Firstly I had a think over the last few days….Would I put the post live? Would I not? And you know what after 98% of your reaction to my Insta Stories last night, I said SURE LOOK we all think it. Before I continue writing I want to make this VERY clear that I adore quite a lot of the people nominated and even some are my friends. I am not targeting anyone nominated at all, so I just want to set that straight before I keep going. I admire the hard work of a lot of people who are up for awards also from businesswomen to influencers etc. I also want to address that I am in no way ‘gutted’ to not be up for nomination as you’ll see why below.

To me it’s the same people year after year. The same faces. The same categories. Is it not just a total made up awards ceremony to make people feel ‘fab’ or is it just me? You are hardly winning an Oscar. For example I feel there are so many much more worth people who should be nominated in certain categories. Where is Michelle from Needs Not Wants or Laura’s Views? Two of my absolute favourites. Where is Sarah Hanrahan from I Come Undone? A person who writes amazing content. Where is Anouska? One of the most talented influencers there is. Why are these girls not nominated for anything? There are so many other hugely talented influencers, bloggers and extremely interesting people that have never been invited over the years so why choose the same people?

Below are some of YOUR answers last night about the awards ceremony:

  • It’s fake and you wouldn’t rate it
  • Seems like a popularity contest
  • Same click every year
  • Mean nothing and irrelevant
  • Pointless and useless
  • They are not legit at all

This was honestly only a few answers I had. I was intrigued to get your feedback. Were we all thinking the same or was it just me?

The whole aim of the ceremony is to gain more publicity for the website through picking the people they think would be of value in terms of publicity. I personally don’t think it’s anything to do with anything else. Who has the most followers? Who will give us a shout out on their Insta Stories every second day? Another thing I noticed was a lot of companies involved have certain individuals from that company nominated for an awards also? How does that work or how is that right? As people looking from the outside in, is that not conflict of interest.

The prices of the tickets are absolutely extortionate too. 164euro which includes a 38euro booking fee? Would you actually be well? I nearly spat out my coffee when I found out. I paid nearly that much for my Spice Girls ticket and I’m getting a night with the SPICE GIRLS?

I don’t go to a lot of events so even if I ever was nominated which I most certainly will not be I wouldn’t go anyway. Why wouldn’t I go? Why wouldn’t I just LOVE to get all dolled up and go to a ‘glitzy’ ceremony? I spoke about this back in October after going to another ‘influencer awards ceremony’. Going to that awards confirmed that I will never attend another ‘awards’ ever again. I absolutely hate nothing more than being surrounded by people who honestly could not care about talking to you at all. They are looking past you or over your shoulder to see who else they can talk to or who they can get a selfie on their Insta stories with? They only care about who will be of ‘benefit’ to them. I personally find a lot of events like this very fake and it’s just not me. I’ve spoken to other bloggers and influencers about it and they agree with me too.

Bloggers Unveiled revealed a LOT of things last year. Some I completely agree had to be said and I feel it opened up a lot of peoples eyes in Ireland. This is not a secret. I don’t agree with everything that that person done in ANYWAY or how out of hand or nasty it became, I merely think that some things had to be said. Some people that came up on the Instagram page last year are now a year later nominated for an awards and I just have to roll my eyes to heaven.

I want to make one thing very clear before I end this. I would honestly watch paint dry quicker than go to this ‘ceremony’ or be nominated. Having a baby made me realise what was really important in life and it certainly isn’t being nominated for something like this. It made me realise more than EVER that social media can be so amazing on one hand but so unbelievable fake on another. I do me on social media. It’s my space and if people like it great, if not that’s fine. I am just me and don’t hold back regardless and as you can imagine writing a piece like this will no doubt ruffle some feathers but so what……….what am I going to loose? A few free products sent to me? I think I will live.

Love Aoibhe xxx



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