My Dental Journey – PART ONE


I had not been to a dentist in ages. Why you ask? Well even though I know your teeth are so important, I had a really bad experience when I was younger and it put me off. FOR LIFE!!! So as you would of saw on my Snapchat (aoibhedev89) a few weeks ago, I decided to finally take the plunge and visit the dentist a few weeks ago. My Dental Clinic in Ballsbridge are really affordable and have some great payment plans too if you need extensive treatment.


Andrew and I went for our consultation and the girls on reception couldn’t have been more helpful. What I liked was that they really try to get appointments to suit you rather than just giving you any time that is free. We both got a full check up to see what we needed done and then a scale & polish. A scale & polish should be done at least twice a year on your teeth. They make your teeth/mouth feel so clean & fresh afterwards. You can instantly feel the difference. After the check up, he told us. I needed one wisdom tooth out and Andrew needed all 4 of us. GASP!!!!! I nearly died. I genuinely thought back to when I was 12 and had the horrible experience. I knew I just had to grow up and just get the stupid tooth pulled. We booked our next appointments and off we went.

I had been thinking about it all week and even driving up in the car I wanted to turn around. When I got there Dr. Alapont made me feel at ease immediately. He could see how nervous I was too. After a quick talk about the procedure & needle to numb my mouth/jaw, he started working on my tooth. I genuinely was shaking but before I knew it, it was all over. What???? Over? He was finished? Seriously I couldn’t believe it.  Dr. Alapont is a credit to the practice. I was so so happy it was all over and what was even better was how he handled me. He was so calm throughout the entire treatment, asking how I was throughout and really made me feel at ease.

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So my wisdom tooth is out now. My stitches will come out this week followed by a small filling in two weeks time. It my  first filling but no doubt I will be in good hands with Dr. Alapont. Andrew has to go back for a root canal and some more removals. Then he is looking at getting clear braces. His teeth need a lot more work than me so I can’t wait to see the difference in his smile. As we are getting married in a few years, we both want our smiles perfect.

My next step after my filling is to see about clear braces. I watched the journey of Sinead from The Beautiful Truth and it was amazing. See her journey HERE. Some of you will probably sit there & think i don’t need braces but my teeth have moved so much in the past few years. The really aren’t aligned properly at all anymore so that’s my next step. A smile is just so important and something I am always so conscious of.

You can read about my teeth whitening treatment I got done last year in My Dental HERE. It was perfect as I got it done the week before going to Australia. I was so happy with my pearly white smile.

For more details on prices in My Dental and all the treatments they do just CLICK HERE.

I will be back next month with an update on how I am getting on. This year is the year of the transformation & I am so excited for it to begin.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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