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A few weeks ago I contacted the amazing Laura at The Juice Works. I told her about how I was feeling sluggish etc and asked about doing a cleanse. I generally do these kind of cleanse’s twice a year. I had heard about The Juice Works so I decided to try it out and see how I got on. I didn’t do these to loose weight at all, it was more about feeling better in myself than anything. I know juicing helps your body so much and I always feel really good after it, you also sleep really really good during it. I kept a short diary of each day during my cleanse just to pop in the post and let you all see how I was getting on.

I did make home made vegetable soup on Day 3 to help me along Day 3, 4 & 5 and it most definitely worked.

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So here’s my juice diary….


I knew I was starting my cleanse today so I had my last coffee yesterday. I love my coffee so I knew I would find this hard. First up is the Ginger Shot & Green Machine which is actually my favourite of the four. It’s really filling and I loved it. Then I had my Zinger at lunch followed by my Clean & Green then Beet It before bed. I actually found today fine because I was so busy I wasn’t thinking of food anyway which was good. I drank a LOT of water today too.


I woke up this morning a little bit hungry but drank my Green Machine straight away along with my Ginger Shot and I was absolutely grand. The ginger shot is actually delicious. Today was ok but because I was at home and near food I was thinking about it. I was dying for a bit of dinner Sean made but I resisted. He made me Vegetable soup instead for tomorrow incase I woke up hungry again. I had a headache tonight but this is to be expected.


I slept like a baby last night. I didn’t wake up as hungry today but I actually had my shot & juice then a bowl of soup as I woke up late. The soup most definitely filled me and I was fine all day long today. My headaches had gone but I was drinking even more water now to try make sure it didn’t come back. My second favourite now is the Zinger. It’s kind of spicy or maybe that’s not the word for it, but it’s really good.


I struggled today won’t lie. I was dying for food. My friend asked me to go for lunch and I had to say no because I know I would have eaten something. I didn’t go in the end however I did have more soup and anĀ Americano. I couldn’t do it, I needed a coffee. I’m terrible I know but I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t well at all today. I have that 24hr bug that is going around. I drank all juices like normal but wasn’t able to stop the Beet It in the evening as I was so ill.


This is actually my day 6. I couldn’t drink a thing yesterday I was violently ill. I had water and that was all. I feel better today so it’s back on the juices. I found that after not eating for 24hrs drinking the juice was grand and made me full so quick. I weighted myself this afternoon and I lost 5.5 pounds in total. I’m sure if I didn’t have the soup I may have lost more but it was more about feeling better.

The cleanse most definitely made me feel SO GOOD. I felt so clean inside and drinking water was a dream. I felt it go through my entire body. Juicing is so good for you and it definitely kick starts you into eating healthier and making better food choices.


Laura Armada-Buch is the owner and founder of The Juice Works. Laura is from Barcelona in Spain but has lives and works in Ireland. Read all about Laura’s Juice Journey below.

Two years ago Laura’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mum’s tumor was successfully removed 3 years ago, however the treatmeant was so intense that at one stage Laura thought she might not make it. Her mum’s weight plummeted and depression hit her. At this point Laura made the decision to step in and bought her a good masticating juicer. Laura made her vegetable juices (as she’s type 1 diabetic, therefore fruit is out) twice every day. Six months down the line and she was a different person! Laura doesn’t ever claim that juicing cured her, however by giving her body that high concentration of unprocessed minerals, vitamins and enzymes without any doubt in my mind it helped her speed the recovery. After many months of late nights studying biology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and juicing Laura is now one of only QUALIFIED INDEPENDENT JUICING THERAPISTS in Ireland.


So there you have it guys :) That’s my honest review of the juice cleanse. Would I do it again? IN A HEARTBEAT! It’s an amazing thing to do for the body.

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