My BIG NEWS is FINALLY revealed……..

A couple of weeks ago I was telling you all on Twitter that I had received the most amazing phone call EVER and now I can finally tell you what it is. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, make sure to pop over HERE 😉

I had my first meeting on Friday about the project so I’m super delighted to tell you all that I will soon have my own ‘Beauty column’ in none other than the RYANAIR onboard Magazine. Yes!!!! You heard right…. Every Ryanair flight will have the magazine on board and just look at those statistics below. Over 1500 flights per day that carry 6 million people per month.

 You can imagine my ultimate excitement when I found out. I cannot reveal to much more about it but it will start in the July issue onboard all Ryanair flights.

Not only that but this week on The Secret Obsession Blog Facebook page, we hit 20,000 followers which we were so so happy about. It’s such an amazing feeling that so many of you enjoy reading the blog. I want to thank each and every one of you that come onto read the blog each day. If you haven’t liked us on FB here is the link

If you have noticed the lack of posts lately that is because I am in the middle of my final college exams at the moment. My exams end on the 10th of May and I promise I will be back with a bang. After four years of studying, it will finally be all over and I’m not going to lie when I say I’ will THRILLED when it’s all done.

Hope to see you all onboard soon a Ryanair flight…Isn’t that what they say? 😉

Love Aoibhe xxx



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