This is a post that I started doing two years ago and for some crazy reason I stopped doing it last May. So as I was planning out posts for the coming weeks ahead, this was on my list. As a beauty blogger I get sent lots of fabulous beauty products to try every month but I also buy quite a bit too. I wanted to compile my thoughts on some of them into one post for you guys so that you could read what I really thought of each product. I know so many beauty bloggers that just say how great everything is but let’s face it……….….not everything can be great and I’m here to tell you all. This post has some of the products I’ve been sent and I have bought over the past 6 months.

Let’s see what got a thumbs up and a thumbs down this month?


Bellamianta Liquid Gold Self Tanning Liquid

I’ve been using Bellamianta now for a long time. I am personally addicted to their spray tans and love them. I get them done in KiwiSun in Swords. Gwen is amazing if you are ever in 😉 This tan I tried out on my legs a few weeks back and I loved it too. The colour was fabulous, it dried SUPER fast and came out instantly on my legs. It’s suitable for all skin types and can be left on over night to give best results. I didn’t leave it on overnight, I actually just put it on and went out which was still fine as I had a nice glow. I do really like this but personally prefer the lotion.


Human and Kind Shower Mousse
I got sent two of these to try – Tropical Splash and Coconut Dream. Personally I fell in love with Coconut Dream as I do with most things that have coconut inside. The shower mousse itself spreads so much so don’t squirt out too much of it. I put a big lump in my hand and it foams up loads as you spread over your body. It’s really luxurious and totally worth your euros.



NOTE Full Coverage Concealer

I REALLY loved this concealer. Absolutely amazing coverage. It has a handy wand too to apply it with which I loved too. It comes in 4 different shades – mine was shade 2. I used it under my eyes and on any blemishes I had on my face too. I also had a red patch on my left check which it covered up perfectly. Highly recommend this.


NOTE BB Concealer

I knew from the swatch that this wasn’t going to be for me. It was very light and didn’t seem to cover my blemishes HALF as well as the other NOTE concealer. It does contain Vitamin E and has grape extract which is good for diminishing dark circles. Some people might love this but it’s just not for me. It has SPF 15 and is suitable for all skin types.



Penneys SILK Pillowcase

If you haven’t bought one, GET TO PENNEYS quick! Literally 12euro for a heavenly pillow. This silk pillowcase has already worked wonders for my hair leaving it super silky and smooth. It also says that sleeping on silk is also brilliant for your skin. I am yet to wake up looking 18 again so I can’t really comment on that but it really has been great for my hair. I only have tried the LUXURY SILK PILLOWCASE, I’d love to get my hands on the LAVENDER one 🙂 Now that would be the dream. Well worth the money guys 🙂


Yon-ka Phyto-Bain Relaxing Bath Oil

I actually had tried this out a good while ago and loved it. You literally pour one tablespoon into a bath of lukewarm water and get in to relax. It’s like a spa treatment at home. This oil is great for tired legs which is something I’m already suffering with slightly. It can be used by all skin types too. If you are a bath lover and have baths all the time, then this is a MUST. If you don’t have them regularly, keep your cash. If you are pregnant unfortunately you cannot use this as it contains rosemary & sage oils and both can cause contractions. So I’ll leave this in the drawer until the baby is born and I’ll keep it as a treat for after 🙂

Inglot HD Foundation

I have noticed so many people ranting and raving about this product so I was interested in trying it out for myself. I decided to get my makeup done at the same time and see what all the fuss was about. I normally get my best friend to do my makeup but this particular day I decided to get it done in Inglot. The foundation is hypoallergenic and literally lasted ALL day on my skin. I literally had to put on the tiniest bit of powder later that evening. It’s quite a thick foundation so not one I personally would wear as a day foundation but definitely for nights out. The girl patted it into my skin which I thought worked really well when I done it myself. It comes in 14 different shades, I got shade 76 which is perfect with my tan. Great foundation to have for nights out but personally too thick for me during the day.



Revolution Vivid Blush

I ADORE Revolution products and have used them for ages now. I hadn’t tried out their baked highlighter so wanted to give it a go. This one is Rose Gold Lights. I thought it would be slightly more peach toned but it is actually lovely on the skin with bronzer and highlighter. It’s a really affordable brand which I love too.


Tan Organic Dry Oil

After using Bio Oil for almost 5 weeks, I was warned of the dangers of using it now from a follower on my blog. After much research into it, they were correct. Apparently yes Bio Oil was fine to use 20 years ago but as science has developed so much, it just doesn’t cut it anymore unfortunately. The more research I done, this Tan Organic Multi-Use Dry Oil was recommended as the top oil to use during pregnancy. It has a gorgeous citrus scent and dries in really fast too. I have been using it on my nails also as I’m terrible with using cuticle oil on them so it’s really a 2 in 1 now. I put it on every evening now going to bed on my boobs, stomach, thighs and bum. The oil can also prolong your fake tan too 😉 So it’s a real all rounder and one I highly recommend to all pregnant women.


Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo

I’m always looking for new products to try and last month I tried out the COLAB dry shampoo. This month I tried the Kevin Murphy dry shampoo, FRESH HAIR. I saw it in Zero One salon and decided to buy it. It does the same as all dry shampoos, removes odors and excess oil from your hair giving it a fresh ‘just washed’ look. One thing about this product which I really liked was for every can of FRESH.HAIR sold, a financial contribution is made to help reduce global carbon emissions. As I move away from my Batiste which I used for years, I am starting to see that the slightly more expensive hair products really are worth it.


Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque

Last but not least this Kevin Murphy masque. This was used getting my hair done and my hair was so soft afterwards I just had to buy it. It’s a deep conditioning masque that gives your dry or damaged hair life again. They massaged in into my hair & left on my scalp for 5 minutes. I genuinely couldn’t believe how soft my hair was after. I got a travel size one so will be handy when I am away on holidays at the end of the month. I will use it at the end of a week in the sun and salt water.

NOTE ABOUT ALL PRODUCTS: I always recommend buying a travel size of a product first if you can and then investing in a full size if you LOVE it. Remember that 😉 It will save you money in the long run.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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