REVIEW: Crest Teeth Whitening Strips

 #1 Most Awarded Beauty Brand by Editors
Marie Claire – “One of the “25 products that will change your life”   These are quite possibly the best thing I have ever bought. A box of 14 strips costs roughly around €58 with post. They are basically two small whitening strips that are put top and bottom of the teeth. Recommended time to leave the strips on is about 30mins. After doing at least 5 you will see a clear result. I have been using them for about two years now on and off. Everyone comments on how white my teeth are and I saw its all down to Crest.

These are the ones I use and look at the results below. It’s amazing.

They have received so many awards from Beauty Editors from Teen Vogue to Elle to Marie Claire.

Buy these for yourself here online. I recommend this website below as other ones can be fake sites and a bit dodgy. I order mine from here all the time.
 I GUARANTEE you wont be disappointed.

Aoibhe xxxx

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