I figured it’s been a long long time since I just wrote a personal blog post for you all. This will be more of a ramble than anything else just because it’s been ages. I kind of have these revelations every Sept/Oct, where I think a lot. About my life, my blog, where it’s going etc. Ive felt for the past few months I’ve most definitely put my personal life/happiness in front of everything. I know so many of you have messaged me on Instagram saying how happy I look. My blog has most definitely taken a back seat this year and I’m totally fine with that. I also made a decision back in February to stop doing Snapchat as it was consuming so much of my life at the time but I won’t lie I’ve missed it on many occasions throughout the year. I’ve decided that from your feedback I’m going to go back on it. I’ve had a lot of you messaging saying you have missed me on it too which is so lovely. You guys are actually so kind and I do love chatting with you all. I know that’s totally going back on my word but I miss it and found that doing it I interacted with you all so much more. This time round I’ll do it at my leisure and when it suits me. I found last time I felt pressure to always be doing something and be on it constantly so this time around I’ll just be more selective with it. I loved chatting with you all the time and although it was time consuming on occasions, I enjoyed it. If you guys aren’t already following me, you can follow me, my username is AOIBHEDEV89. 



Firstly I wanted to address something that quite a lot of you have already asked, some you have said nothing, some of you have been kind and some of you have been so rude but yes I am no longer engaged. I don’t feel the need to go into every detail regarding the whole thing but I definitely wanted to address it. It’s not that I was never going to say anything regarding it, I just wasn’t ready to say it. It was hands down the hardest and most difficult decision I’ve ever made. It was a very difficult and brave thing for me to do also. Not everyone was happy for me at the time, some of my closet family & friends didn’t like the whole thing but I had to do what was right for me. I couldn’t live a lie nor could I marry someone I had fallen out of love with.

A lot of you thought I left my fiancée for a pilot which I assure you is totally not the case. My relationship was over well before I met Sean. I suppose I just didn’t have the balls to admit it. I was scared and terrified, it was all I had ever known. We were together from a very young age and my fiancée truly was a great guy. He’s moved abroad, got a great job & I’ve wished him all the very best in everything he does. Sometimes things don’t plan out how you once wanted them to and that’s ok. It took me a while to physically admit that to myself but I eventually did. 


Genuinely I’ve never ever felt more content in my life than I do right now. I no longer feel guilty for doing what was best for me. The quote ‘difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’ has never been more true. If I got €5 for every person that has mailed me, commented under a photo or texted me privately to say that they have never seen me so happy, I’d be a wealthy woman. Being happy is a VERY personal thing & really has nothing to do with anyone else. So before you judge my situation, I would really like you to think again. Think about the many reasons I had and the PERSONAL feelings I had going through my mind for a long time. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m in a job I love and literally just been told I’ve just been made permanent. I’ve an amazing boyfriend who I adore and I’m FINALLY moving out of my family home early next year. I am so excited for the next year and what lies ahead. Putting my personal life first over everything including my blog was a difficult choice for me this year but I don’t regret it one bit. I think sometimes in life we need to just stop and be true to ourselves. I’m 29 in February and although that scares me, it’s a new chapter for me and one I can’t wait for.


I’m currently on my break on my way home from Boston. I wasn’t a massive fan of Boston, maybe I need another trip or two there but I just didn’t get that WOW feeling I did in some of the other cities I went to visit. If you follow me on Instagram (you can follow me HERE if not) you’ll have noticed I’ve constantly been away since June. I’m either working or on holidays abroad. I enjoyed my Summer and most definitely had a lot of fun trips away. I actually love my job and most of the time it’s rarely even like a job. I’ve made some fabulous friends doing it and travelled to some really cool cities. I’m already dying to go back to Chicago and San Francisco. We started doing Miami now too so hopefully when I come back in February I’ll get a trip. I’m finishing up now until February. I’m most definitely going to enjoy my time off and the treat of having Christmas off etc. We have one more big trip left this year which is LA at the end of the month. I’ve so much I want to do and see there. We’ll rent a car and drive everywhere. We are planning on going to visit friends in Edinburgh next month along with another trip to Belfast as I want to see the Giant’s Causeway. We are going to Paris for a night, maybe a trip to the Christmas markets somewhere too and then Iceland in January so we’ve a few exciting things planned 🙂 

I wouldn’t be able to do all this travelling if it wasn’t for my job. My job has allowed me to see SO MUCH this year so if any of you are travel lovers like me and are thinking of going for cabin crew then I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s a great job.

