I know there are sooooo many of you wanting this post along with the Dubai one too. The Dubai one has been taking me AGGGGES because we done so much whilst we were there, it’s taking me ages to write. I’ve lots of links to different places in it too so I promise it will be worth the wait guys. For now, here’s my post all about my weekend in Edinburgh.


Last Saturday we headed off to Edinburgh to see friends. We were staying with friends so we got picked up from the airport. There is a tram that brings you right into the centre of Edinburgh though. This is it HERE and it goes directly from the airport also. It’s quite cheap and so handy too. I HATE early morning flights as I’m always super tired by like 6pm so it’s just not worth it. We got a flight getting us into Edinburgh for 1.30pm which was perfect. We spent the early afternoon catching up and then we headed into the city. The city was only 10mins by train from where we were staying so it was perfect. We went to the Camera Obscura & World of Illusions Museum which had been recommended to me. They show you some really quirky things along with learning lots about the history of the city itself. Personally I didn’t find it amazing but Sean and Melissa loved it.

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After that we headed to meet David and the four of us went to Cafe Andaluz for dinner. Aww if you like tapas, I couldn’t recommend this place enough. It’s very similar to The Port House back home in Dublin and just as tasty too. It would be a little bit more expensive in price but well worth it.


We had drinks here before we headed to a few different bars. Some of the bars I loved were:

  • Bramble Bar & Lounge
  • Tigerlily
  • Slug & Lettuce

All three do incredible cocktails and you can even get a MASSIVE pornstar martini in the Slug & Lettuce that is like have 5 normal size ones. It comes in a big martini glass too 😉 Check out the interior of the bars in Tigerlily, it’s stunning. It’s also a hotel so next time I’d love to stay here for a night.

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The next day we woke up and straight to brunch. Our initial place of recommendation was Urban Angel but that was booked up with an hour wait so we decided to head to another place which was the Blue Bear Cafe. It was a short walk but worth it. You can get everything from pancakes to avocado on toast, haggis to eggs Benedict. Full to the brim, next stop was Scott Monument. It was five pounds to climb to the top and well worth the money. If you don’t like small enclosed spaces though, I wouldn’t recommend it. It gets extremely tight at the top and can become very narrow. When you get to the top 287 steps later, it’s breathtaking. The views of Edinburgh are out of this world (see photos below). The city is just full of character and is just so pretty. The buildings are a mixture of old and new with every corner literally looking like a scene from Harry Potter.

scott-monument26942951_10155840304060638_221475778_n26940357_10155840304075638_865890435_n26913814_10155840304030638_1584454745_n26942863_10155840304360638_669832614_n 26994740_10155840304350638_1341163841_n

Our next stop was Edinburgh Castle as last time I only got to see it from afar. I didn’t go into it as it was getting dark at that stage anyway. A tip when in Edinburgh or going to Edinburgh is to wrap up warm. I’m talking snowman style – hat, gloves, scarf, the works as it gets extremely cold there. It’s definitely all about comfort/warmth over fashion in this city. I actually didn’t see many fashionable people to be honest, mainly because staying warm was probably on the top of everyones list.

26996252_10155840304095638_1612615405_n 26996929_10155840304300638_1337046780_n

After Edinburgh castle, we went to this really cool Harry Potter shop right beside the castle. It had so much merchandise from the movies along with souvenirs. We ended up buying this cute King & Queen for our house (see photo below). Across from the shop is this restaurant/boutique gothic hotel called The Witchery (second photo below). It had been recommended to me to go but I didn’t get a chance. Next time it’s top of my list actually Sean is adamant to stay there. It’s all based on Harry Potter and the inside of it looks amazing.


After what was an EXTREMELY long day of sightseeing and walking we headed for an Italian. We went to a delicious little Italian called Taste of Italy. It’s actually a takeaway but they also have a restaurant attached. It looks nothing on the outside but David and Melissa love it and recommend it. HOLY GOD it was yum. One of the nicest Italians I had ever tasted. After dinner, all four of us just wanted to chill. We had walked over 16,000 steps so drinks, nibbles and a movie was on the cards.

Another early start again with breakfast at home today. I really wanted to have a look around the shops today as it’s always better in the UK than home especially for Primark anyway. Our first stop was Calton Hill. It is one of Edinburgh’s main hills, set right in the city centre. It was an unfinished monument – originally called the “National Monument”. You can see it from Princes St as it sits high on the hill. It’s pretty impressive to see in real life.

26942196_10155840303890638_1445653570_o26982373_10155840303885638_230650691_o 26940779_10155840303880638_498187555_n

Afterwards we grabbed a coffee and went to Ben’s Cookies. OMG! They were so good. This was another recommendation that I got and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I left the guys to it and off I went for a few hours around the shops. Edinburgh has it all in terms of fashion so I was only delighted to be left alone for a while.

27042610_10155840303935638_1320765055_n 26996079_10155840303780638_305809576_n 26914237_10155840303770638_403469093_n


A quick snap before we jumped on the bus home. What a beautiful city. I only dream of living in a city with that much character. Don’t get me wrong I adore Dublin, I really do but there is just something about Edinburgh. Next time I definitely want to do a few more Harry Potter based things and stay in the Witchery/Tigerlily. It’s an incredible city and I can see why it’s not only good for stags/hens but also a romantic weekend away. My main recommendation when going to Edinburgh really is just wrap up warm clothes wise. It’s baltic and legit I’ve not felt cold like it other than in the Alps snowboarding.

Until next time…..

Love Aoibhe xxx


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