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If you follow me on Instagram for a while now, you’ll have noticed I’ve been quite absent the past 10 days from stories. I think the whole realisation that my maternity leave is ending, I’m going back to work soon and I just want to spend as much time as possible with Lily before I go back. I generally take two days a week completely off my phone anyway to be in the moment and be with her but knowing that I’ve to go back to work full-time soon is hard.

As you will know if you follow me, I am a Brand Ambassador for BPerfect Cosmetics and have been using their tan for over a year now. They haven’t asked me to do this blog post however lots of you have been asking about tanning on holidays since my trip to the Caribbean last month so I said it would be easier to explain all in a blog post. I managed to thankfully keep my tan looking good for 7 days of my holidays. It was only on the last day that it started to go slightly grubby so I was delighted. Please let me point out, this is what I do when tanning on holidays and what might work for me, might not work for everyone.

Tanning for holidays is different for me than going on a city break. Generally for a city break I will get a BPerfect spray tan with Tan by Gwen and this lasts me perfectly fine. I do the same prep before getting a spray tan as I would if I was doing it myself.


In the run up to my holiday maybe 2 days before, I start prepping my skin. I will scrub my skin two days before to remove any tan I have on my skin and then again the night before. I just use the exfoliating gloves from Penneys and the Self Tan Eraser from BPerfect. I’ll explain how I use the eraser in the section below.


I use either the Strawberry Mousse or the Medium Coconut for my skin. My skin would be quite pale so both of these work a treat. For my holiday to the Dominican, I used the BPerfect Strawberry Mousse.


So a lot of people do their tan BEFORE their holidays or get a spray tan however I actually do my tan on my first night of holidays. This is so it lasts longer on me and I generally will apply it with the Bperfect mitt before I go out that first evening. The BPerfect Strawberry Mousse actually comes out quite dark on application so it’s perfect 🙂 Wait until it’s fully dried in before you put on your outfit.

I also use the Golden Body Shimmer on my legs and the Sub Zero palette on my collarbones/cheeks. I tan my face always. I use a two pea size amounts on a foundation brush and a small bit of moisturiser and put on like foundation.

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The NEXT DAY (morning) I will have a shower like normal and go out for the day. I will get in the pool and the sea just like normal also.

Later that evening then I repeat what I done the first night. Put on another layer, wait to dry, go out and shower the following day. Once you have two applications on the skin, I find its good then for two more days.

DAY 3 and DAY 4

Your tan should be fine for both of these days and look good.

DAY 5 and DAY 6

Generally by day 5, you might need another layer. If any parts are getting grubby, very gently exfoliate them and reapply another layer. It depends on how much has washed off but if needed do that morning before you go out.

Your tan will be ok for that day and the following day which should be day 6.

It was only on day 7 that I would have needed to fully scrub myself and remove all my tan. This was the day I was due to go home so it was grand. If I had of been staying longer then I would have done that and started all over again.

One thing to note is that I might not get in the pool or sea every single day. No matter WHAT TAN you use, it will come off on holidays regardless. I mean it would be great to have one that won’t BUDGE but let’s be realistic.


When I got home, I applied a layer of Self Tan Eraser. I leave this on for about 20 minutes or so and then jump in the shower. As I had a good few layers of tan on my skin, it took two goes at this to remove it completely and start from scratch. When in the shower, I just use body wash and the exfoliating gloves to remove the tan.



I tan my face pretty much every other day as it’s quick and easy to do especially when I don’t want to wear makeup. For everyday, I use the Medium Mousse as it’s quite natural on the skin giving a slight glow. It is so handy for anyone that is rushing in the morning and doesn’t want to spend ages doing makeup, good tip for mums.

So there you have it. Prepping your skin, tanning on holidays, removing your tan and tanning your face. I’ve linked all the products above. If you want to buy any products on the BPerfect website, don’t forget you can use the code aoibhe20 for 20% off. I don’t get money per code used or anything, this is just a discount for you guys as mentioned above I am one of their Brand Ambassadors.

For some people this is a hassle and seems like a lot but for me, it’s just something I’ve done for years. I don’t tan and never have got a tan so it’s just what I do. I would personally rather fake tan than bake myself in the sun anyway.

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If you want to know anymore, just DM me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to help.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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