If you are interested then you can apply HERE. I’ve never looked back. 


I’ve lots of you asking about blog posts on my recent trips too. I’m currently in the process of doing the one on my trip to Dubai so that will be up very soon. Aww I loved Dubai. If you’ve never been then you need to go. I’ll definitely say that it was the most amazing holiday I’ve ever been on. I will be also finishing my blog post on my trip to Lisbon which a lot of you wanted to read. I just put up my current This Month I’m blog post, you can read it HERE. I’ve lots of blog post ideas in the pipeline and working my way through them as we speak.

  • TSOBlog goes to Dubai
  • TSOBlog goes to Lisbon
  • Lessons I’ve Learned in Life
  • Why I Started A Blog
  • My Most successful Blog Posts EVER
  • A Letter to my Future Self
  • A Guide to Starting a Blog
  • TSOBlog goes Volunteering

I’m going to Orlando on a two nighter next Saturday with my mum so that should be fun. I can’t wait for her to come along and I know she will love it. The last time we were there was when I was 15 and it was a big family holiday so I’m really looking forward to it. She is so excited which is most definitely one of the benefits to my job.

During the week some of you may have noticed I was in the Beacon Face & Dermatology clinic. If you have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I go there quite a lot for my Hydra Facials and I also get my lips done there with Mr. Golchin. You can read my blog post on my lips HERE. Mr. Golchin is a true professional and is an expert in his field. When I’m in there I know I’m in the best of hands. When I got my lips done back in June, I mentioned that I wanted to get Botox on my forehead. Some of you will say WHY? but it’s a personal choice for everyone. I’m nearly 29, I know lots of girls & bloggers who have it done. I was becoming more and more conscious of my forehead so decided to finally bit the bullet and do it. The blog post on this will be up now in two weeks. I’m waiting to take my after photos first before I put anything up but you’ll see my forehead before and after the Botox in the photo. If you are wondering, did it hurt, I assure you it didn’t hurt one bit and so far I’m thrilled with the results. 


I’m currently getting my wardrobe ready for winter. Slowly but surely getting some nice pieces. I’ve my eye on a few pairs of boots and nearly every jacket that is currently in Zara. I love Autumn, I think it’s a really pretty time of year and I love wearing scarves & hats. I’ve recently bought a gorgeous long tweed style blazer but still on the hunt for the perfect winter coat. I got a gorgeous black aviator style black jacket last year which I’ll definitely be taking out again. I only wore it a few times which is so typically of me but I’m on the hunt for another. I’m also heading away to the sunshine again at the end of the month so I want to get a few nice dresses for that trip too. ASOS has become my best friend, with constant travelling I’ve rarely had time to go out and look in the shops so ordering online has been so good. It can be hit or miss, last time at least 4 of the dresses were hideous in real life but stunning online. So next time I’ll be more careful. This will be my last sun holiday of the year so I’m looking forward to it. Here’s the blazer below.



Some of you will question why did I need to even speak about my engagement publicly and some of you will have admiration for just admitting it. It was something that I wanted to finally address. I’m totally fine with admitting that sometimes what you have planned for yourself doesn’t happen as you wish. You can plan until you’re heart is content but that doesn’t mean it will work out that way. I genuinely had the next 5 years planned out for myself and then it all went to shit. This whole thing has made me live in the moment a lot more. I treat every day as it comes and plan accordingly. If there is one thing any of you take away from my whole situation is that if something goes wrong, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. Your life may seem at rock bottom but only YOU can turn it around. Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy until you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you, it will only come FROM you.

This year has been a year of highs but certainly a year of low also. I’m finally getting back into the swing of everything with my blog and balancing it all now. I absolutely adore writing and that’s why I started this blog. I love sharing my fashion and beauty tips, my travels and now I share my life with you. My blog is my little space in the online world where it’s just me. I don’t have this blog to become famous, have my own empire or write a book, it’s merely to just be me. I take my hat off to each and every one of my fellow bloggers who have went on to do all of the above. They are incredible people and so talented at what they do. Blogging is extremely time consuming and now with all the social media included it can take over your life. I am happy doing it at my leisure as that’s when I most enjoy it.

I’ve so many posts I am planning on doing over the next while which I can’t wait to share with you all. I know not as many people read blogs anymore but I am happy to just write away and enjoy what I do.

Until next time…



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