My TOP 5 Fuschia Makeup Brushes!


I recently reviewed the amazing Irish makeup company, Fuschia in my August issue of my Ryanair Beauty Column (see below). They sent me some fabulous goodies. In the Ryanaircolumn I mentioned that I cannot live without my makeup brushes. When applying your makeup these are so important. I love using brushes because its more hygienic, leaves your makeup flawless and you actually end up using less product too.


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Anyone out there thinking of investing in of makeup brushes really should not think twice. They are an investment and really are worth every penny. So the lovely ladies at Fuschia sent me their fabulous best-selling brush set and I thought I would pick my TOP 5 favourite brushes for you. These are also 5 of the makeup brushes I highly recommend a first time brush user to buy also. These brushes are all made with sable hair.


Fibre Optic Foundation Brush

This brush is the best foundation brush out there. By doing circular motions on your face with this brush, it allows the makeup to set perfectly on your face. I can’t live without this now and that’s the reason it’s my number one.

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Jumbo Deluxe Bronzing Brush

A foundation needs setting so my next brush is a powder brush. This is called a Bronzer Brush however personally I use it as a powder brush because I like my powder brushes to be much bigger. In order to keep your makeup in place all day you need to use a powder. The  brush has with more hair so perfect for putting your powder all over the face.

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Angle Brush

I use the same brush for bronzer and blush. This is mainly because I don’t want to carry around so many brush.

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Shadow Fluff Brush

The shadow fluff brush is for setting the eyeshadow on the lid. I use this one first to apply my eyeshadow and then use the brush below to buff it out.

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Crease Brush

I recently saw a girl on the train putting on her eyeshadow with her fingers and thought NOOOOOOO!!! It’s not only easier to use a brush but looks better too. This brush is a crease brush so it’s for blending the eyeshadow after you have used the  shadow fluff brush. Blending is really important as that line from the eyeshadow looks terrible when the eye is closed. Make sure to use the crease brush every time you apply a shade, that way it blends them together also.

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Fuschia is a multi award winning Irish make-up company. They first opened back in November 2005 in Scotch Hall SC, Drogheda, Co. Louth and have gone from strength to strength. They  are now stocked throughout Ireland with new salons opening every week. They have also opened a second retail store in Pavillions Shopping Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin. I tried their Candle Glow Highlighter above and WOW! It is the best highlighter I’ve ever used. This was also reviewed in my column. Buy it [button link=””]HERE.[/button] You can check out their website [button link=”” color=”#f568e3″]HERE.[/button]

NOTE: I was not paid for doing this review.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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