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This is a new post I am bringing to TSO. As a beauty blogger I get sent so many fabulous beauty products to try every week. I wanted to compile this into one post for you guys so that you could read what I really thought of each product. I know so many beauty bloggers that just say how great everything is but let’s face it….not everything can be great. This post will be a monthly thing just like my This Month I’m blog post.

I will be telling you the real truth behind each product, giving you price, where you can buy it and is it really worth your hard earned cash.


So what’s up this month?

Mades Radiant Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

mades-radiant-blonde-shampoo mades-radiant-blonde

This combo has CHANGED my life. Go on laugh 😉 but it’s so true. Never in all my 26 years of living have I had a shampoo and conditioner that works like this does. The products leave my hair so silky and shiny BUT not just that they brighten my blonde highlights like no other. Everyone keeps asking me on Snapchat (aoibhedev89) about my highlights and how bright they are. I do get Aveda colour done in Zero One Salon in Greystones however these Mades products are really something special. Personally for blonde hair, it’s all about keeping that fresh look and this is exactly what it does.

Even better ladies you can shop the products on an Irish website HERE. So not only are you getting fabulous hair now your SUPPORTING IRISH too 😉 Go team.

Urban Decay Naked Flush & Eyeshadow Primer Potion




I got both of these Urban Decay products at an event in Debenhams in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. The girls in Urban Decay are so lovely and helpful. They care about what your buying. I got the Naked Flush and the Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I had been wanting to try the Naked Flush for a while and I needed a decent eyeshadow primer. The Naked Flush is amazing. I am a big fan of the highlighter which is quite possibly the best I have ever tried. THE GLOW!!!!! The contour on the left is ‘good’ but maybe a little orange and the blush is VERY pink. I would love to get the highlighter on it’s own when I get it next as it really is the dream.

The eyeshadow primer is a fabulous product. It leaves a gold base which stays put allowing you to layer your eyeshadow on top. The pigment is really strong and doesn’t budge. Exactly what you want I say 🙂

The All Nighter Makeup Setting spray is a lightweight spray that holds your makeup in place while you party. It does EXACTLY that!!!! It can last up to 16hrs too which is even better. I found that it stops my makeup from melting off which can sometimes happen on nights out. This product lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place. I found it really refreshing too. I don’t know wether I would use it everyday but definitely for an event or if you need to keep your makeup on for a long time either.  




L’Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil

This cleanser is THE DREAM! I mean it literally leaves my skin so soft afterwards. For only €6.99 this product is a total bargain. It instantly dissolves all make-up even waterproof mascara. I tend to use this most when I am in the shower. It is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t feel greasy at all. I constantly put this oil on my Snapchat (aoibhedev89) as it is a product so accessible to every single one of you. The oil can last you a long time as you just need 2-3 pumps for the face. The only way to describe my skin when I use this is glowing. It really does what it says in just 15 seconds.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 22.15.51


Blank Canvas Brushes

12067319_10153589814555638_348736552_n 12077364_10153589814565638_102229115_n

I took an upclose of all the brushes so you can see exactly what ones I got. I love how soft these brushes are. The bristles just glide on your face and there is no better feeling. My two favourites are F15 and E25. I use E25 for blending out my shadow. It leaves no horrible lines and works really well for getting the perfect blend on the lids. I use F15 for setting powder lightly under my eyes but I also use it for highlight on my cheeks and nose.

The two sided brush F02 is so handy. I used this for concealer and the smaller one for lips.


Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette 

12077026_10153589814590638_1039330714_n 12077513_10153589814595638_430085320_n

Everyone has heard of ‘The Pippa Palette’ and when I got this in the post I was so excited. The palette is great for creating that everyday look but using KD and DODO can transform your look from day to night.

Susu, Tobi and Ollie are my go to shadows. I find KD quite dark for me however my best friend loves it. It’s more a personal decision as I tend not to go too dark on my eyes because they are so small anyway I don’t want to make them look even smaller. Tobi is a gorgeous colour to pop on over the entire lid if you are rushing out the door. Lulu is the highlighter and looks so good on the cheeks along with Pipsy which is the blusher. I am not a massive fan of the Amour bronze. It is very light on my skin for some reason. Overall a great beauty buy. The best gift for anyone and such beautiful packaging. Pippa is such a great woman and as you all know supporting Irish is always a plus for me.


Oils for Life – The Body Shop

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 18.00.41 Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 18.01.16

Both of these products are working really good on my skin. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I have extremely sensitive skin so choosing skincare can be difficult for me. I have been using the Oils for Life Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion and Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream for the past two weeks every night now and I am loving the results. I use the lotion then the cream. I allow the lotion to sink into the skin so leave about 2-3 minutes in between application. I love the gel cream as it is not greasy at all and leaves my skin super soft. I also dries in really fast too.


Microdermabrasion Facial @ BioFresh Skincare & Makeup Swords

12071507_10153589814670638_953619230_n 12086955_10153589814690638_1294375741_n 12081333_10153589814645638_201084489_n

Last week, I went to visit the gorgeous ladies in BioFresh in Swords to get a much needed look at my skin. I decided to go for a Deep Cleanse facial as my skin had been quite bad for a few weeks. My usual makeup had run out and I was wearing a few different ones in the interim. I found my skin breaking out and needed some help with it. Ciara was amazing. I wanted to get rid of blocked pores on my face so Ciara done a full steam off my face followed by an extraction. She then used a clay mask on my skin which was so soothing. I loved this as it really felt so good on.  Afterwards my skin was SUPER smooth and felt baby soft. I could really see instant results after. The next day when I applied my makeup it was a whole different story. It glided on perfectly and it didn’t feel anything like the day before. BioFresh tailor your facial to your exact needs so no facial is the exact same. They focus on making sure the customer is happy and that I SO WAS! A deep cleanse facial is €65.

Check out their website for full details on the facials and all their products HERE

Until next time….

Love Aoibhe xxx


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