Hi everyone,

Happy Monday 🙂

If you are a new follower to my blog, I write this blog post every month talking about everything from what I’m planning, watching, excited for, thinking about and more. It seems to go down well so I continued to do it. Sean’s been away loads the past few weeks so won’t lie, it’s been tough. If you watch my Instagram stories, #SHITGATE happened this week. Lily is teething and has got two teeth now so far so you can imagine. Hope you are all doing something exciting for St Patrick’s Day. We’re heading into The Market Bar in town, they have a big event on which I can’t wait for. We are also going to Teeling’s and the Guinness Storehouse too so making a full day of it.

So let’s get cracking on the post 🙂

Dreaming about……
Pancakes still. So many of you used my pancake recipe on Pancake Tuesday. I personally just love them as they are so fluffy and delicious. Anyone that made them said the same thing. LOVED. If you enjoy making pancakes then give it a try. There’s a few extra ingredients in there which get them so fluffy and YUM!!!! 😀

Check out the recipe HERE.


Excited for…….
To finally be able to reveal my big collaboration. I’d say I will be able to announce it either tomorrow night or Wednesday. FINALLY! I’ve waited a month to announce it so I hope you’ll be as excited as me. It’s not creating a product incase anyone thinks that it could be this. It’s something with me and Lily & I was honoured to be asked to work with them.



Bperfect Medium on my face. When I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup this is my absolute GO TO. I use a foundation brush to apply it and it takes me ten seconds. It’s so handy especially if you are in a rush (like I am most days). You only need a small amount so don’t go overboard with it.

I am working with them as one of their Brand Ambassadors so if you are using their website, use the code aoibhe20 to get 20% OFF everything on their website. NOTE: I do not get money from this code.

Check out their website HERE.


To study for my pilot training. I got my books so now it’s time to get the head down. I need to really find a balance now between social media, studying and Lily because soon enough I’ll be back working full-time and it will be even harder to juggle. How will I manage? I DO NOT KNOW but like always I’ll just make it work.


Short hair. I’ve been toying with the idea now for a while. I just fancied a change and just something different. Soooooo I am going much blonder and short. I had hair like this a few years back and loved it so I’m hoping I will like it again. I’ll see how I go but this is my inspiration below. So I am getting my extensions still done with the fabulous Sarah Ethel but my colour done with the lovely Kelley Maher from The Hair Lounge in Swords. Eeeekkk!! Nothing nicer than getting your hair done.



Thinking about……
High chairs for Lily. We have a small seat for her that my friends Laura and Jenna bought her and it’s amazing but I want to get a proper one now for her. I think I’ll ask you guys what your favourites are as I haven’t a breeze where to even look at all.


Homeland. WHAT A SHOW! We are just finishing it. It’s on Netflix and if you haven’t watched it already, you should. It’s great really is. CIA analyst Carrie Mathison struggles with mental health and family issues while leading the war against terrorism in this political thriller series. It’s brilliant!!!!


Lily’s Christening. We initially had planned it for this month but then with my surgery we said we would push it out. I wanted to make sure she was christened before I went back to work. I’m actually confirming the date in the morning (Tuesday) and then we’ll see about a venue etc. I can’t believe she is already seven months old. I don’t know where the time is going at all. It’s so sad how quick they grow up. People said this to me but now it’s happening I’m like noooo 🙁


Nervous for……
My operation. AHH! 2 weeks today. For those of you that don’t know, I am getting a breast reduction at the Avoca Clinic. This has been something I have wanted to do since I was 16 years of age. Nervous and excited. You can read all about it HERE. My thoughts, where I am going, how I am feeling and more. I cannot wait. I have waited 14 years for this operation and now it is happening.


Mummy Pages Plus card. It’s only €34.99 now which is CLASS!!!! So they are doing 50% off for this month only. I’ve used it about 6 times now and it is brilliant I got €24 off my Four Star Pizza the other day from using the card. I also ordered flowers on and got 15% off them for my mum and then 10% off the next chapter at Waterbabies. I also signed up to the Circle K Fuel Card so with my card now I get 3c off every litre of fuel. People may laugh but more money in my pocket just for having this card. I’m telling everyone about it. This isn’t an ad or anything incase people think just a great little card for mums wanting to save money were you can.

You can buy the card HERE for 50% off now.




My CABOCHON EAR JACKET all the time, I love it. What’s even better is it’s a local company too? And you know me for loving to support local. The ear jacket is so cool and I’ve worn it nearly everyday since I got it. It’s actually completely sold out but you can pre order it below.

Pre Order – HERE


Until next month 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx



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