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This is a post that I love doing every month on TSO. As a beauty blogger I get sent so many fabulous beauty products to try every week. I wanted to compile this into one post for you guys so that you could read what I really thought of each product. I know so many beauty bloggers that just say how great everything is but let’s face it….not everything can be great. This post will be a monthly thing just like my This Month I’m blog post. Read last month’s post HERE.

I will be telling you the real truth behind each product and beauty treatment, giving you price, where you can buy it or get it done and is it really worth your hard earned cash.

So what’s up this month?

Avène Redness-Relief Dermo Cleansing Milk 

This cleansing milk is really soothing on the skin, there are just no other words for it. As you will all know from reading my blog, I have very sensitive skin so I am always wary about trying new skincare products. The cleanser is very gentle on the skin, doesn’t foam and is not greasy at all. It is suitable for all sling types and you only need a tiny amount as a little really does go a long way with this product. I find my skin is really calm after using it. I would recommend this cleanser to take off light makeup but for a heavier makeup you would really need an oil and then maybe this afterwards I find. When trying this out, I used an oil cleanser first and then this afterwards as didn’t feel the oil cleanser hydrated my skin. This leaves your skin feeling so smooth and refreshed.


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 20.30.04

Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum

This has now become one of my core products. I have a drawer full for all my main products and a drawer of the products I am currently trying out for reviews. You can read my FULL Skincare Routine HERE. The Sonya Serum is one of my favourite serums ever!! The smell which is white tea extract, the feel which glides onto the face, the texture which is a creamy, it really ticks all the boxes. I love putting it on at night as it doesn’t leave your face sticky at all either. Another bonus is that it is cruelty free as I know so many people are very conscious of this when trying new products. I got mine as a present from a friend who done Forever Living so contact someone you know who could who does Forever Living as my friend no longer does it now.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 20.17.47

Imedeen Hair & Nails

Wow just wow!!!! I have no words for what these supplements have done for my nails.  I was sent these to try before Christmas and none of these kind of things ever worked for me before so on reading about how fabulous they were I decided to give them a try. My nails are now longer than they have ever been and so strong. My hair grows fast anyway however slowly but surely I can feel my hair getting thicker which is exactly what I wanted from these. My hair has always been quite thin so I wanted to see would these work for it. I am only taking them 4 weeks now so I will definitely continuing taking them to see even better results. I do not take any other supplements at all, just these. I obviously take vitamins and fish oils but other than that I’m not crazy about taking other supplements. I have to say the results from my nails have been incredible. In just 4 weeks I have nails that as an ex nail bitter I could have only dreamed of having.



Bumble & Bumble

Prêt a Powder

I got this small sized bottle in Sephora in NYC last month to try after reading endless reviews on it. I had to pop this into this post as I’ve been SUPER impressed by it and wanted to share it with you all. It is a dry shampoo but in powder form that is used directly on the scalp. I think this product is better used as a dry shampoo than used for volume. I didn’t find it gave me massive volume in my hair however it did give my hair a fresh look and feel. The bottle also seems to last forever as I’ve had it in my bag since December and it’s still going. I like it for the size and the unlike other powder dry shampoos this is not sticky at all. As much as I do love this, Batiste Dry Shampoo spray will always be my number one when it comes to dry shampoo, only extra thing about this Prêt a Powder is that it smells divine.



Mane & Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

I had been contacted to try this a while back and give feedback on what I thought about these shampoo & conditioners. At the time, I was wearing Gold Fever Hair extensions so I could not use it as it had to be sulphate free. The minute I got my extensions out I started to use them. I got the deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner as its exactly what my hair needed. The shampoo was actually initially made for horses to give them a shiny mane. First thing I really liked was the fruity smell. I’m a sucker for any products that have a nice smell. These shampoos are also suitable for all types of hair. I definitely found they left my hair feeling silky and soft especially the conditioner. They are a great price point and are available in Boots nationwide.



TANSIE – The Spray Tan Onesie

I nearly died when I saw this online. Like a onesie for your TAN!!!!!! The Original Tansie is the world’s first designed after tan onesie! It’s loose fitting, will keep your tan perfect and best thing will keep your sheets clean too. The material is light and breathable allowing your tan to dry. The design also has no elasticated parts so won’t leave any streaks either. I tried it on yesterday when it arrived and wore it last night to test and was hilarious. Andrew was thrilled NO MESS!!!!! It’s one size fits all and another thing is you can reuse it!! You can wash it on 30 and low heat tumble dry. I cannot say enough how amazing this product is. A must have for tanning lovers.

I wore it the other night to try it out and it worked a treat. I wasn’t sweaty at all and was so impressed. I will take a photo to show you it on and pop it in this post.


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 20.20.11

I have SO much to review in my next Tried and Tested post so look out for it towards the end of February. I am trying all the products as we speak.

Disclaimer: I am never paid to promote the brands/companies in this post. This is my honest opinion on the products and all views are my own.

Love Aoibhe xxx

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