I thought this would be helpful for all you Irish at home wanting to know a few things before coming to Australia! I am just finishing my Catch up with Aoibhe in Australia post now so I’ll be able to show you everything I’ve been up to in Oz. So here’s a few things that I thought those of you leaving our little island might want to know.

Australia is not HALF as expensive as people make it out to be when they come back to Ireland. YES, Certain things are expensive however it is all relevant to how much money they make over here.

Everyone drinks on a Sunday and it is known as a Sunday Seesh. They all gather in a bar/pub and just drink all day is the best for looking/applying for jobs. So much different jobs on there. I had an interview within a few days

Nobody says ‘whats the craic’ or ‘whats the story’ it’s sad 🙁

Do not be encouraged to get a tax file number (TFN), sorting bank account or getting sim card. All this can be sorted when you get here. A sim card is ONLY $2

Be prepared for EVERYONE to say ‘No wooooorries’ all the time

You need your passport everywhere you go. Every bar even during the day will ask for your passport. An age card is just not acceptable.

Superannuation is money that your employer puts away for you everytime you get paid. It’s 9% and you can get it all back when you leave Australia. Imagine it’s like someone making you save for your next holiday!

Ladies, make sure to raid Penneys for underwear. Bras here are like $15-$25..CRAY!

They drive on the PROPER side of the road… 😉 which is the same as us

It is cheaper to fly to Bali than Sydney from Perth. Australia is a REALLY big place

You will pay 32.5% tax if you are a casual employee however if you work a full time you pay 20%

A lot of people rent over here just like in Ireland, so be prepared to view with about 40 other people

Working holiday visa is great however a lot of companies will only take on Australian citizens. WHV means you can only stay in one job for six months and then you need to change jobs.  

They are getting pissed off with Irish people causing mayhem here so if your an idiot and thinking of coming, STAY AT HOME and don’t give us anymore of a bad name in Oz

Need a smoke? Well if you do it is $18 – $20 a box.. Thank god I don’t!

I love Kopparberg and over here their version called Rekorderlig is 13.50 per bottle, so it’s vino for me

There are a lot of words like sick and thong that have different meanings over here. Like sick is COOL and a THONG is a flip-flop

There food is extremely good. They eat out a lot so be prepared to put on at least 6 pounds in the first week

If you are thinking of coming to Australia, STOP THINKING about it. I only planned to come for 6 months and I never want to leave

Hope that helps. Love Aoibhe xxx


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