Hi everyone,

I’m currently writing this from 36,000ft on the way home from Tenerife. It was our first family holiday and we loved having Lily with us so much. I love nothing more than writing blog posts while I’m travelling. Sean’s sitting here beside me setting up his new phone and Lily is passed out asleep in the middle of the two of us.

Every year I write a blog post reflecting on that year, goals I’ve achieved, what I’ve done and how the year went in general. So 2018……what a year it’s been. The year of Lily 🙂 I have also just finished my blog post on my goals for 2019. I also set myself challenges or goals for each year. I think it’s healthy and gives you stuff to focus on. I most certainly want to get back into my running again and try Hell & Back finally. You can check out my Goals for 2019 post HERE.

I was still between contracts in my job so I was off but I was pregnant with Lily at the time and nobody knew but my family. It was such a hard secret to keep. We had the all important 12 week scan and all was clear. We went to Edinburgh to visit Sean’s friends David & Melissa. They live over there for the past few years. I’d never been to Edinburgh but I’m obsessed with Harry Potter so obviously it was high on the list. What a city. It’s absolutely stunning but WOW it was on another level of cold. It was colder there than it was in the Alps. On the topic of The Alps, I missed the annual ski trip obviously as I was pregnant.


My birth month and naturally my favourite month of all. The month started off with a trip to Toronto to see Niagara Falls. Niagara was always on my bucket list so to finally tick this off was HUGE! WOW it didn’t disappoint. It was absolutely magical and something I’ll never forget. No photo can do them justice and I’m so happy I got to see them. Then I went back to work for a few weeks. I was made permanent so I was delighted. I was pregnant at the time and was only given the ok by my doctor to fly for two weeks when I went back. In that time, I got to fly with one of my best pals Laura to Orlando. Sean came on the trip and my other friend Jenna too. We had a great trip together and it was a lovely trip to end on. My dad was in Orlando at the time so we met up with him. Myself, my dad and Sean went to visit NASA. Something some of you may not know about me, I’m absolutely fascinated by space and everything NASA related. I went to NASA when I was a teenager with my parents and couldn’t wait to go back. I mentioned at the time that I don’t get to spend a huge amount of time with my dad so it was really cool to go back with him. When we came home from the trip that’s when I told work and announced I was pregnant.

49840121_2012585545496596_4849161511911817216_n 49332683_1201770436640218_6399349160478244864_n 49759208_315989695688248_761202723226910720_n49409602_531587820660117_2839598317577437184_n 49380223_1227796164050008_4432991765183594496_n49525741_2077119752372915_5064040929048920064_n 49206000_1945107045603583_4524203143835156480_n 49408037_2217657245172445_4978758482166546432_n49241494_765934810435927_8041705072050044928_n

I hit over TWO MILLION impressions on my Instagram. Highest it had ever been. I couldn’t believe it. We had the crazy snowfall the first week in March. It was the biggest snowfall in Ireland in 40 years. We decided to make the most of our time off over St Patrick’s weekend and we took a very last minute trip to Washington. This would be my last trip Stateside before the baby arrived. Another tick on the bucket list for both of us, seeing The White House. Washington was absolutely amazing and quickly became one of my favourite US cities. There was so much to do and see, I didn’t want to leave. We also had my brothers birthday and our big scan this month too.

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April saw us snag our house and finally see it finished which was incredible. We properly started buying things for the house and decide on decor etc. I got the majority of the inspiration from Pinterest adding my own spin on things too. I absolutely love interiors & so does Sean so we were both in our element. The bump was growing and by now I was feeling BIG, little did I know what was about to come. At the end of April, we went on a babymoon to Malta. I adore Malta so much and couldn’t wait to take Sean. This would have been my 4th time there. If you’ve never been I highly recommend. You can read my post HERE.

49188486_1437547566375479_7756823842676277248_n31531251_2223709177656330_791280800107593728_n 31947324_2223709207656327_2614818734535081984_n

It was so sunny in Ireland in May and I was dying with the heat but plodding along. We done the Greystones to Bray cliff walk which was stunning. We also had a night away to Seafield in Gorey which was so so nice. It was my first time to Seafield and definitely won’t be my last. It’s stunning down there and I highly recommend. They have the most fabulous spa there too. I also went to the launch of my gorgeous pal Michelle’s lash range with Madison Makeup. Michelle is honestly one of the nicest humans you’ll ever meet. I was so thrilled for her and they were a huge success too.

49467929_2245571015767055_2316501245436624896_n 49031508_1787665088012457_2304193393879678976_n

Awww June was the month we finally got the keys to the house. After many delays, we finally got them. We moved in on the 7th June and the two of us were like kids at Christmas. We slept on a mattress on the floor for the first few weeks until our beds arrived. We were delighted although a bit stressed as I was due in less than 8 weeks.


As the birth was near we really wanted to make the most of the time we had left just as two so we went away to Galway for a couple of nights to relax at the beginning of the month and then we went up to Galgorm Resort at the end of the month. We stayed in the beautiful G Hotel and The Galmont in Galway which were both so lovely. Galgorm was somewhere I had always wanted to go so it was amazing to finally stay. I couldn’t recommend it enough, it was fabulous.

