If I had THREE wishes…..

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One thing if you follow me a long time now, you will know how much I enjoy writing. I love nothing more than sitting down and writing a post from the heart. I am a very honest blogger and like sharing my experiences and personal things with you all. The analytics on my blog speak for themselves, any blog post that I write about myself or something that is personal to me gets the most views/hits. So my next one is what the title says…..If I Had Three Wishes!

What would you do? I had been thinking of writing this post for quite some time. I think the reason why I kept putting it off so much was I knew exactly what my first wish would be and every time I thought of it, it made me cry. I started writing when I was 8 years old. I went with my grandad every Saturday morning before Irish dancing to his writers group up in Ardgillan  Castle. I loved writing little poems and that’s how it all started. Sure we didn’t have the internet and sure I hadn’t a breeze what a blog was back then but little did I know that the writers group with grandad would come in handy later in life. Anyway he was like a dad to me, he got me into writing and I enjoyed reading his short stories as much as he enjoyed mine. I was so close with him and when he died suddenly of a heart attack when I was 10 years old, a part of me died too. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget my mum & dad sitting us down that morning. It was Thursday 2nd December 1999 and they told us they had bad news and we weren’t going to school that day. I’ll never ever forget it. Ever day since that day, I’ve thought about what I would do to have one last conversation with him. So my first wish is apparent, it would be to spend a quiet Saturday morning at the writers group in Ardgillan Castle, drinking juice & eating rich tea and show him all the posts I’ve written since but most of all, tell him what a great grandad he was and how special he was to me.


My second wish would be to house every homeless person in Ireland. Now before you say ‘look at your one trying to be Mother Theresa’ give me a chance. I have a thing about homelessness and it breaks my heart. I walk from the train to work every single day and regardless of the persons situation it kills me. To think these people don’t have a roof over their head or somewhere to go to keep them warm is just so so sad. I’ve made pals with a homeless guy who sells the Big Issue magazine. His name is Gavin and he stands on Clarendon St in front of the alley way that connects to Grafton St. Every time I see him I give him €10 for the magazine and I might do this twice or three times a month. I know it’s not much but it is every little bit that helps. He’s such a lovely man and every time I see him I say hello and chat. I often see other people stop and chat with him too. A few years ago I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa for Focus Ireland and raised €5000 for them. I definitely want to do something for them again as I think the homeless situation in Ireland really is getting out of control. A few weeks ago, I watched an old man walk past a homeless guy in town and hand him a full bag of Supermacs. The guys face was priceless! He was thrilled. The stranger beside me turned and said ‘my faith in humanity has been restored’. I said clearly you’ve done nothing to ever help the homeless and the man replied ‘you know what you’re right I haven’t but I’m off to buy two coffees, one for myself and the other for the next homeless person I see’. He said ‘thanks for that’ and walked off. So yes that would be my second wish.


And lastly…….now I figured I’ve one wish to see my grandad, one to help the homeless so I think the last wish needs to be BIG! If we are talking really big then my final and last wish would be to rent a massive cruise ship for all my family & friends and travel the world for 6 months with them all. Imagine how incredible that would be, to have them all experience something so amazing. One thing living in Australia thought me was that friends and family, experiences and memories mean more than anything in this world. We can have all the nice things in the world but if we don’t have those closest to us near, then we have nothing. We had a family reunion on my dads side back in December & it was just the best night ever. So that would have be my final wish. I know some of you are going to be like hold on, hold on but seriously they would be my three. I could have wished to win the lotto but sure money doesn’t always buy you happiness anyway or I could have wished to meet Beyoncé but sure that would be over in a matter of minutes & what about if she turned out to be a rude b***h, I’d be absolutely devastated.

So honestly now think about it….if you could have only three wishes what would yours be??

Love Aoibhe xxx

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