REVIEW: Cocoa Brown Day/Night Tan

Do you love that DEEP tan?
Do you want a DARK instant glow like you have just spent a week in Marbella? 
Well if so…..keep on reading!
If you haven’t heard of Cocoa Brown tan then all I have to say is…..
This is the tan that everyone is talking about and wants on their skin. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the creator of Cocoa Brown Tan, Marissa Carter two weeks ago in the Shelbourne Hotel for a lovely lady lunch with loads of other bloggers. 
She kindly gave us all the new Cocoa Brown Night/Day Tan to try and see what we thought. This little beauty has not even hit the shelves yet and I FINALLY got around to trying it last night.
First, make sure your fully exfoliated and shaved the night before putting on the tan as you just won’t see them same result. The tan comes in the same bottle as her 1st product, Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan. Read my review of it HERE.
As you can see the clear difference is that the colour of the bottle (top of page) is pink/white showing the difference between Night and Day. This new tan is designed for those of us that want an INSTANT deep NIGHT glow and this is exactly what this tan does. Not only that but the next day when you shower you are left with the nicest light glow on your skin, perfect for DAY.
I think it is definitely better to use mitt to apply the tan as it goes on so perfect and even. It comes out just like the other 1hr tan. A creamy mousse that doesn’t smell and goes on so easy. 
I recommend to shake it before putting on the mitt. This is what it comes out like on the mitt. 


I actually put on the tan all over my legs and then washed it off one leg for you to see the TRUE RESULT of the Night and Day. So my left leg is the day glow after you shower the next day and my right leg is the night glow you get when you 1st apply the tan.As you can see the right leg is a lot darker and really does give you the perfect ‘Cocoa’ glow.


What is the difference in Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan and the new Cocoa Brown Night and Day?
The 1hr tan is a self tan that develops after 1hr. It can be left on longer but fully developed after 3hrs. 
1hr Tan can be re-applied to make it darker.
Lasts up to 5 days.  NIGHT/DAY TAN
Night/Day Tan is an instant tan that can be washed off the next day to reveal a nice day glow. 
This is a much darker tan so suited for those who like a dark glow.
Washes off straight away.Cocoa Brown Night and Day is due out over the coming weeks….The EXCITEMENT!

It will be the same as Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan @ €7.99.
I will no longer be reviewing any more tans on the blog ladies. The reason for this is, as an extremely pale person I have FINALLY after 11 years of tanning found my PERFECT tan. For any questions just mail me on the blog or LIKE Cocoa Brown on FB for updates on the tans/new products.Happy tanning ladies 🙂 Do let me know how you get on 😉

Love Aoibhe xxxxx



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