So I done a few polls on Instagram last week and this blog post came out on top. Let me first tell you, I’m not a body expert however I have done training in a previous fashion role on different body shapes and how to dress for your body shape which I found really interesting. I absolutely loved this ad campaign that Dove done a while back with women of all different ethnicities/shapes/sizes. It was a very powerful ad I think and a lot more companies should follow suit. Something to note ladies is their is no ‘perfect’ shape or figure and I love that we are all so different. As someone who has worn sizes from size 8 to size 20 in the past 9 months, I feel that no matter what is on that tag if you find the right dress to suit your shape, the size does not matter in the slightest. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will be sick of me saying that 😉

Obviously your shape can change all the time due to putting on or losing weight, building muscle and size in the shoulders from athletic training. A MASSIVE mistake that we as women do is ‘cover up’ when we feel uncomfortable but this can sometimes make you look bigger than you really are.

So yes there are many different shapes and sizes out there but here are the most common shapes in a woman.















The Hourglass and Full Hourglass

There are so many different types of hourglass bodies out there but regardless of size, height, weight, boobs and bum you could be an hourglass. People sometimes think that they need to look like Kim Kardashian to look hourglass. The hourglass figure is someone who has a defined bust, waist, neat bottom and hips. There are two types of hourglass body shapes……..The Hourglass and Full Hourglass. The best way to describe the difference between the two is simply, one has ‘fuller’ curves and the other has ‘neater’ curves. Blazers, tight dresses, v necks, skinny jeans and flowy shirts are your thing.

The Triangle

The triangle shape is another beautiful curvy shape that looks super feminine and sexy when dressed correct. A triangle figure is someone who has full hips or thighs, a defined waist, shoulders that are smaller than your hips so your top half seems smaller than the bottom half. The narrowest point at the top of the triangle is the upper body and widest at the bottom being the hips. One shoulder dresses are stunning on this shape, high waisted trousers and stripes.

The Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle is someone who has straight and squared shoulder line, little definition between waist/hips, flat hips and bottom and a bottom half that seems smaller than your top half. A lot of athletic women are or become an inverted triangle due to building muscle and shape in the upper back and shoulders. Strapless dresses like bardot style, belts to define your waist and vertical lines are all good for this shape. Also jackets with structure are perfect too.

The Rectangle

The rectangle is someone who is very straight up and down from shoulders to hips and they very little waist definition. with straight rib cage and hips. The key to dressing for this body shape is to not draw attention to the middle part of the body. Wearing a flowy dress is beautiful with this shape but use a belt to create definition in the waist. Blazers and skinny jeans are gorgeous on this shape too.

The Apple  

The apple shape is someone who has rounded shoulders, small bust and fullness around the middle part of the body. Women with this body type usually have good legs and a flattish bottom. Choose clothes that hang from your shoulders. They say that for this shape you try to draw attention either above your bust or below the hips. Soft light fabrics are best suited for this shape like linens and silks. Wearing one block of colour such as a red dress can be perfect for this shape and same with vertical lines. Wrap and v neck dresses are beautiful on this shape. Long coats or blazers and accessories are great to draw the eye above and below the bust/hips.

 This is just a brief synopsis about each body shape but once you know what you are then it’s easier to research styles that suit your shape.
Love Aoibhe xxx


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