Good Afternoon guys 🙂

Aww what a nightmare. I had this blog post fully done and ready to go during the week but accidentally totally erased it last night. Anyway I’m back again and just making sure it’s as good as the first one.

So my hospital bag…..Where do I begin? Well first of all, the prep started probably from Week 20 onwards but I only physically put it together in Week 36. Yes this is a bit late I know. It is recommended that you pack your hospital and labour bag from Week 32 onwards.

So I’ve personally decided to pack three bags. One bag for the labour ward, one for the hospital stay and one bag that I’m leaving at home with the car seat for going home. I know not everyone does that but personally for me I didn’t want to have all my going home stuff in the hospital bag too as I had enough stuff as it is.


So let’s start…..What’s in my bags?


This is the bag that will have all my essentials in it for the labour and delivery. These are all packed in a medium sized carry bag with a zip so nothing can fall out. I’ve packed all the babies clothes in small freezer bags as it’ll be handy and no searching required.

For Baby

Vest, Babygrow, Hat, Mittens, Nappy – all in a freezer bag



For Me
A lovely lady Joanna from Me Mamma Be got in touch with me and told me about these fabulous gownies she sells on her website. I was intrigued won’t lie never heard of them before. They are 100% cotton, come in all different patterns, 3 different sizes and even have matching pillow cases too. They snap down the back to allow you easy access and open/close and for skin to skin.

I ended up getting this one which is called Isla. I love it so much and it’s really light too. It also opens the whole way down the back too. Very handy. I think it would make a lovely gift for any Mum to be. This is a link to my own HERE but you can also check out the rest of her website HERE.


Spare nightdress & Robe

Flip flops
Handy for the shower and also because it’s so hot at the minute in Ireland, I feel they would be cooler to wear around anyway. I’ve been told that the hospital may not allow them as slippers so I will have to confirm this.

Birth ball
A lot of people said bringing this in for labour is a godsend so it’s coming with me.


Having your own pillow apparently is amazing. A home comfort during your labour.

Water spray/Handheld Fan
I knew about the water spray alright but the hand held fan was a tip from lots of you guys. I know I will be thanking you all for this tip as I can only imagine how hot the hospitals are at the minute.


Lip balm
The hospital can dry up your lips a lot so this is handy to have in your labour bag and at reach. I always use this Nuxe one below but it can be any brand just once it keeps your lips moisturised.


Maternity pads
Phone charger/snacks/Lucozade


For Baby
Babygrow, vest, hat, mittens
All are in the freezer bags and handy to just grab.
Extra babygrows/hats/mittens
I got a lot of neutral pieces in Penneys because I didn’t want to spend a fortune on lots of neutral things. I picked up lots of white and grey babygrows. They also have great packs of hats/mittens together too.



Soft Baby towel
Blanket & Teddy
I’ve packed a heavier and lighter blanket along with a little teddy. I just thought it was something cute to have beside them.


Nappies, Nappy bags & Waterwipes
Cotton Wool Pads
I personally think Waterwipes are the best and I know my friends agree. They are the most gentle on a newborn too. Someone also recommended Cotton Wool Pads over cotton wool balls too as pads are easier.


For Mum
PJS and Nightdress
I got this gorgeous nightdress in Penneys. I also bought the matching robe and let me tell you they are so comfy and light.


Maternity Pads & bras
Breast Pads

Granny knickers
Both Penneys buys. Yes! The bigger the knickers the better I’m told.


I also got a lot of my toiletries in travel size and got them all in Penneys too. They say to also bring in some bits that make you feel nice so I’m taking my favourite body oil, face cream and a new Jo Malone perfume I adore that was bought for me. Here’s a list of toiletries:

Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel
Makeup & makeup remover (this depends on the person)
Face cream
Deodorant & Deodorising wipes
Body oil (my personal favourite below)
Dry shampoo
Nipple cream (Lansinoh)
Nipple shields (if nursing)
Multi-Mam compress pads & balm (if nursing)
Arnica Tablets
Hair bobbins
Small bags for dirty clothes

Earphones, Eye Mask & Ear Plugs


Belly Bandit
Another product that I heard about and done a lot of research on. This Belly Bandit is made from Bamboo so it’s super soft on the body. I basically is a support for your back, leg and core muscles and can be a great help if you have a C section (can be used after normal births also). It has been recommended by doctors so it’s completely safe, helps minimise stretch marks and adds support whilst breastfeeding. It tightens the skin keeping it in place allowing it to go back to it’s natural shape quicker.

They recommend that you wear this all day every day, only taking it off to shower and they say you benefit from wearing it for 6-8 weeks post delivery. You can read more about it and buy it HERE.


Spare top & deodorant for birthing partner

I will leave this at home with the car seat. Sean can bring it in when he’s coming on the day I get out.

Car seat – This is the car seat we went with. We got it in Tony Kealy’s. You can check it out HERE.

Baby going home outfit
Mum going home outfit – Personally I have my black maternity leggings, black top and light jacket packed with my flip flops. I know I will feel ok in this and won’t be uncomfortable.

So there you have it guy 🙂 A full run through of what I have sorted. It took me ages I won’t lie but finally got there in the end after much procrastinating. It’s all about being prepared and once you are prepared then you feel calmer people say. We are collecting all our final bits – travel system, car seat and co-sleeper on Sunday so looking forward to that. We’ll get practicing taking up and down the pram so we aren’t completely lost.

Love Aoibhe xxx

NOTE: This blog post was sponsored by Primark/Penneys however all views are completely my own. 


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