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Happy Sunday 🙂 Anyone new to following me, this is a blog post I do every month just talking about what I am loving, planning, thinking about and more every month. People seem to like it so I have continued to do it for the past three years now 🙂

Sure it’s another bank holiday weekend, isn’t it great? We are having a BBQ in our neighbours today and my family are coming for dinner so should be nice. Making my second every roast beef. I had a test run last week and sure it was blooming deeeelish so now it’s for real with my family. Hope you are all doing something lovely too. I had such an incredible response to my #REALLIFEMOMCHATS on Friday on Instagram. I honestly must have replied to about 300 or more mums in DMs in the last 12hours. I’m honestly just so glad people just even enjoy watching me. I saved loads of my mama chats to a highlight for anyone that missed any or are new to following.

I am just sitting in my favourite little place. Mudpie Beauty Cottage in Dundrum getting my nails and toes done. Little few hours to myself before later while Sean’s minding Lily.

Anyway let’s get cracking on the post.

Clicking on…..

Every website going. I’m currently looking for an outfit for Lily’s christening which is actually next week, holidays clothes for the following week and then outfits for two Ladies Day’s that I am going too also. I actually put up a questions box on Instagram asking about Irish boutiques so I’ve got loads to look at today now. I’ll be putting a big list up later of all the recommended places as there are LOADS of them.


The ‘SUCK ME IN’ Firm Control Smoothing Short from Penneys. I’ve lost track of the amount of people asking about these. I bought two pairs about two months ago and SWEET LORD they are brilliant. I’ve been told by a few staff who work in different Penney’s around Dublin that people have been going mad for them so I’m delighted. I always wanted to sell out Penney’s knickers, GOAL TICK haha 🙂 They are so so good and I highly recommend to suck you in plus they are seamless so you can’t see them under your clothes.


Rascal + Friends nappies. I was sent these to try back in March and I was very impressed. They are such good quality and I didn’t have one explosion with them on Lily. Lily was teething so they were the dream. They are from New Zealand, developed by a mum, affordable and contain no nasties. I was really impressed with them and have since bought them. They launched in Tesco recently and are now on offer for two packs of 50 for €14.99 which is so brilliant!!!!! Check out the offers HERE

Shocked by…..

The response I got to the Seafield review I put up. I had over 50+ messages from people who also had terrible service. It’s so unfortunate as it’s a gorgeous hotel but their standards have just slipped so so much since last year. I adore their spa and still do, it’s so fabulous and would definitely recommend the spa for a day but other than that, I won’t be returning. Here are just SOME of the comments I got. I had a couple of people give out about me putting up a bad review and one person said I was looking for a freebie. I ASSURE you I wasn’t in anyway shape or form, I was highlighting a bad experience I had. I recommended Seafield so much since my trip there last year so I was really disappointed in it. It’s gas because if I give a good review I’m PAID/SHE IS DOING AN AD & NOT DECLARING (when 99% of the time I’m not) then if I give a bad review, I’m looking for a FREEBIE. I honestly cannot win sometimes.

Thinking about…..

How supportive and amazing my followers are. I have been blown away this week by you all. Like I cannot believe how lovely and sound so many of you are. Like last night I just went on to have the chats about the real life of being a mum and I cannot believe the response, it’s been insane!!!!!! Here’s a few of the quotes that some of you sent me. I cannot thank you all enough.

If there is one thing I said was that no matter what I was always going to KEEP IT REAL about being a mum online as I know 51% of my followers are mums. I know how hard it is and I never want anybody following me to think I’m not struggling when I assure you, I’m just like you reading this. Being a mum is the best job but it’s also the toughest too.

Looking forward to…..

Doing more outfit posts. Before I was pregnant and had Lily I LOVED clothes so so much & loved dressing myself. Fast forward post baby and I found myself hating clothes and hating everything I wore. I had been and still am wearing my basic bitch hoodie daily which I LOVE and always will……:D As I said on my stories tonight, I stopped buying clothes for a few months there as my heart just wasn’t in posting outfit pics at all and I just didn’t feel nice in myself. This is nothing new to anyone that’s followed me for a while, I’ve openly spoken about having to adjust to my post baby body. Now that I’ve my smaller boobs, I’m hoping that I’ll most definitely feel more confident in myself. I’ve actually been shopping a bit more now & I am excited to fall in love with fashion all over again. So be prepared for my fashion posts to make a comeback as Aoibhe is BACK (just with smaller baps)

Excited for……

Having long hair again and picking the winner of the Gold Fever Hair Extensions competition with Sarah Ethel Hair. After much debate back and forth, I’ve decided short hair is not for me. I just don’t feel as confident with it and I always felt like it was like my comfort blanket. I know so many of you liked the short hair but it just isn’t me. It’s so handy yes but for me my hair gets sooooo much more greasy when it’s short as I’m constantly playing with it whereas when it’s long and I curl it, I can actually get three days out of my hair. My hair below is Gold Fever extensions, they are so amazing & shiny. IN LOVE!

I have an unreal competition on my Instagram to win a FULL HEAD of Goldfever Hair extensions with Sarah Ethel. Sarah is coming on Tuesday to do my hair so we’ll be announcing the winner to the competition then. You can enter HERE. 

Delighted with…..

My new stationary from WePrint.ie 🙂 As I got my new website and logo, I needed to totally change my stationary that I use for prizes, followers, depop etc so I’m loving it. I just love my new logo so much more. It’s way more me and I love it.

Dreaming of……

Holidays. We were initially going to Thailand mid-May but I wasn’t able to get the hotel I wanted as it was booked up for some of the time we were there so I said to Sean, I’d rather go all that way when I can stay in the place I really want. We’ve just decided to defer it until maybe the end of the year now instead.

We booked the Dominican Republic now instead. I’ve never been to the Caribbean and neither has Sean so we are living for it. We are staying in one of my favourite hotel chains, The Melia. We have stayed in the Melia in Dubai, Barcelona and London so now Punta Cana. It’s a beautiful hotel chain and never disappoints. You get 20% off on their official website plus they have lots of extras like 1st Child free + Free Day Pass at The Grand Reserve + $900 USD in Resort Credit which you cannot turn down. The Grand Reserve is their new hotel nearby which we can go and stay for a day/night. We always go with The Level which is a little more expensive but SO worth it. You get better rooms, better extras and your own lounge, pool and section of the beach too. It’s also not as crowded either which is good with Lily.

Check it out HERE.


This by the bucket load……Bperfect Self Tan Eraser. I swear by it. I always had to scrub myself to death removing my tan but since I started using this I no longer have to do that. I popped this on about 15 mins before I have my shower and BOOM my tan just comes off so much easier in the shower. I still use my exfoliating mitts but it’s not like before where I was nearly hurting myself taking it off.

Couldn’t recommend it enough. You can get 20% off using my code aoibhe20 on EVERYTHING on the Bperfect Website including makeup & tan.



Also loving the Image Skincare Travel sets. I’ve bought two for going back to work so I don’t have to bring my full sized products. They are so handy and they are also a great way of trying the products before you buy full size too.



Until next month…..

Love Aoibhe xxx


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