REVIEW: Loftus Hall Ghost Tour

Set in the stunning surroundings of Hook Lighthouse in Co. Wexford – what better way is there to spend Halloween night this year, than at one of Ireland’s most haunted houses – Loftus Hall, for their ghostly halloween tour?
 I am a complete scaredy cat when it comes to freaky things but I was forced into going, “for the laugh” although I had sworn to myself, since the announcement that it was re-opening to the public a few years ago, I would never step foot inside, with the fear that some spirit would latch onto me…..
The spooky history of this mansion goes back to 1766, when the devil (disguised as a man) shot up through the roof of the house in a ball of fire after his cloven foot was seen by the owners daughter Anne. Soon afterwards Anne became mentally ill and never recovered from the ordeal of what she witnessed and died a few years later. She is said to have haunted the house ever since.
So as we drove down the long driveway with the mansion in front of us, it was spookily lit up with flood lights and my stomach was in a knot. We drove to the back of the house and went inside…
Once the tour started, the staff were very enthusiastic but I felt I enjoyed the history of the house more than their ghost tour as it fell a little flat and failed to scare me or the people I was with. 
Looking back they made it more funny than scary and sadly at one stage I personally felt they disrespected the spirit of Anne.
Saying that, the house itself is amazing and as for the staircase, that is one of only three in the world and one of them being on the Titanic, it’s just stunning to see. I even imagined Leonardo Di Caprio standing at the top of it at one stage! Beats imagining seeing a ghost anyway!
Finally, being inside Loftus Hall at night was interesting and definitely worth a visit but I’d prefer being there as a day tourist to enjoy the stunning decor rather than on Halloween night.  
Love Aileen x
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