know I had a really really bad experience when I was younger & it terrified me. So when I went in, I had to do a piece to camera first which was nerve racking too. I know I snapchat you guys and all but talking to a camera with lights etc and people watching is a whole other ball game.


After that was done and dusted, it was down to business. Dr. Natalia applied my braces with the help of Emma her assistant. The ladies were great from start to finish. I got a scale and polish done before the braces were applied. Upon looking at my teeth again, Dr. Natalia said that I wouldn’t need a bottom brace now that it was just needed for the top so that was great news. If you are sitting there thinking WHY IS SHE GETTING BRACES? Well my top middle tooth was being pushed out and from the side you could see it quite badly. I grind my teeth at night (unfortunately) so this is what actually caused this. I also have a small overbite so they wanted to fix this too.




Getting the braces on was fine. I actually couldn’t remember getting them on last time. I was surprised at how quickly and pain free it was. She had the scale, polish and braces applied all within an hour which was impressive. She also took photos up close and far away for me to see what the braces looked like on my teeth. I was so surprised and how clear they were. You really could barely see them on my teeth. The care and aftercare they provide in My Dental is next to none. With the braces you need to be careful of staining them with different types of foods etc so I am not able to eat things like curries, spaghetti sauce, salsa or drink red wine, coffee or dark soda. Flossing and keeping your teeth clean are two very important things with having braces. I have to say that they really look after you, informing you of everything you need to know having a brace on your teeth. Dr. Natalia went through it all with me afterwards before sending me on my way.

When I looked in the mirror as I got into the car, I couldn’t believe it. They really were nearly invisible and this is what I loved. You can see in the up close photo above how clear they really are. Right now I’m pain free and I don’t feel a bit of pain at all but I will let you all know as the treatment progresses how my teeth are etc. If it’s painful at all I will tell you. I’m not going to say it’s not painful if it is and you all know me by now that I am as honest as they come. The dentist said that I will have them on for 6months however it could be 9 depending on how quick my teeth move. I will have before and after pictures at the end showing you all the changes in my teeth.


What I like most is that My Dental prices are great value and with them having payment plans for treatments over €1000 it makes getting your perfect smile even easier. The consultation for the fast braces in My Dental is FREE. Call them on 016673556 or email

Here is a photo of me with the braces on and it’s only when you really look that you can see them. They are so clear on the teeth and a lot of people haven’t even noticed which is amazing.


Love Aoibhe xxx

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