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Hope you are all having a nice week so far. Up next in my new series called TMI with………is the lovely Sarah Hanrahan. TMI stands for too much information. This post is a new blog post that I will do with someone new every week on here. It will be with bloggers, influencers, MUAS, stylists etc. I’ll do polls every month about who you want to do them that month.

The blog post is basically giving you lots of information on Sarah in just 50 questions. Sarah is behind the blog, I Come Undone. A great writer, content creator and photographer. A lover of food with the cutest dog Stanley. She does everything from Dublin culture to travel posts, beauty to her new A Day in Dublin vlogs. She’s one to watch I think as her content really is on another level.

So here it goes…..

1: What are you wearing?

Right now a black hoodie and leggings; my standard house attire, the thing I change in to immediately after arriving home.

2: Ever been in love?

I thought three times but in hindsight maybe only twice.

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?

I had an extremely difficult breakup from my first love at 17. We’d been together for two years and I ended it as, despite the fact that he was an incredible guy, I thought that we were incompatible in the long run.

4: How tall are you?

5 foot 9

5: How much do you weigh?

I don’t weight myself regularly but whenever I do I’m always somewhere between 11 & 12 stone.

6: Any tattoos?

Yes, 3. One I got on my own on a whim on my 21st birthday, a matching tattoo with Sean which we got at our first full moon party in Thailand and, one I got in India by a lady who etched it with a needle taped to a healing crystal; it’s a quote and a bird, the bird which I used to make the logo for my website.

7: Any piercings?

A few in my ears and my nose. I used to have my bellybutton done but took it out years ago as I grew bored of it (& it always rubbed when I wore high waisted jeans)

8: Who’s your one true pairing?

I’ve seen this question and never really understand it. I’m not in to celebrities at all so I haven’t a clue who to say. My parents are a pretty iconic couple if you ask me.

9: Favourite show?

I’m not big into shows (documentaries are my jam) but over the years I loved Sex & The City and Breaking Bad a LOT.

10: Favourite bands?

I’m a massive classic hip hop fan so maybe Biggie (he’s not a band but ya know what I mean) I like J Cole a lot recently too. I can’t think of one band that springs to mind.

11: Something you miss?

I miss having my sister and nephews around although I can’t really miss them living in Ireland as they’ve never done it, yet (they live in Australia). I miss the carefree days of backpacking with no idea when the adventure was gonna end.

12: Favourite song?

Pharcyde Passin Me By or, Paul Kalkbrenner Sky & Sand, the song I listened to most while I was travelling and then cried when I saw him play it at Longitude the summer after I came home!

13: How old are you?

32, I’ll be 33 on May 30th

14: Zodiac sign?

Gemini, apparently it’s the worst one!? 

15: Quality you look for in a partner?

They have to be fun and trustworthy.

16: Favourite Quote?

Happiness is where you find it but rarely where you seek it.

17: Favourite actor?

Not a clue, I like movies but never particularly liked one specific actor.

18: Favourite color?

I don’t have one. I don’t really wear colour aside from mustard so maybe that?

19: Loud music or soft?

Both! Depends on my mood.

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?

To my room with Stanley.

21: How long does it take you to shower?

Usually in and out in 5 minutes but if I’m cold I’ll stay longer and let the heat roll down my spine.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Hugely depends on whether I’m in the mood to play with my make up or, if I’ve already chosen my outhit. Could be 30 minutes, could be 90.

23: Ever been in a physical fight?

I’ve been punched by girls but never retaliated. The one time I did punch someone is when a guy in a bar in Cork stole my drink as I was paying for it at the bar then proceeded to pour a bottle of blackcurrant cordial over my head when I asked for my drink back. I punched him out of sheer instinct, then punched him again when I found him with the bouncer to kick him out. I’m not proud of it (I hate violence) but in fairness, he deserved at least a slap.

24: Turn on?

Tall guys

25: Turn off?


26: The reason I joined blogging?

I wanted an outlet, to come undone and let my thoughts fall out (honestly, that’s where the name came from )

27: Fears?

I have a huge fear about someone I love going missing but no fears that affect me day to day. Actually, I’m not a fan of small spaces, I wouldn’t be able to go into underground tunnels or crawl through air con vents like they do in the movies.

28: Last thing that made you cry?

When I found out I might have cancer last November (still awaiting results)

29: Last time you said you loved someone?

I tell my friends and family (and Stanley) I love them all the time. I live with my friend Cathal and still tell him I love him every night before I go to bed. I’m very affectionate with those I’m close to. Lots of hugs and kisses.

30: Meaning behind your Blog Name?

Gah, I got ahead of myself and already answered that!

31: Last book you read?

Notes to Self by Emilie Pine. 

32: The book you’re currently reading?

The Kite Runner.

33: Last film you watched?

The Man Who Wasn’t There (just watched it tonight)

34: Last person you talked to?

Sean (we just finished watching that movie)

35: The relationship between you and the person you last spoke on the phone?

Also Sean, I decided to have a drink after brunch with my friends Gen & Liz today so I called him to ask if he’d collect the car which he kindly did (and drove me home)

36: Favourite food?

Very much depends on my mood, I will eat literally ANYTHING except meat (for ethical reasons). I love exciting meals, I’m so into my food.

37: Name 7 places you want to visit?

Japan, Canada, San Francisco, Scotland, Sumatra, Bosnia, Brugge

38: Last place you were?


39: Do you have a crush?


40: Last time you kissed someone?

Stanley (my dog) about 5 seconds ago. I spend my life giving that little angel kisses.

41: Last time you were insulted?

I genuinely rarely get insulted, I barely notice when someone is trying to insult me so I honestly can’t remember.

42: Favourite flavour of sweet?

Rhubarb and custard

43: What instruments do you play??

None unfortunately.

44: Favourite piece of jewellery?

A bracelet from my nana.

45: Last sport you played?

Oh god, maybe a game of tennis a few years back?

46: Last song you sang?

I was singing Sandcastles by Beyoncé in the shower today.

47: Favourite chat up line?

I’m more of a classic conversation kinda gal.

48: Have you ever used it?

Every day

49: Last time you hung out with anyone?

Sean when we watched a movie this evening or today with my friends Gen & Liz over brunch and cocktails.

50: Where are you going now?

To bed! I’ll be off on a walk up the mountains tomorrow though before dinner in Sean’s parents house

You can check out Sarah’s Instagram Page HERE

Love Aoibhe xxx

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