49111010_389656038264308_3305252886488809472_n 49840132_219828282280831_1056605011863142400_n 49693334_593575377770136_5522254376925659136_n

July was a scary I won’t lie. I was terrified as my bump got bigger. Will I be a good mum? Will I be able to do this? All went through my mind. I had my baby shower at the beginning of July. This was such a lovely day and the sun was beaming down. I didn’t do much this month as I was honestly in a lot of pain so the wait started. Being 34 weeks pregnant in that heat was TOUGH for sure. This month I also took a couple of good bump shots which looking back on, I’m delighted I did.

49771824_2244954072203814_7921987724871991296_n 49459874_723639174685907_8838378740468678656_n 49476288_2189455481074778_1312152563793002496_n 49203463_213498502926899_2445128330471538688_n 49638336_315272932654423_2954647756859244544_n

The month Lily arrived. The labour was a long road and anyone who has followed me since then will know. We got there in the end and the little princess was born on the 6th of August 2018. A day I will never forget. This month flew by. I felt like one minute I was in hospital and the next it was September. It was very much a blur this month but it was so amazing spending it at home with Lily and Sean.

49716294_974244266106148_3967218758254067712_n 49161221_2206819779579212_7748961376759971840_n 49623509_330811477526929_941393437565911040_n

The first 6 weeks honestly were very hard and most definitely testing with tiredness etc. I done a blog post on having a newborn which done really well. I was brutally honest about my feelings, what went on and how tough it really is at the beginning. Sean and I decided to take 24hours to ourselves and went to Barcelona for the night. A lot of people gave me the advice to remember who you are before you are parents also and that is exactly what we done. We took time for us. When we got back we took Lily on her first road trip to Cork as Sean was working out of Cork. It was so nice having her with us for the first time. We celebrated Sean’s birthday this month too and went to Oktoberfest with our pals Gary and Jenny.

49579374_1443286419141660_4761361359495495680_n 49405653_745232695861137_6823462603839242240_n 49206588_2242031812712281_7199624193334312960_n 49467970_516479238847825_334956618150051840_n49662943_335666360603688_3632218176818774016_n 49667056_760101737699785_6593428038115917824_n 49368810_514768759016588_4341770649841172480_n

October saw me collaborate with Beaut Essential, an online Irish beauty company and work with AIB Ireland on a campaign to promote their Online Saver for babies/children. I was absolutely thrilled to have been asked to do both. Sean and I also went to Rome for Sean’s best friends wedding. I adored Rome, it was so beautiful but it was really hard leaving Lily and we actually ended up coming home early from it. We also finally finished Lily’s nursery this month too which I was so proud of. Mid-October we took a trip up to the gorgeous Lough Eske in Co. Donegal for a couple of nights for some family time.

49949368_529433404233731_6664377131159519232_n 49212626_2224804257842562_2432133769478537216_n48356147_1985211461781956_5447427649968275456_n49761485_1103829673129821_4741556938876125184_n49896166_2164223247229427_7882864159103123456_n

November was the month myself and the fabulous Ciara has our Mammy Meetup which was so much fun. We had it in the Gourmet Food Parlour in Santry. We plan to do a few more of these this year. Sean, Lily and I went into the opening of the Christmas windows in Arnotts together too. Sean and I took a quick trip to Disneyland Paris where I worked with Penneys. It was a nice little getaway just the two of us. At the end of the month, we decided to go as a family to the Belfast Christmas markets. Sean and I had gone the year before as two so it was so lovely going back as three.


Chirstmas was upon us. We bought our first tree together and had so much fun decorating it. We took Lily to see Santa in Arnotts too. Myself and my friend Jenny went for Afternoon Tea in the Westin followed by drinks and a night at the Westbury for the MMMitchell Masterclass. Then I was asked to join the stunning Primark team and a group of gorge girls on a trip to London to see Mariah Carey’s Christmas show. It was such a brilliant trip and honestly the best bunch. We spent Christmas Eve in Dublin having brunch at The Ivy and then Lily met Santa again in Brown Thomas. Christmas was so special this year and I was so excited. We then jumped on a plane for New Years and spent the last few days of the year in sunny Tenerife on our first family holiday.

49400011_386097238628874_280247831539744768_n49211215_2062723493817896_7476495033823133696_n 49436022_1004303083094580_8164172757370667008_n 49206085_371924230260718_3364638785110278144_n 49418285_217607192507801_5826623943095615488_n 49255512_337304036869136_8475679511214555136_n 49614698_741710499529464_3026329803251777536_n 49897977_352174135364116_4775542392319115264_n 49776311_388308298407337_4370718596272226304_n 48983865_728930747478565_6179762119882309632_n 49429051_292692868101385_7452082439712669696_n

Needless to say 2018 was one for the books for sure. As I said last week, I am so beyond grateful for everyone that enjoys reading my blog and following me on Instagram. I never set out to have followers as I say, it was just to write. I love writing and definitely plan to do more of it this year with the launch of my new website FINALLY! I wanted to do it at the end of last year but it would have been too rushed. I’ll keep you posted on it. I turn 30 in six weeks and I am most certainly a mixed bag of emotions about it.

I am look forward to travelling loads with Lily and Sean this year. I think I may have mentioned it early in December that I am in the middle of confirming a really exciting travel collaboration which hopefully I can announced at the end of January. I hope 2018 was a good one for you all and if not sure look we are in a new year now and it’s a new chance to make it happen. I don’t ever ever believe in dwelling, moving forward always. Positivity is key. My mum always said think positive, get positive Aoibhe and I do believe it works.

So here’s to a fabulous 2019 for us all.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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