Hi guys,

I’m a bit late with the post this month, normally I have it up in the first few days but I was in Orlando and then had a bit of a slow week with the aul jet lag situation and Lily. Hope you are all well. If you are a new follower to my blog, I write this blog post every month talking about everything from what I’m planning, watching, excited for, thinking about and more. It seems to go down well so I continued to do it. I’m off to Amsterdam in the morning to start my birthday celebrations. You’ll be sick of hearing about my ‘birthday’ soon enough but god big 30 deserves a good shindig. I wrote a blog post about how I feel about turning 30 earlier this week so you can have a read HERE if you haven’t read it already.

So let’s get cracking on the post 🙂

Clicking on…..

Comino Couture. They have so many absolutely stunning dresses and they are perfect for an occasion or event. I ordered two dresses from their SALE section a few weeks back, both are in the alterations and I can’t wait to wear them. One is for my birthday next Friday and the other well that’s just for whenever. I may wear it on Valentine’s but we’ll see. Their website is always worth checking out as you can get two sale dresses for the price of one full price. I adore their full price stuff but only if it’s a really nice occasion.



Eleven Australia. This is not an ad or #af link. I have used this since the end of November and I just love this haircare brand. I’m just using the shampoo and conditioner. It’s brilliant and leaves my hair so shiny and soft. Oh and let me add…it smells INSANE! You can buy their products HERE.



The brand Astrid & Miyu. I want to go visit them next week in Selfridges in London. I’ve been drooling over their ear candy for a while now and will definitely pop in for a few birthday purchases. I have two holes in my ears. I did have my tragus and my rook done but had to take them out for work. I want to get a couple of fake cuffs and a couple of huggies too. I loved loads of earrings years ago and nobody had them. Now everyone wants them. I think they look cool.



Thinking of…..

Turning 30. I wrote a blog post about turning 30 and my thoughts during the week. If you missed it, you can read it HERE. I love writing posts like this, people can really relate to them. I got such great feedback so far so I’m delighted you liked it. Here I am aged 2 and then now aged 29. I don’t have many photos of me as a baby but this is one I do have and I love.


Delighted with…..

The gift I got for our friends Gary and Jenny for their engagement. We got them a personalised caricature. They are class. I think they make such a great present for people too. They absolutely loved it and I love getting people unique gifts. Best thing is…it’s from an Irish website and you know me and my love of supporting Irish companies/brands. You can buy them HERE.

NOTE:*** This is not sponsored by them. I paid full price for all the gifts we got.

screen-shot-2019-01-18-at-20-26-06 screen-shot-2019-01-18-at-20-25-52

Intrigued about…..

That so many of you following me are mama’s too. 60% of you following me over on Instagram are mums. I am conscious that the 40% aren’t and may not want to see lots of mama things or baby things. I try to have a mix with travel being in there along with fashion and then beauty thrown in there too. I am really focusing on family, fashion and travel this year with my blog. I will be back to work so for anyone wanting to follow about being crew obviously that will be something extra too.


Dreaming of…..

The Oreo Krispy Kreme filled doughnut I had in Orlando last week. OMG it was the nicest thing I ever tasted and I went back at the end of the holiday to get one again and it was gone 🙁 Ohhh the devastation on my face when she told me. I swear it was quite possibly one of the nicest things I had ever eaten.



To turn back time. Lily is just getting so so big. She’s just gone six months and I want her to stop growing. I was starring at a photo of her yesterday just one month old and I couldn’t believe how big she is now. I had her on a changer in the states beside a little boy who was 10 months and Lily was the same size as him, I couldn’t believe it. She is really getting so grown up already and she’s just six months. I love these photos of her below, one yesterday and one the day we left for America.

51449333_2321126074790581_7780914309944573952_n 51600776_551616185319478_3539698151696891904_n

Excited for…..

Going to London next Wednesday for the most exciting meeting with a huge international brand. I have been keeping this under wraps for a while now and I’d say I can announce it on Wednesday. This was a massive deal for me as I was the only ‘influencer’ or whatever you want to call me (I hate that word) in Ireland to be asked to work with them this year. I also have another exciting collaboration in talks but I’ll know more on Monday about this too. Sorry I hate doing that but I am so excited about them both as it’s a pretty big deal. I just cannot believe that brands/companies that I have bought for years want to work with me now. I just feel very lucky.



The Betsy in Swords. It’s a new bar/restaurant in North County Dublin. Personally I don’t know anywhere near Swords like it. It’s so fabulous inside, the staff are amazing, food is divine and don’t start me on the cocktails. I’ll be doing stuff with them this year so you’ll hear me chatting about them a lot. It’s not paid work or anything just promoting a local business that is all. I’m having my birthday there next week too and Rift Shop are playing the same night. I love Rift Shop, they are brilliant so I am really looking forward to it.

They actually have a competition running for anyone local to WIN dinner for 2 before the show, and a bottle of bubbly. You can enter the competition HERE.

50969864_151305055860778_7732567559605583872_n 51291818_2286226744941672_5496452184801280000_n


Thats it until next month guys. For those waiting, my Orlando blog post is very detailed so it’s taking me time. I’ll have it up as soon as I can. In the meantime, I will do a Q&A next week on Orlando for anyone interested. Anyone wondering about Amsterdam, I’ll get a blog post done on that also.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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